A lil January outfit inspo from London

Oh my goodness me- the start of January has bladdy flown by! I am absolutely drowning in university deadlines (I’m currently in the library as we speak) and keeping on top of this lil blog has been pretty tricky, I must say. However, I’m reeeally hoping as of next week I can start getting back on top of it all, hopefully posting twice a week on the blog, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Das the plan, anyways.

I thought I’d begin this v fashhhuun post with an update as to what’s goin’ on with lil ol’ me over here. I started back at university this last Monday and it’s been a rollercoaster of a week. I was up at 6am sharp on Monday morning to begin my PAID PR & Marketing internship at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery- and although it literally kills me getting up that early, it’s so wonderful to be actually paid for something I love doing! The age of writing for free has been gettin’ on me nerves as of late. Then on Tuesday, I was up at 7am hastily finishing up my two mahoosive Creative Writing university assignments, before handing them in later on in the day. Wednesday saw the start of another day at the internship and another 6am start- and now here we are on Thursday morning, hastily gettin’ a wee blog post done before a full day of uni work and lectures. Someone remind me why I bothered to go to a Russell Group again? I’m literally dyin’ over here.

Anyway, I’ve got some exciting things to look ahead to, and the start of 2018 isn’t all doom n gloom! Tonight, I’m heading to Topshop in Birmingham’s Bullring for a blogging eve all about BadApple Hair and Topshop personal styling! Here’s betting I spend half my student loan in store, eh? And this weekend, I’m heading back down to one of my favourite cities, Bristol, to visit the boyf at uni. Chilled times are, thankfully, ahead! YAY!

So today, I thought I’d strip back my blog posts to the essence of what fashion blogging is about: the outfit. I want to share a January sales BEAUTY I picked up from Miss Selfridge, and how I styled it whilst in London over New Year’s. Let’s kick the year off with a good dose of some outfit inspo!

This beeeautiful jumpsuit is from Miss Selfridge, and it is the most flattering thing I have ever bought. Skimmin’ over all those places that you would rather hide, I feel my best self in this outfit, indeedy. The monochromatic star print makes the outfit super festive; however, it’s not so overt that you can’t wear it for the rest of the year. I’ll definitely be rocking this come spring. The lace detailing around the straps is such a dainty touch and definitely smartens up the look for an evening out. Pop on some heels and wear the jumpsuit on its own, and you’re ready for a cocktail, or two.

For this wintery look in freeeezing New Year’s London, I opted for the trend of A/W 17: layering. Popping this incredibly affordable Primark turtleneck on underneath, and accessorising with either my trusty bakerboy or the v Parisian vibes beret, it set the daytime look off timelessly. The good thing about this trusty sales find is that monochromatic looks are never going to go out of fashion; the flattering cut of the jumpsuit will always be on trend. And that’s what I always look for in a sales find: something that will last throughout the years, instead of the latest trend that will be out of fashion in a couple weeks. This Miss Selfridge beauty was just £15 in the sale and will last me for years to come!

Popping on this New Look chunky belt cinched me in on the waist and created that good silhouette we be lookin’ for. My trusty Zara aviator jacket and a red Primark scarf finished off ze outfit- and voila, I done!

Hopefully this wee dose of outfit inspo is okay until I post again. I’ve gotta head off and plan a presentation now (wish me luck, I don’t wanna do it crrryy). I shall be back next week w another lil post!


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