Friends n Food (YAS): My Week in Pics

by Maddie
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Happy Monday everyone!! I’m back with another ‘my week in pics’ post. Sadly, this week’s isn’t assss exciting as last week’s, with me bein’ back in England an’ all [cries]. However, my week last week revolved around my pals and food- quite literally. And a whole lot can change in a week. I have regained my mojo (yaaaas) and it’s in part down to Haim’s new album, which I am listening to right now as I’m writing this. I can see it becoming my soundtrack to the summer. It just puts me in a bladdy good mood. Getting to see my pals this last week brought my mood right back up again- it’s so nice to see people you haven’t seen in a while.

I’m also feelin’ proper motivated now with this lil blog and I’m super excited to get goin’ on some exciting posts over the next few weeks. But before I get ahead of myself, here’s today’s post! Enjoy!

Sunday 2nd July

It felt just like the end of an era today, as I said goodbye to my first-year flat and moved into my HOUSE for second year. It’s all gettin’ v grown up around here, which is equally exciting and fully terrifying. I headed back home after a cheeky pit stop at McDonald’s over lunch (diet’s going well, eh, Maddie?) and then spent the evening editing some blog pics.

Monday 3rd July

Monday most definitely sums up the week for me. I met my pals Hannah and Isri for a DELISH lunch and had a catch up about all things uni, boyz n life and then spent the evening at Nando’s with Britt and Milly. Two meals out in one day and I wasn’t exactly feelin’ my healthiest, but yolo right? Quality time w pals is what mattered. I’m honestly still dreaming about those pizzas, no lie.

Tuesday 4th July

I got to see my hometown in a new light today, as my pal Beth and her boyf Nathan came to Leamington Spa to have a wee double date with me n Sam. They challenged me to take them to the best places in town and I took my job as tour guide extremely seriously, makin’ them endure coffee and cake at the most adorbs café ever, Coffee Architects, whilst also having a couple drinks at good ol’ Duke. [Ignore the hangers in the Duke pic; Nathan needed some new hangers for his new uni house- students probs].

In the evening, I had my FIRST band practise at a local recording studio with Samuel and our pals Harvey and Jonny. It went so well and was v exciting. I’m super excited to see where this journey takes us !!

Wednesday 5th July

One of my favourite things about being back from uni is that I can head back to one of my favourite places. I volunteer at Warwick Hospital’s radio station, Radio Warneford. It’s such a rewarding thing, being able to speak to patients in the hospital, gather their requests and then hopefully brighten their day by broadcasting live hospital-wide in the evening. I love my Wednesday team, they’re a crackin’ bunch of people and it’s always a highlight of my week when I’m back from university and able to head down there.

Thursday 6th July

Today saw Maddie on a mission. Having moved most of my stuff back from university for the summer, I’ve found that my bedroom is maybs just a lil bit small for all the new clothes I somehow seemed to accumulate during the year. Whoopsy. So, I fully cleared out my wardrobe in 29 degree heat and instantly regretted picking such a nice day to tidy on. Although, now I have a mahooosive pile of clothes to sell/donate to charity, so look out for my insta stories where I shall be floggin’ some of me garments.

Friday 7th July

I also managed to get no pics today (up yo game gal, come ownnn). I had a double shift at work (ew) and I wasn’t exactly feelin’ as happy as Larry and therefore managed to get no pics. Ya’ll don’t wanna see me in my highly fashionable polo shirt anyways looool.

Saturday 8th July

After a tedious morning shift at work, I was heavily in need of a drink and v excited for the evening. Helloooo weekend! I headed to town and had some drinks w my pals and it was a v fun night. I like weekends.


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