Top 5 Lifestyle Books

Top 5 Lifestyle Books

We’re now in December. Those beautiful Autumnal days are fully behind us, where it’s still warm enough to layer a light jacket over your outfit when you leave the house and when the sunlight makes every leaf, tree and slightly autumnal thing in sight super Instagram-worthy. They’ve been replaced with bitterly cold winds that chill you to your soul, where even that coat in your wardrobe that is more ‘practical’ than fashionable can’t even warm you up. But, we have hope people, because although the days are getting shorter and the dark nights are drawing in, Christmas and all its golden festivities are just around the corner. That’s why there’s no more perfect a time to discuss the top 5 non-fiction lifestyle books out there, right in time for Christmas pressie ideas. Also, they might be able to tell you how to brave the cold this winter. Winner.


Just me with ya classic coffee table book – clearly v excited about it

All In Good Taste by Kate Spade

From kooky designer handbags to slightly more student-friendly priced chic iPhone cases, Kate Spade is the epitome of fashion done right. Which surely is enough reason to buy a book written by the fashion house based in New York. Still needing a little persuasion? Well, it’s the perfect how-to guide for the festive season, transforming the reader into the perfect hostess. Fancy having some mates over for a Christmas-themed evening? This book filled with tips on Instagram etiquette at dinner parties, to a guide on how to create a vibrant discussion at dinner, will have you more than ready for the festivities in the upcoming season.



Don’t it look prettyyyy

The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney

If you find yourself from time to time (or every day) trawling the Urban Outfitters’ website’s home section, you’ll be a sucker for this book. Boho chic is clearly your thanggg, and this is precisely what LA-based interior designer Justina Blakeney is all about. She defines the New Bohemians as being people who are creative and individual- those such as bloggers, boutique owners and artists. This book is jam packed full of interviews with such types, peaks into their homes, along with DIY projects and ‘Adopt a Look’ sections for you to recreate the boho-esque vibe.


All these patterns should not go together but they oh-so-do


IT by Alexa Chung

The ULTIMATE coffee table book. Alexa Chung is an icon in herself: the international fashion muse has long been on the list of everyone’s girl crushes. Quirky, creative and a step forward of the fashion world, Alexa has paved the way for a generation of hipsters. This top 10 bestselling book encompasses Alexa’s witty personality, along with her own personal notebook entries, doodles and photographs and a sprinkle of her fashion inspirations to create a book that’s as meaty as it is aesthetically pleasing on the eye.


u 2 can learn to b like Alexa


The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force

Fashion and beauty vlogger Fleur de Force is quite literally (pun intended) the force of a generation. Millennials turn to her YouTube videos and blog for lifestyle inspiration. And now you need look no further than The Luxe Life. Fleur describes luxe living as ‘becoming your best self – the one you’ve always wanted to be – and making it look effortless. It’s about making every day feel special and knowing that a little bit of extra effort in any aspect of your life goes a long way. This is my lifestyle bible for girls who want to make The Luxe Life a reality, regardless of budget or time constraints.’



I’m intrigued as to what proper porridge actually is


The Goddess Revolution by Melissa A. Wells

In a world where we’re consumed by the online profile, the self-image that people choose to broadcast, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts about ourselves. We often find ourselves scrolling through Instagram, envious of someone else’s filtered bubble of what their life is like, telling ourselves that our lives don’t match up to theirs and clearly aren’t as ‘perfect’. Melissa Wells uses The Goddess Revolution as a portal to happiness, true happiness. The former actress and model struggled with her body image for years. She’s written this book in order to help those of us that at times don’t feel as if we’re good enough. Heartfelt, passionate and honest, this book will change your perspective on life and remind you that the person you are is bloody amazing.


Go on, transform yo self

So go on, pop to your local Foyles and have a peruse at these books before Christmas, and hopefully Santa will bring you a good read- you even have permission to put your feet up in front of the fire, in your Christmas pj’s, and to have a well-deserved rest.





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