‘Tis the Season to Dress Festive

It’s three days ’til Christmas? I’m sorry, what?!

This year has gone insanely quick. Like, lightening-speed kinda quick. And with a v stressful university term over and done with, and uni assignments (nearly) out the way, it’s now the time to relax. Genuinely, I’ve never been much of a Christmas person- I’m a sucker for warmer weather and a more than 6 hours of sunlight a day kinda gal. However, this year, the Christmas bug has well and truly got me; I’m less bah-humbug, more YAY for CHRISTMAS. And I am absolutely revelling in this festive season.

So with my newfound sense of festive cheer, and as a little thank you for you guys being so patient whilst I’ve been too stressed with uni work to actually blog, I thought I’d get ya’ll hyped up for the big Chrimbo day by doing my own lil countdown to Christmas on the blog! Yipeeee!

So every day, from today until Christmas Day, I’ll be popping wee festive posts up on the blog- and there’s a few surprises in store. Today’s post comes in the form of a v festive lookbook, ft. some v dreamy fairy light adorned backdrops for my pics, taking by my incredibly talented friend, Emily Neale- you can find her blog over here!

So this is Christmas. And these are my festive go-to, failsafe outfits. Gone are the days where I’d totter around in icy temps, in ridiculous heels, sporting bare legs, no coat and running the risk of hypothermia- today, I’m all about getting glitzed up for the festive season, in those outfits that work for the time of year.

There’s nothing worse than freezing to death in a beaut yet impractical lil LBD number; this year and from now on, I’m all about dressing for me. If I’m not feeling getting dolled up to the nines, I’ll dress up a pair of jeans. If I’m wanting to go all out on the festive sparkle, I bladdy will do so, 150%.

And the first of my two festive getups feature, potentially, my favourite piece of clothing of all time. This one shoulder, glitzy star print body, from my number one shopping destination fave, Topshop. Sliiightly pricey at £38 (£34 with student discount, eyyy up) I was a bit sceptical at first when I saw this lil number online. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. I’ve never seen anything quite so unique and quite so beautiful. However, being so unique, it seemed a bit of a one off wear, and I didn’t want to spend what little dollar I had left of my student loan on something I’d only wear once.

One Shoulder Star Print Body: Topshop | Jeans: Zara | Socks: Topshop | Shoes: River Island

But oh, how this beauty surprised me. As soon as it arrived at my wee abode, I popped it on and instantly felt a million dollars (what a cliché). It fits like a dream, is beautifully sculpted to your body and I have honestly found so many bottoms to wear this with. It’s gone from a one off wear, to a ‘I can’t stop wearing this, I’ll be in it all Christmas, sorry’ kinda piece. I’ve teamed it with a PVC skirt for some serious night out vibes, some burnt orange cigarette trousers from Missguided for a kooky, put together look and it even dressed up my comfiest, cosiest Zara jeans for a festive evening outfit to boot. Throw into the mix my ugly yet freakin’ beautiful pink, Barbie-esque River Island sandals and a glittery sock for ultimate geek chic, and you’re good to go. Honestly the best piece I’ve invested in, maybe, ever.

I feel v sassy and 100% my best self in this body: it’s hugely flattering, nips you in at the waist and accentuates all the right areas for a night on the festive town (boobies, I’m talkin’ to you). The one shoulder cut is just beautiful, emphasising your décolletage area, and is v on trend right now. And finally, the light, floating and crepey material is just wondrous. When you catch the light, the top glistens, due to beads of glitter running throughout the fabric. I am in love. With a garment. How wonderful.

And my second, failsafe, winter warmer/festive get up is this, equally beautiful, dress from Missguided. Helloooo you figure flattering, epitome of festivities, beauty.

Dress: Missguided | Hat: Miss Selfridge | Tights: H&M | Boots: River Island

As you can see, I’m a ‘no holding back on the glitter front’ kinda gal. Give me a dress that sparkles, and I’ll add some glittery tights to give the illusion that I am, in fact, some form of a Christmas fairy, or that I’ve bathed in a Lush Christmas bath bomb and forgotten to scrub it off. Either way, I’m a sucker for glitter at this time of year.

In minus temperatures, we don’t want to be turning into icicles on our way to our annual Chrimbo night out with the girls. That would just be silly. So, in an attempt not to sound like the annoying mother that asks you to zip your coat up so you don’t catch a chill, being comfy and warm are two factors I always think about with a festive OOTD, or in this case, an OOTN. No one wants awkward party wear that takes Houdini-esque skill to wriggle in and out of; we want figure-flattering outfits that hide just how many tubs of Heroes we’ve consumed during the festive season, entirely by ourselves, of course (although, that’s an achievement that only needs to be celebrated). We want comfy, practical, ‘hide food baby 101’ outfits. And this dress gives us just that.

It is just beautiful. In a similar vein to the Topshop body, the material is woven with golden thread that sparkles and glimmers when it hits the light. Tiny, weeny gem stones glisten from the fabric, and with all this, you’re set to sparkle this festive season. The high neck and mini dress shape give it a sixties touch, and there is a nod to the rara skirt with the ruffled hemlines. A v flattering, v beautiful number that gets me dancin’ this party season. Throw on some glittery tights, like this inexpensive pair from H&M, a patent boot and a trusty ol’ baker boy (for, in my case, to tame that fringe in the bladdy freezin’ wind) and this is party dressing done right.

I really hope ya find something in this post to inspire you for the Christmas season, whether it’s some Chrimbo Day inspo if you like to dress up on the day a la moi, or if it’s helped you plan ahead for the all important New Year’s outfit. ‘Tis the season to dress festive, pals, so rock the glitter to your heart’s content. xoxo


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