It’s Me! I’m Back! (Kinda)

by Maddie
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Omg HI! It’s me again. How ya doin’?

I’ve been kicking myself recently for not keeping up with post-every-Sunday-and-Wednesday, every-single-week scheduling and I REALLY want to get back in the swing o’ things. However, I’m right in the thick of the exam period and revision stress right now, so I probably should cut myself some slack.

I just wanted to write this lil post to keep ya’ll updated about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, as well as explaining all the exciting things I’ve got planned for this blog in the next few weeks! Call this a lil photo diary, if you will. This definitely is not going to be my most well-written, carefully considered blog post, but I do have a to-do list the size of a novel to get through today so this’ll have to do!

What Mads has been up to:

  • So, last time I properly checked in with ya’ll, I was ending my second semester for the Easter break, after interviewing Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles at their headline gig at Cogs Bar in good ol’ Brum. The next day, I headed home for some R&R with the family (and to start tackling the masses of revision and assignments that were beginning to pile up, v fast).

My uni’s just so photogenic – I loves it

  • I then headed back into Brum for an eve of cuuuute double dating w Sam and my pal Nat, along with her boyf. We had pizza, cocktails and then went to see Blossoms perform at the O2 Academy. Blossoms were fabulous. The crowd? Not so much. There were more 14-year-olds than an under 18’s club night and they took it upon themselves to mosh to Charlemagne. I know, I know. I was confused too.

The neon sign ain’t lyin’

Blossom trees b4 Blossoms [how cute?!]

  • Back to the shire I went, to head home again for the rest of the hols. Myself and Samuel went on a lil date to the press night of The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin, at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. It was honestly the best musical I’ve ever been to, outside the West End. You can read my full review here!

I <3 me a Bellini


Ain’t he cute

  • I had some cute catch ups with some of my home pals

Bill’s aesthetic is on point


I’m fully aware this is a different day and I’m wearing the same top. I apologise.

  • I got my old part-time job back, to earn some dollar. Probs took too many shifts, because I spent my first week back at uni hurriedly writing the assignments I should have actually done over Easter. Whoopsy…

I’m sorry uni, pls forgive xoxo

  • I spent time with loved ones (family n boyf)

Sistah sistah

She’s 14 and she’s nearly taller than me

Coffee is needed mid revision, I tell ya


  • I ate waaay too much chocolate and I don’t regret that one little bit

This was devoured in one sitting.

  • Then, it was time to head back to uni again, and the revision slog ensued

Uni, I <3 u

U can tell I’m stressed when my room is a bladdy mess and I can’t even be bothered to do my hair

  • I interviewed one of my favourite bands, Ward Thomas, backstage at the O2 Institute, before their headline gig on 29th April- you can read the interview here!

GAH the excitement

My loves xoxo

  • I completed my FIRST EXAM (hallelujah) and got a lil spendy in the Bullring with my pals to celebrate

Brum is surprisingly pretty, okay

This may have been a recent purchase – post comin’ soon!

  • I’m currently back home for a few days, takin’ it slow and relaxin’ before revision needs to kick back in again (cry)

Just laughin’ off how much work I actually have to do

I <3 home

This dress be another recent splurge (again, post coming soon)!

But it’s not all bad, because I’ve got all this to come:

  • Summer is on its way! And with that, it means I have more time to devote to my bby, this blog.
  • I have some v, v exciting ideas for where I want this blog to go- so as soon as exams are over, I’m planning on revamping how my site looks!
  • I am planning to get some work experience over summer, whether that be at a magazine, newspaper or radio station, and I’ll be writing about my adventures over here!
  • I currently have a glorious 10 day break away with the boyf abroad at the end of June, along with a trip to Paris in the pipeline at the beginning of September, so there’s FINALLY going to be plenty of travel content coming your way! I’m also heading away somewhere exotic with family and possibly planning a trip to Edinburgh with uni pals, so we got a lotta lotta content coming soon.
  • Something you may not know is that I actually don’t just love listening to and writing about music, I love performing, too. And over summer, I’m going to get my SoundCloud up and running again. So expect some covers/original music too! YAY!!
  • Summer means endless free time, so I cannot WAIT to get back into regular posting, twice a week for you all.

I hope this post makes up for my lack of blog activity over the last few weeks – if it doesn’t, then I hope this ADORABLE pic of Samuel’s doggo, Dougal, will suffice xoxo

And voilà, there you have it. A lil post to keep you updated on where I’m at and my plans for the v v near future. I have a VERY exciting post coming this Friday, an interview with Hannah Layton Turner, ahead of her ALBUM RELEASE this week! I cannot wait to share it with ya!

I gotta get on with revision now. Reluctantly. Over n out x



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