The Stress Detox: 5 Ways To Unwind This Winter

The Stress Detox: 5 Ways To Unwind This Winter

We never switch off. This may sound like an odd start to a blog post, but just think about it. We spend our lives stressing about the next thing ahead of us, hell-bent on fulfilling each and every one of our goals and constantly comparing our lives to others on our phone screens. Ambition and drive are key to us achieving, but sometimes we spend too much time thinking about the future, rather than concentrating on the now. Personally, I know I’ve spent way too much time this year stressed, worried and panicking about deadlines, careers and my future. If we’re always pushing forward for the future, what will we have to look back on fondly when we haven’t a future anymore? I believe it’s seriously important to focus on our present selves, and this is something I seriously need to work on. Christmas is a time for joy, celebration and relaxation, so make sure to live for the season. I’ve compiled together a list of things to make sure to do this Christmas holiday, a stress detox tick-list if you will, so let’s get straight into it:


Much love for the Chrimbo jumper

Cosy is key

Let’s be honest, the dark nights have drawn in so much that we practically live 24/7 in a constant state of darkness and murkiness, so use this to your advantage. Pop on ya fairylights and light ya candles and make ya bedroom super festive. Make sure to have at least 3 pyjama days throughout the holiday. And I’m telling you this now, 3 is the minimum. We don’t spend enough time unwinding, and mentally our bodies need this kind of cosy rest, whether you think you do or not. And who doesn’t love lounging around in their pjs? Do it gal.


Winter essential


Keepin’ it cosy


Who doesn’t love a fibre-optic, festive tree?

Treat yo’self

Time for some word association: what comes to mind when someone says the word ‘Christmas’? I’m pretty sure ‘chocolate’, ‘Christmas films’ and ‘Christmas songs’ are top on the list of associations. And so they rightly should be. Whack on those Chrimbo tunes, watch Elf on repeat to your heart’s content and stuff your face with a whole box of Heroes. Is it even Christmas if you don’t go all out?


Digestive nibbles r lyf

Brain Detox

If, like me, you are a University student and are faced with the prospect of 2 assignments and a LOT of catching up to do over Christmas, make sure to get your work done straight away in the weeks leading up to the big day. That way, you can enjoy Christmas in the full knowledge that everything is done and all you have to do is relax. It also pushes you to get work done and not procrastinate in those first 2 weeks of the holiday, which is good, because we all need a motivational push sometimes (or in my case, all the time).


What a motivational bookmark

Pamper, pamper, pamper

Let your skin breathe during the holidays- there’s nothing worse than caking your face in make-up day in, day out. Shove your hair in a messy bun without a care in the world and just relax. Go all out and have a spa day if you wish, you totally deserve it.


The radiator seriously ruins the festivities

Switch off

Ever thought about switching your phone off? That probably sounds like a completely ludicrous idea, but we need a detox from technology just as much as work sometimes. It’s good for the mind and the body to just switch off completely for a few hours, especially before bed. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read for months, accomplish something else you’ve been wanting to do. We don’t always need to be switched on.


Thank you to me boyfriend Sam for helping me with the pics… and for constantly reminding me to chill out 🙂

I write all of this from my bed, in my pyjamas, in the middle of the day. Ah, this is the life.





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