Working at Heat Magazine HQ: My Week in Pics


Oh my goodness me- it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted! I really do need to get back on my posting game asap, but I promise I’ve got a wee explanation as to why I’ve gone AWOL over here. I was offered an internship with Heat & Closer Magazines in London and if you know me well, you’ll know that writing for a magazine and working in London is my absolute DREAM. So it’s safe to say I was a little (a lot) nervous for a week in the capital, working in the editorial department at a weekly magazine. Absolutely terrified.

So things got a little quiet over here for the last few weeks, as I attempted to quash my nerves and prepare for, honestly, the biggest week of my life so far. I thought this experience, with the joys of finding out just what London commuting is like, along with actually being thrust into a real life, busy journalistic setting, would either make me absolutely love that kinda life, or absolutely never want to set foot in London again. And I absolutely loved it.

I have had the BEST week and I’ve even had two articles published, which you can read here and here. I honestly cannot recommend applying for work experience enough if you are like me, and are wanting to trial out whether a certain profession is for you. I have left Heat Magazine HQ with so much newfound knowledge and an even bigger burning desire to up sticks and move to London as soon as is humanely possible. I 110% now have the London bug.

I’ve only just got back from the capital, and am heading on holiday to Mallorca tomorrow (packing and repacking has been hella fun, not) so I thought I’d do a quick lil post about my week. I’ll make sure to do another in depth post with exactly what I got up to, and all the things I learnt during the week, once I’m back from holiday. So, without further ado, here’s my week in pics, London style!

Saturday 5th August:

A v nervous Maddie arrived in London. I met my pal Phoebe at the station – I spent the week staying with her family, who did me a mahooosive favour, as there is 110% no way I could have afforded to do this work experience without them. We headed straight back into London and spent the day sightseeing. Like the true tourist I am, I got extremely excited whenever we visited a landmark and like the true Londoner Phoebe is, she spent every second sighing at my naivety.

The view headin’ in to Charing Cross

Oh look, it’s a tourist-y pic of the view from Primrose Hill. How basic.

I luv u Oxford Street

How tourist-y of me

Sunday 6th August:

As an attempt at heavily distracting myself from my upcoming internship, we made sure to pack as much sightseeing into the weekend as possible. We visited the Greenwich Observatory and I took a few panoramas of the London skyline, because what else is a tourist gonna do?!

Ah, it’s another skyline view

It was as busy as it looks

Pwetty buildings n that

If a sign says ‘street food’, imma followin’ it

Monday 7th August:

Honestly, I’ve never been more terrified in my life. My Monday morning commute consisted of mentally telling myself everything was fine around 150 times, whilst holding back the urge to hop on the Central Line to do a spot of shopping in Oxford Street, instead of actually facing my fears and heading to Bauer Media’s offices in Camden. However, as soon as I met Heat’s editorial assistant in reception and headed up in the lift to the fifth floor of the building, my nerves started to *slowly* dissipate. I spent the day handing the staff the newest issues of Heat, Closer and Grazia, sorting the INSANE amount of PO Box deliveries the fashion & beauty team get sent, I did research for some regular articles ready to be published in next week’s magazine as well as having a go at my first Heat-style article. I left the office a v happy bunny, purely for having got through the day without making a massive tit of myself. Yay!!

110% can promise my hand was shaking from the nerves


Tuesday 8th August:

Today was full of a LOT of research for Heat’s writers. Various features needed my help with a spot of research and I kept the office up to date with the competitor magazines- keeping track of competition is vital for a magazine in such a tight, competitive industry. Sitting at my desk and watching the art team design next week’s front cover, or overhearing Heat’s deputy editor discuss the upcoming big features for the magazine honestly felt so exciting. It felt so surreal to be immersed in the industry that I’ve always dreamt of being a part of.

Workin’ in Camden has its perks

<3 <3 <3

Wednesday 9th August:

I transcribed some interviews with celebs for the upcoming issues of Heat and Closer today and chatted with Heat’s news & features writer, who gave me some amazing tips on how to get into the industry. The day flew by so quickly, despite getting caught in torrential rain on my lunch break; hump day treated me well!

Rain looks nice when you’re on a train, dry.

<3 <3 <3

Early mornin’ coffee stops are where it’s at

Thursday 10th August:

Today was the best day yet. I transcribed some interviews with certain reality TV stars, along with getting my first Heat article published !!!! I was v v v v happy.

Sunny Camden bright n early!



The commute ain’t so bad

We do, we do

Friday 11th August:

My week at Heat finished with more interview transcribing, along with yet another published article. Leaving the Bauer Media offices felt bittersweet; I felt so happy about how the week had gone, yet I was sad to be leaving. I met Phoebe and we headed into the city for an evening of shopping on Oxford Street, dinner with a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and drinks at the Tate Modern, watching the city light up as it got dark. 110% the best week ever.

Sightseeing no.1: SHARD

Sightseeing no.2: early mornin’ CAMDEN

Lunchin’ @ bae (aka Pret)

Bye bye Bauer *cries again*

Yummy food cures tears

Yo gal seein’ the sights

Most favourite place on earth aka the Tate’s viewing platform @ night

LDN, it’s been a blast xoxo


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