Soundtrack to my Life: 90’s Bangerzzz

‘Iyaaa. Maddie and Nat ‘ere. We’re back for our penultimate show of the year on Burn FM *cries*. We’ve loved being a part of Burn this year and can’t wait to get more involved with the society in 2nd year. We recently had a v fancy and v swanky Burn FM Ball this last weekend and it was fab- well done to all the award winners!

This week, we thought we’d throw it back with some childhood faves. We got some amaaazing requests from you guys to play – and we thought in this post, we’d share our own childhood picks. Have a lil read for some serious nostalgia!



Childhood Fave Numero Uno: S Club 7 – Never Had a Dream Come True

Right, seriously, when I was lil, I loved S Club. Rachel Stevens was considered my bae before bae even became an actual thing, and the S Club movie was the epitome of my childhood. I remember feelin’ so grown up watching it with my older cousin. Bless me lil heart n soul. Never Had a Dream Come True pulls at those heartstrings like nowt else, I tell ya.

Childhood Fave Number Deux: Spice Girls – Wannabe

Clichéd as heck, but I wanted to be Baby Spice when I was younger. One of my earliest memories is playing Spice Girls’ Greatest Hits album and twirling round the living room miming along to tracks such as Wannabe. The sexual undertones of those songs were completely unnoticed by teeny tiny Maddie – oh how so innocent she was.

Childhood Fave Number Three: All Saints – Black Coffee

This song reminds me so much of Singstar on PlayStation 2, oh my goodness. That and JoJo’s Leave (Get Out). Genuinely THE game that launched my love for music and for performing, lil Mad had the time of her life belting out those songs. I was hilariously bossy as a child and always made my younger sister be player 2, because I clearly thought I was the best and deserving of being the main singer. Sassy.

Childhood Fave Number Four: Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger

Young Maddie did actually have a music taste – believe it or not. Brit Pop was ma thanggg. Oasis have been and always will be an iconic band that have shaped my taste in music ever since I was a lil bean. Don’t Look Back in Anger is a special song to me, because I performed it at my last ever A Level Music recital, it was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar and it reminds me of happy times. A good ‘unnn.

Childhood Fave Number Fiveee: Take That – Never Forget

Bladdy love a bit of Take That. It was a tie between Back For Good and Never Forget, but I decided to go with the latter, because you gotta love the hand actions that coincide with the chorus. Take That are a guilty pleasure of mine, and who doesn’t love a bit of Gazza Barlow, eh?


Childhood Fave Numero Uno: Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

This song holds my very first memory. I don’t know why this memory has stuck with me so vividly when it is relatively insignificant in comparison to other memories. The memory is me sitting in the car, with my Mumma, driving down this road to what I think was my Nan and Grandads. We were stuck at this traffic light and this song came on the radio in the car. Kylie was my first musical love, so obviously when it came on I knew every word. My mum and I just sat in the car singing along to a classic Kylie tune. It is such a sweet, albeit bland, memory and I think that’s why this song has become so significant to my childhood.

Childhood Fave Number Deux: Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When I was around eight or nine I received a Barbie Girls CD. If you never had one of these it’s basically Pop Party, but more pink. Track no. 13 was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (although on the CD they obviously couldn’t afford the royalties for Lauper’s actual tune so they got someone called ‘Lollipop’ to cover it). I remember listening to it for the first time and becoming immediately obsessed. It wasn’t just a small obsession – it was huge. I made my own dance routines, I performed it to my parents and most poignant, I made music videos with my Bratz and Barbie dolls. My grandad had a really old video camera that he gave me to record these Grammy award winning music videos, so somewhere in my grandparents’ house is some very embarrassing videos of dolls prancing around to Cyndi.

Childhood Fave Number Three: Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie

This song has a particularly embarrassing memory to go along with it. Prepare yourselves. It was the summer of 2006, we were on holiday in Turkey and Hips Don’t Lie was everywhere. We heard it about three or four times every day AT LEAST. You’d think after hearing it so much I’d get sick of it, but I didn’t. It still remains an absolute tune in my books! However, the anecdote. It was Turkish night at our favourite restaurant for the holiday and they were hosting a dance competition for the customers in the restaurant. At the time, I’d recently started attending dance classes – of course I went up. So me, a chubby, red and sweaty eight-year-old girl was strutting to Hips Don’t Lie at the front of a restaurant full of tourists. As you would imagine – they all loved it!

Childhood Fave Number Four: Queen – We Will Rock You

This hasn’t got a significant memory like the other songs, although that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as important to my childhood. Queen is my Grandad’s all-time favourite band and he never failed to remind me so. Because he supported them so much it’s unsurprising that they were one of the first bands that I properly got into and enjoyed. Plus, I’m pretty sure that this song in particular was played at every school disco I attended.

Childhood Fave Number Fiveee: Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

This seems too edgy for a primary school child, but what can I say? I am queen edge. Well, not really. My Nan had a CD in the car, like just one of those selection CDs with loads of different artists on, like Pop Party for adults. This is one of the songs that was on the CD, and I used to listen to it over and over and over. It would finish and I would put it straight back on again. Although, I never knew it was Pink Floyd. It wasn’t until the past year when I actively started listening to Pink Floyd that I was like “Oh, man, this is that childhood car song”. This song was the backing music to many errands throughout my childhood, love it!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning from 11am-1pm on Burn FM ya’lllll!!


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