Spotlight: Transitional Lookbook

I am a happy bunny at the moment. There are 3 reasons why I am a happy bunny and they are as follows:

  1. there are signs of spring around (EG daffodils) which means we are slowly coming out of the worst season known to man (AKA winter) and heading towards happier times. My mood is honestly paralleled with weather so bad it is ridic. You’ll never see a happier Maddie than when the sun is shining.
  2. I have done my fair share of shopping recently (I’m currently bidding for a sold out Topshop dress on EBay now as I write this – it’s genuinely v tense) and I’ve bought into a few of the key trends for S/S 2017. The clothes are beautiful and I am happy, but my bank account is not. Somehow I don’t think my student loan was meant for fashion but there we goooo!
  3. uni has decided to be nice to lil old me and has laid off those stressful deadlines for a few weeks, which means I have more time to dedicate to my blog so YAY, expect (fingers crossed) some slightly more decent posts, because I actually have some time to devote to the blog now.

So, combining all three things, today I thought I’d share with you a lil transitional lookbook. I popped back home from uni for the weekend, to have a chill and see family and friends. My lovely friend Emily (you should check her out, she is amaze at photog and needs to set up a blog asap) helped me shoot some looks around my wee village for this post. We had a laugh, purely bc I really am not photogenic, the weather was utterly shite and living in the middle of nowhere means that I spent 99.9% of the time dodging dog poo, mud and the treacherous aftermath of Storm Doris. Waheey!

Living in the UK, when we say ‘summertime’, it usually consists of popping out the house on a sunny day with around 50% chance of rain, and that’s if you’re lucky. So, us Brits have to be versatile when it comes to fashion. Our clothing has to work in all terrains and across all weathers. With that in mind, I’ve been buying into a few key trends, but making sure I’m not wasting my money on ridiculous British ‘springtime’. Without further ado, let’s get straight on into it!


Jacket: H&M

There’s nowt like wearing spring-like colours to brighten your mood, even if the weather decides to be dull. This lightweight jacket from H&M is such a gem – I’ve had it for probably 2 years now and it never fails to either smarten up your outfit, or look on trend. It’s just a classic statement piece that you can invest in and pull out every single springtime. It’s not the warmest coat I own, so it’s perfect for layering or chucking on when we *finally* get some warm weather.

Top: New Look ~ Skirt: Forever 21

Honestly, this is the top of my dreams. Ticking off both the mesh and frill trends for S/S, it’s a style steal at a mere £12.99 from New Look. Cheap and cheerful? I lav it. Team it with a cute pastel bralette and you’re sorted for going out, or pare it down with a lil vest for the day. I opted for a larger size, because the sleeves float elegantly and draw attention to those goddamn cute ruffles. This top is perfect for tucking into this lil mini skirt from Forever 21 to compliment that pastel trend, or you can wear it out with a pair of jeans for a more casual look. I cannot get enough of it.

Socks: Topshop ~ Heels: River Island

LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES. I am OBSESSED with these pink, glittery heels from River Island. Possibly my most out-there fashion purchase, I nabbed these in the good ol’ January sales. Not to everyone’s tastes but certainly to mine, I love a good sock ‘n’ sandal combo. These shoes are just wondrous for that transitional wardrobe us Brits need to have, because they work in winter for the festive season (glitter, hello?!) they work just as well with frilly socks in spring time and they’ll look killer with a summer dress on holibobs.


Crochet top: Topshop ~ Leather skirt: New Look

I picked up this lil burgundy A-line number in the sale recently: it’s just £14 in New Look at the mo, so get yo hands on it now! A leather skirt will last ya for life: you’ve got winter covered with the warm burgundy tone and it’s perfect for those chillier spring days (aka every day) with those bloomin’ adorable flowers. Pair it with a cute lil crochet top like this one from Topshop and ya good to go.

Bomber jacket: River Island ~ Boots: River Island

I mean, I might have gone flower power maximum here, but I just NEEDED to include this bomber from River Island. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever purchased. Throw it on over jeans and an old tee and you’ve revitalised your outfit in seconds. Lightweight enough for spring and roomy enough to layer in winter, your transitional wardrobe is sorted with this jacket. Boots are my lil babies and are also from River Island. I promise this isn’t #spon.

So there ya have it! Some transitional pieces to get us looking forward to a sunny spring and summer (fingers crossed).

Emily (my lovely photographer for this post) is a gal you should check out. Visit her Instagram HERE

P.S.: I didn’t get the dress. But, there’s another one on EBay that I’ve now begun bidding on. My evening’s gonna be wiiild.

P.P.S: I WON THE DRESS!! Clothes make me oh so happy. Today is a fabulous day.






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