A lil guide to my fave places in Liverpool

So back in early November, I was invited down to Liverpool, on behalf of River Island, to head to their Style Studio to meet the one and freakin’ only Megan Ellaby herself. What do you mean you already know? Oh yeah, it’s all I’ve been goin’ on about. Sorry, I forgot. But fear not, although this post starts with a wee ramble about the whole V EXCITING event, I want to chat about something completely different today.

Let me just get the whole extremely exciting deal of meeting Megan out the way by popping the pic in:

Okay, I promise- I’m done now.

No, really.

*looks away in shame*

What I really wanted to chat about today is the city of culture itself: the oh so wonderful Liverpool. Prior to this month, I’d never visited the city. And I honestly don’t know why I left it this long to do so. There is an insane amount to see and do, all of which I (sadly) could not get done in the mere day and a half I was visiting. There is high street chain upon high street chain to satisfy all your shoppin’ needs, there’s an incred array of both chain and independent restaurants and bars, the people you meet are the friendliest bunch and not to mention the fact that the city is totally steeped in historic culture, and it really feels a city like no other.

So whilst uni deadlines and general stress are v much consuming my life right now, I wanted to do a wee post on my favourite things Liverpool have going for it. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to take a trip to the home of all things Beatles v soon (and hopefully writing this takes me away from all things hellish [aka uni] for a good half hour). Enjoy!

Soak up the culture: the Albert Dock
34 The Colonnades, Liverpool, L3 4AA | www.albertdock.com

If I type the words ‘World Heritage Site’, do we need more explaining as to why Albert Dock is a must-visit? Probably not. The waterfront complex houses the biggest collection of Grade I listed buildings, UK-wide. Alongside just being a beautiful waterfront location to watch the sun go down in the early evening or the go-to place to stroll around mid-morning to walk off that brunch, you can get your culture-fix in one go at the Albert Dock. There are a range of attractions to visit, such as the Beatles Story (whether you’re a big Beatles fan or not, you can 110% appreciate their incredible rise to international acclaim) and the Tate Liverpool stands proudly as the home to famous artist collections. To see the city from a height, the Victorian Carousel will propel you up into the city skyline and for a wee bit of fun, you can even undertake a Magical Mystery Tour, that’ll take you to Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. From the Dock only, you can jam-pack your day with cultural activities to learn everything and more about what has shaped Liverpool to become the beautiful city it is today.

Shop ’til you drop at Liverpool ONE
5 Wall St, Liverpool, L1 8JQ | www.liverpool-one.com

A stone’s throw from the docks, Liverpool ONE is the shopping complex to make a fashionista extremeeely excited. Honestly, I did not know where to start. Just to offer a contemplation of the size, both John Lewis and Debenhams are to be found at Liverpool ONE. Considering there’s usually one department store to encounter if you’re lucky, it’s clear you’re in for a treat when you get to Liv. The shopping complex caters to all your high street needs, with faves such as Topshop, Zara and River Island. And from experience, the River Island store is honestly the most beaut River Island I have ever visited. Not just a shop, this is a shopping experience: with floral décor, mahoosive shop floors for ease of access and the plush Style Studio (offering you a FREAKIN’ FREE personal shopping experience), this is a shop n a half, I tell ya. After getting your high street fix, you can wander down Peter’s Lane and (window) shop to your heart’s content at designer brands such as Karen Millen and Reiss. The aptly-named Paradise Street is home to the latest technological gadgets, with shops such as Apple and Bose lining the street. A shopping area that’s perfectly designed by category, a wander through Liverpool ONE and the surrounding area is nifty for those that haven’t visited the city before. I was able to find all my fave shops close by each other, and that definitely helped me to shop ’til I most definitely dropped.

Need a bite to eat? Head to Crust for the ultimate Liverpudlian indie food
25 Bold St, Liverpool, L1 4DN | www.crustliverpool.co.uk

Across the city, you’ll find the best mix of your favourite chains and unique eateries to settle those hangry tastebuds. When I was in the city, I got my pal, Hannah, who goes to university in Liv, to handpick an indie foodie place for us to dine at. And she came up trumps. We visited Crust, which is a 2 minute walk from the main complex at Liverpool ONE, and ohmygoodness, we were treated to the biggest pizzas I have ever laid my eyes on. All with a yummy sourdough base, you can watch your pizzas being baked in a wood-fired Marana Farni oven, whilst sippin’ away at the most amaze array of handmade lemonades I have ever seen in a restaurant. I definitely ate enough for five people, and I’d never been more content in all my life. You’ve got to visit if you have the chance!

End the evenin’ on a high with some drinks in Concert Square
Concert Square, Liverpool, L1 4NR | head to Soho at www.soholiverpool.co.uk

This is cocktails, al fresco, people. Under a heated umbrella, surrounded in a blanket of fairy lights, it feels as if you’re abroad sippin’ 2 for 1’s. It might be minus three, but at Concert Square, you’ll be none the wiser. We visited chic cocktail bar, Soho, and definitely found some student friendly cocktails, that were v yummy, v alcoholic, and v cheap. What more do you want? The area is choc full of bar after bar, so you definitely get to choose whatever strikes you on the night. It was the perfect place for a girly evenin’ out (and definitely served to quash those pre-meeting-Megan-Ellaby nerves, lol).

And remember to spend some time in the city exploring in the best way possible: just wandering

When I headed to Bath this weekend with my boyfriend, I’d done some extensive planning in advance of everywhere we MUST visit, but he reminded me, as we were strolling along by the river, that often the best way to get to know a city is by just simply wandering. And this is so, so true. Although there are definite must-visit places in Liverpool, it’s worth just wandering off the beaten track and seeing where your lil feet will take you. A city full of beautiful architecture, you’ll turn a street corner and will be met with a beautiful sight. So if you head to Liverpool, make sure to take some time to just wander. You’ll fall in love with the place.



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