Holiyay Outfit Diaries: The Importance of Dressing For YOU



Heelloooo! I am back! A wee apology is in order, as I took a lil break this week from blogging, basically just to relax. With a job over the summer and preparations in order for my internship with Heat Magazine in August, I’ve been feelin’ a lil stressed and in need of some time out. And caring for yourself and not pushing yourself too hard are things I really want you guys to do, so I decided to do that meself this week.

However, imma be back today with a special edition of my ‘holiyay outfit diaries’. I wanted to discuss the importance of being true to yourself, using fashion to express who you are and most importantly, just being bladdy comfortable in your own skin.

Because it’s about time society let us.

I wore this dress on our penultimate evening in Lanzarote, and I just feel completely and utterly ‘me’ in it. As a girl, we all have our insecurities, insecurities that other people probably would love for themselves, but none the less, we still are insecure about certain things. For me, I’ve accepted who I am and my body type, however clothes and dresses that cling too tightly to my body are always something I tend to avoid when I want to feel 110% comfortable. We were heading out for a big ol’ dinner this evening as well, so I mean, we want to avoid the food baby where we can, thanking you.

This dress just epitomises my style, me and who I am. I love the small details: the attention to detail with this dress is beautiful. The lacy, cut out detailing adds such a feminine, bohemian feel to the dress and just don’t get me started on the cut. The dress skims beautifully over all the right places (hiding aforementioned food baby extremeeely well) and falls beautifully with a jagged, no consensus hemline, which is soooo in this summer. Did I mention that it’s beautiful?

This dress has a casual vibe, yet is also oh so put together at the same time. And it makes lil ol’ me feel completely at ease.

Just to end this wee post, I’ve got a challenge for you. Next time you go shopping, keep an open mind. Discard what Vogue’s fashion pages are telling you is ‘in’, ignore what your friends are rocking and leave your preconceptions about what does and what won’t suit you at the shopping centre’s door as you walk in. You might just surprise yourself with finding the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

Every girl needs the right clothes that make them feel comfortable. And you deserve that, too.


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