Spotlight: January Sales’ Lil Beauty

Hola! I’m not sure why I began this post with a Spanish greeting, but it might have to do with the fact that I am seriously feeling the winter blues right now and have spent the majority of this weekend browsing the web to find a student-budget-friendly summer holiday to book. The only places that currently seem within my price range (and when I say within, I mean the kind of price that still makes me want to mourn the death of my student loan) are the Canary Islands. Guess my plans for Santorini will have to wait until I’m not paying £9,000 a year to study. Cry.

The fact that I am pretty much penniless isn’t the only thing getting me down, oh no. I HATE winter with a passion. Like, I seriously mean that. My mood is so dependent on the weather- if it’s snowing, contrary to what you may think, you do not see a happy Maddie. Likewise, if it’s raining and dull, you probably will not want to be around me. As soon as Easter starts rolling around (aside from the April showers) I am one hella happy gal. Summer is by far my favourite season of the year and I frankly cannot wait to be seeing some good ol’ British sunshine. If we manage to get a decent summer, that is, because the UK likes to pretend it’s not summer even when it is.

I seriously need to move abroad.

I know the weather looks nice here, but it’s absolutely freezing.

Anyway, I’ve decided to cheer myself up on this dark old January evening by posting my monthly Spotlight. In case ya didn’t know what I’m banging on about in the Spotlight section of my blog, at the end of every month, I basically just rave about something I’ve been loving, whether that be fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music or even travel related. And as this title suggests, this month I am of course banging on about fashion.

This is a more accurate depiction of how flipping cold it was. Plus, it was misty. Yay.

Clothes is what maybe 90% of my student loan goes towards. Not the best and most sensible idea in the world, I know, but I flippin’ love shopping. I love putting outfits together and I love talking about the bargains that I can get me hands on. I would love to take this blog down a more fashion-heavy route, but being a student with little money, I’m not often able to get all that spendy, which is a dire shame. Also, I’m not the most natural at having my photo taken, as I’m 150% sure these photos will suggest lol, therefore it’s a lil bit of wishful thinking to want to classify myself as a fashion blogger. Oh, and the fact that at the mo I am stressed with uni work (as ever haha) so there’s not much time to go out and shoot, so as per, these photos were taken literally on campus. But you’ve gotta say that my uni is definitely Instagrammable, so it’s sort of fine, I guess.

Loooook at itttt

Anyway, ramble over; back to the point of the post. January gets me hella down, but what made me hella happy this cold, dark month, was the fact that I managed to get my hands on this DREAM dress in the January sales. £67 down to £35- I know. Bargain hunter Maddie definitely won here. Take a look at this lil beauty:

I’m not sure why I’m holding my hair

I am IN LOVE with this dress. I cannot explain how long I hunted down this beauty- literally all the way to central London, in fact. If you’ve read my post about me lil trip to London, you’ll have seen it featured in some of the photos- and if you haven’t read the post, click on the photo below to take ya to it.

Head on over to me London post here!

Before Christmas, I was scrolling through the Topshop website for present ideas, because naturally, as soon as someone asks you what you want for Christmas, any previous idea of anything you’ve ever wanted flies from your memory. So I was looking for inspo. And I came across this dress. However, £67 seemed a little pricey for lil old me, so I cast it from my thoughts.

I seem to like to hold my hair

However, on Boxing Day, I popped back online out of curiosity and found that the dress of ma dreams had been reduced to £35. And I promise you, I did a lil squeal of excitement… which was suddenly replaced by utter devastation. The dress was out of stock of my size online and also in any stores in my area. I was not a happy bunny.

I literally think I’d given up even remotely posing like a normal person here

But, this story has a happy ending. When I went on my little London trip with my boyfriend at the beginning of Jan, we popped onto Oxford Street and I made a beeline straight away for the Topshop, heading downstairs to the sale section. Now, this was a problem in itself.

Approaching the Jan sales like

Sale shopping is absolutely hideous; I literally abhor it. There were what appeared to be hundreds of women flocking on hundreds of sale racks, with clothes falling off hangers and garments being trampled on the floor. I literally didn’t know where to begin, and with that many people descending on the sale, my hopes for being graced with the dress were quickly being dashed. I know it sounds dramatic, but like, I really wanted this dress.

I awkwardly got in the way of this man which in turn made me feel awkward and so the photos look progressively awkward. I apologise.

But, I spied it. There were a couple left, one luckily in my size. I tried it on and immediately knew it was ze 1 for meh. I do not think I have ever loved a dress this much.

Can you tell this dress makes me happy?

The 2 in 1 effect of the dress gives a hint towards the whole slip-dress thang, but the luxe print and the delicacy of the blouse make this piece appear a lot more higher end than the measly £30 I got it for. It’s such a versatile piece, as you can dress it down for a day at uni like lil old me did here, or you can dress it up for something faaancy. It’s just the kind of dress that you can chuck on and look so together in, even if you did roll out of bed at 8:30 for your 9am lecture, a la moi. Chuck on some tights and ankle boots for the day, or dress it up with some heels for the eve and you can look classy 24/7.

As I said, awkward.

If ya look closely at the main part of ze dress, you’ll notice the attention to detail here, which reminds me why this piece was £67 to begin with. The pinafore is diggin’ the whole jacquard, metallic trend and the outline of each flower is sewn with a golden thread, which brings much more of a luxe effect to the dress. It lands just above the knee and looks v elegant.

Werk it gal

Don’t ask me why this pose, because I do not know why

Sadly, the blouse is sewn to the dress, so you can’t mix and match each piece, even though it appears like a 2 in 1. But it’s forgiven because it’s so beaut, and because it’s the perfect lazy outfit, because you literally throw it on and go. The ruffle detailing around the neck, shoulders and cuffs nods towards a major trend for 2017. And ofc the sheer effect of the blouse nods towards another huge trend, ticking all those boxes.


It’s even pwetty from the back!!

Mixing and matching 60’s and 70’s trends, this dress was my bargain of the month. And if that doesn’t brighten a dull January, I do not know what will.


Proof of dull January

If you wanna get your hands on what is of course the dress of dreams, sadly it is out of stock at the mo on Topshop, but I’ve left the link here in case they decide to be lovely and pop it back in stock again. Just click on ze pic below to take you to the website:

Click ‘ere for the link to this wondrous dress

Thank you to my snazzy, edgy friend Nat for the photos of moi, bc without her, how could I photograph my dress? Big love xoxo If you wanna see another post featuring Nat, click the pic and I’ll link you up to our latest collab



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