Dear University, you ruined my music taste

University has brought me many great things: a set of fab pals, the independence of living alone and a course I’m actually kind of interested in. However, one thing that university has genuinely ruined, massacred and tortured, is my music taste. Here are a few reasons why:

1)      Pres have turned me into someone I don’t even recognise

My most played song at the moment? It’s quite possibly a tie between R. Kelly’s Ignition or Iyaz’s Replay. These throwback songs herald every pres my flat have hosted since the beginning of the first semester. These songs are now engrained on my memory and I’ve had many a sleepless night, lying in bed, trying and failing to get to sleep, because the flat opposite liked the sound of our playlist and too decided to start throwing some Replay into their pres.

Oh, that and Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

The thing is, these are the kind of songs you wouldn’t be caught alive claiming to love during your sober, waking hours. However, as soon as you get some VK down you and the prospect of a night out singing along to music that’s either so clichéd everyone knows it, or is so remixed no one quite knows how to dance along, you find yourself singing every single lyric to the most awful songs known to man like you’re a 12-year-old at a Little Mix gig.

Mid Little Mix singalong.

2)      The rush to make friends makes you suddenly like every artist under the sun that you’d always swear you have never liked

“Do you like Beyoncé?” a potential friend innocently asks you. Genuinely, the answer is no. I personally think Beyoncé is talented and has an incredible voice, but nowadays her music generally sounds pretty rubbish and the world gets more excited about a staged affair and a twin pregnancy than any life-changing current affairs in the media. I desperately want to be honest and explain the fact that I’m not really on this Beyoncé hype, but before I know it, I’m singing along to ‘Single Ladies’ even though I’m in a relationship and I’m also calling Beyoncé my ‘Queen B’. The fear of being an outsider and not being deemed acceptable enough to be their friend imminently persuades you to instead proclaim your love for your least favourite musician.

3)      The demands of your course means that you don’t get the time you want to actually source bands that you’ve wanted to listen to

Both Blossoms and Catfish and the Bottlemen were on my ‘to listen’ list before I came to uni. Since starting uni, have I listened to them? Maybe a grand total of 3 times in 6 months? Cool. Sadly, the despair of being an English & Creative Writing student is that I have around 500 pages of reading to do a week and a ton of assignments, so every time I go to pop on some music and have a chill, the thought of anything else I could be doing haunts me and therefore makes me stop my listening.

4)      My record player didn’t fit in the car, so I can no longer listen to the sweet sound of vinyl

Like any innocent fresher, when I came to uni, I decided to bring everything but the kitchen sink along and therefore had no room in the car to fit in my beloved record player. Instead, my vintage records from my mother’s 80’s obsession are growing dust and I can no longer hear the authentic sound of some actually decent music.

5)      I have genuinely no money, so any act I’ve wanted to see live has to stay a pipe dream

I went to see Nothing But Thieves live in November and that broke my bank for around a month. Since then, I’ve resigned to the fact that my weekly budget just about keeps me being fed so I don’t actually waste away, and not much else really.

Let’s drink dem sorrows away


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