Be At One Bar Birmingham: VIP Event

I have an announcement: lil ol’ Mad is moving up in the world. No seriously, I am. Usually a Spoons kinda gal, my experiences of evenings drinking with my gals consist solely of 2-4-1s and the odd Purple Rain pitcher, if I’m lucky. So when an email landed in my inbox inviting me to an exclusive blogger and influencer event at Be At One Birmingham (hellooo cocktails) I jumped at the chance. Celebrating their new and improved (and highly extensive) cocktail menu, I was asked to bring some pals and myself down to the Birmingham branch and join in an evening of cocktail-themed challenges. Could a gal say no to that? Exactly.

So this week, I hopped on a train with my pals and walked the highly taxing approximate 7.53 seconds from New Street Station to the v swanky Be At One. Located in the Piccadilly Arcade, the cocktail joint is hidden away (bar a wonderfully neon sign) and if you were already perhaps a lil tipsy, you might miss this tucked away treasure. However, if you’re in the know, Be At One is definitely your place to have a fabby evenin’.

My pal Nat was v excited about our dranksss


When we arrived, we were ushered through past the main bar to a v secretive, v beautifully decked out second room, where other bloggers and influencers were milling around, tasting the new delicious cocktails on the menu. Takin’ a sip of the all new, gorgeously tropical Jet Pilot, I was instantly a fan.

It’s comprised of these incred ingredients:

  • Plantation O.F.T.D rum
  • Spiced lime liqueur
  • Grapefruit
  • Absinthe
  • Plantation 5yr old rum
  • Cinnamon syrup
  • Lime

A winner with me, for sure. As the night ensued, we got into teams to compete to be the winners of the Be At One cocktail challenge. We had 60 seconds to make our own cocktail (I was bladdy awful) we had various music challenges (I was better at them) and we even had to nominate a member of our team to become a pro at shakin’ a cocktail mix. Hilariously coming last but one, we sadly didn’t win- but we had a v v fab evening experiencing what Be At One has to offer.

If you find yourself out and about in Brum and you’re lookin’ for somewhere to have a few cheeky drinks, Be At One is the one. With over 150 cocktails on the menu, and an app that freakin’ picks the cocktail that suits you best and orders the bartender to whip you one up, you need to get yo lil bums down to this bar. It’ll be a night to remember.

A fab night had by all xxx


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