Every Thought I Have Wearing My Most ‘Maddie’ Outfit

Hey pals- happy hump day! Due to my lack of postin’ in the last few weeks, I thought I’d grace ya’ll with another cheeky lil blog post. Today, I wanted to discuss personal style, and why it’s so important to me. Fashion has always been something that intrigues me: when I was a diddy young thing, I’d ask my Granddad (the most fashionable person in my family- I mean, he was suave) to come and help me pick out an outfit whenever we went shopping. Which, and if you know me you won’t be at all surprised, was a lot. I still have hanging in my wardrobe, to this day, a red trench coat that he helped me decide upon, from trusty ol’ New Look. It was such an achievement for me aged 12, as it was the first time I’d managed to fit into a size 6 and ofc, I truly felt like an adult. Oh the naivety. And fair play to my Granddad, as red is the colour of this season, so I’m definitely pullin’ that one back out for winter.

Dress: Topshop | Turtleneck: Primark | Socks: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop | Rings: Pandora

It is true that I’m obsessed with fashion. I love reading magazines like Vogue and following my fave fashion bloggers, such as Megan Ellaby and Amy Spencer (thelittlemagpie); I love styling together items in my wardrobe; I am my happiest shopping for a new look. Fashion is something that allows me to express myself and to convey my personality in a way that sometimes I’m at a loss to do so with words. Fashion’s just fun. So as a full fash-obsessive, I thought I’d run through every thought I have whilst hunting down my new fave garms: right from spotting that outfit in the shop, to styling it for the day ahead. Thought it would be slightly amusing to do so, and it also means I can rave about this Topshop dress- THE ootd for me this season. Enjoy!


Step no. 1: spotting the dress

1. Hmm, Topshop, I finally have money to spend for once, and you’re not deliverin’ me the goods right now, are you?

2. Why is it the ONE time I want to go shopping, I’m not tempted by anything at all?

3. Someone tell me why this world is so damn unfair.

4. Oh

5. My

6. God.

7. My freakin’ prayers have been answered

8. Topshop, you are THE ONE

9. I can’t deal. I’m so happy. This is practically the dress of my dreams.

10. I say this about every new dress I buy but I PROMISE YOU, this one is for reals, this time.

‘iya dude coming out of Gusto- you’ve been papped

Step no. 2: trying on the dress

1. I swear I’ve seen this dress on Megan Ellaby’s insta. It’s not like I get all my style inspo from her or anything…

2. Okay, this better be as good on as I’m hopin’

3. Ah. Hmm. Okay. Not sure I… Isn’t the material annoyingly clingy?

4. When’s it due, love?

5. I literally look a solid 6 months pregnant.

6. Stop! Calm. You’re not Megan, but you’re still pullin’ it off, gal (sometimes it helps to give myself advice like I would to a friend, I’m kinder that way)

7. Oh, but checks are so IN right now, and that baby pink stripe would look bladdy ADORBS if I teamed the dress with a white turtleneck!

8. I need to buy a turtleneck as well, now. Fgs. Why don’t I have endless money?!

9. I’ll buy it from Primark. That’ll solve my funds crisis.

10. Okay, I love it. I’ve got to get it. I’ll just regret it otherwise!!

Awkward laughing bc nervous as ppl are staring at me whilst pic is being taken ew pls leave bc I feel v v awks

Step no. 3: buying the dress

1. I hate Topshop queues in Birmingham.

2. Whyyyy is this wait so long?

3. Waiting means reality sets in, rational thinking comes back and I start panicking that I’m wasting my money.

No idea whatsoever what I’m lookin’ at

4. Oh but it’s such a cute dress, though…

5. So, my NUS student card ran out of date a month ago, but Topshop do the whole 10% off shebang if you’re a student, so I’m just gonna try it at the till anyways.

6. Ooh, the gal in front of me is clutching a pair of corduroy trousers. Damn, they’re cute. Maybe I should get some…

#sass, again

7. STOP. This dress costs over £30 as it is.

8. Student loans aren’t meant for buying clothes with (I hear this in my mother’s voice)

9. Okay okay, I’m next- no backin’ out now!

10. Bought the dress. Slight anti-climax whilst entering my pin. I even chickened out of showing my out-of-date NUS card. Went and bought it full bladdy price, didn’t I. FML.

The final step: stylin’ the dress up for a day of wear

1. I’m so glad I bought this dress.

2. And this turtleneck.

3. Absolutely nooo regrets, now.

4. Literally, the possibilities are endless with this outfit. Am I going to work in the office? Is this a casual, stroll around town type outfit? Should I pair it with heeled boots for dinner n drinks in the evenin’?

5. Ohmygod. So, I’ve had a revelation.

6. I can wear a beret on my head.

7. Parisian vibes 101

8. Ooh, I could even put fishnets on?

9. Nope. Styling error. Too much clash with the checks. It’s okay, we’ll move swiftly on. I am still a styling goddess, I’m sure.

10. I feel like I’ve made a solid investment here.





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