Long time no blog, I know! These last couple weeks at university have been jam-packed, to say the least, and sometimes my blog has to get popped on the backburner. However, hallelujah and praise the Christmas Gods, because the end of… View Post

I have a lil something I need to get off my chest today. The first thing is a somewhat controversial opinion: I’m so over Black Friday. This time last week, social media was abuzz with all things ‘sale sale sale’… View Post

So back in early November, I was invited down to Liverpool, on behalf of River Island, to head to their Style Studio to meet the one and freakin’ only Megan Ellaby herself. What do you mean you already know? Oh… View Post

“So, what previous work experience can you bring to the role?” she asks, leaning back in her plush, white-leather version of a spinny chair, a woman at ease in her Gucci co-ord, eyebrows raised in a perfectly groomed, questioning arch.… View Post