Sountrack To My Life: Ones to Watch for 2017

I’m writing up this post whilst listening to Izzy Bizu’s album and it’s making me feel all happy n summery. Exactly the kind of positivity we need during a dull Feb.

This week on Burn FM, we asked for your requests on who you predict will reach stratospheric heights in 2017. And ofc, because myself and Nat like to talk a lot, we decided to pick our top 5 musicians and bands that we want/believe will be big this year.

As always, we’re on air from 11am-1pm tomorrow, just pop to the Burn FM website and take a listen if you like the sound of our playlist!

top bananas x


One To Watch Numero Uno: Izzy Bizu – Skinny

Winner of BBC’s Sound of 2016, we have a lot more to see from Izzy Bizu. I absolutely love her because her voice is so authentic. She’s got a very Eliza Doolittle-esque vibe to her, which is probs why I like her so much. There’s something refreshing about hearing a unique voice and Izzy is bringing something different to the music scene. White Tiger is a hit that’ll instantly make me feel like I’m on a beach abroad loving life, even if I’m just sat in my uni room nearly crying over an assignment. What an instant pick-me-up.

One To Watch Number Deux: Deaf Havana – Trigger

I had the absolute incredible opportunity of meeting and interviewing Deaf Havana only last night, before their headline show at the O2 Institute in Birmingham. They were absolute delights and smashed it onstage later on. The band have been around for years and they are back with a bang after some slightly turbulent times and a brief hiatus. Trigger is from their new album, All These Countless Nights, and it’s just so bladdy catchy. There’ll be the full interview up on the blog v soon, so please look out for it because it’s very exciting!

One To Watch Number Three: Blossoms – Getaway

I am a massive fan of Blossoms and have tickets to see them in Birmingham in March and I cannot bladdy wait. These guys had a pretty incredible year during 2016, but I feel like we’ve only just touched the surface with the band. All of their songs are stupidly catchy and Getaway is a personal fave. However, it was hard to pick a fave, because they’re all brill.

One To Watch Number Four: Royal Blood – Figure It Out

Again, with these guys, they’ve already hit it big time. However, 2017 will see the return of Royal Blood, with a new album on its way and a headline show at the Eden Project in Cornwall, as part of Eden Sessions. These guys make the sound of a five-piece band between just the two of them. It’s fabulous. Their whole debut album is perfect in my eyes, but I thought I’d go for Figure It Out today.

One To Watch Number Fiveee: Solange – Cranes In The Sky

Now, to be honest, I’m kinda cheating here. Solange is absolutely massive already, but I’ve decided to go with her because I’ve only just got into her music. Cranes In The Sky is a bit of a generic one but pls be nice to me, I’ve only just started listening and now I’m hooked. There’s something so different and soulful about her, I’m diggin’ it.


One To Watch Numero Uno: Sundara Karma – Flame

I had never listened to Sundara Karma before this year. What spurred it on is whilst we were on Burn FM. I think we spoke to them and we have a jingle of them for our radio intro. Oscar has a really nice speaking voice and the song was quite an interesting sound so I thought I’d actually listen to them properly. The debut album (Youth Is Only Fun in Retrospect) came out this Jan and Flame was a single from it. The sound is so creative and his singing voice is just as interesting as his speaking voice. I expect big things from them.

One To Watch Number Deux: The xx – Say Something Loving

These aren’t a new band like Sundara Karma, however it is their first full album for a few years. I got into The xx around Year 9 and they have remained one of those constant bands that I go back to time and time again. This album avoids the ‘every-song-sounds-the-same’ disease that some of the albums fell to. They have a somewhat haunting sound that is atmospheric and interesting.

One To Watch Number Three: Father John Misty – Ballad of the Dying Man

I started listening to Father John Misty after Valentines week, when we had two different people request him. I loved Fleet Foxes, and his solo stuff is even better. He sounds gentle and his lyrics are genuine. He is such a clever artist, both with music and words; his songs are addicting. I’m so excited that I found him now, just in time to fall in love with all his music and get ready for his new stuff this year.

One To Watch Number Four: Gorillaz – Dirty Harry

Obviously this isn’t a new song, however the Gorillaz are back this year and I am ridiculously excited. I am not someone who keeps up with music that is coming out right now (I found this week very hard) because I listen mostly to 80’s/70’s tunes, but this album has had me pumped for months. We have no idea when it is coming but I’m already wetting myself. I couldn’t choose what song to play, so I thought I’d play a classic Gorillaz tune that everyone would appreciate.

One To Watch Number Fiveee: Radiohead – Identikit

Radiohead’s most recent album came out last year and there isn’t any chance of a new album coming out this year BUT I am going to see them this summer and I think that counts for up and coming. I LOVE every album that they have done. I think everyone has that one band or artist that just makes them tear up and Radiohead is mine. Personally, I think that ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ is one of their best albums and something that you should get on straight away if you haven’t watched already.

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