Madeleine, the Journalist?

by Maddie
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Heyooo, pals. Welcome back to another lil post. Welcome, also, to the lovely people at Nivea and Look Magazine, who are potentially reading this post, as I’ve directed you to it through a lil application for an internship. I feel like a couple of introductions are necessary right now.

Hi, dis be me, I’m Madeleine

To my readers: this post is being written to coincide with a crazily amazin’ internship I’m desperately trying to get noticed for. Nivea, alongside Look Magazine and The Voice, are offering one lucky individual a 2 month paid internship with Look Magazine, along with prize money, London accommodation and backstage access at The Voice. Only catch is they’re lookin’ for a beauty blogger. And I know I’m not a beauty blogger. But as you guys all know, I have a mahoosive dream to become a journalist, and I don’t exactly give up at the first hurdle, so this wee post is my attempt to show just how much I want this opportunity. Even if I don’t blog about beauty. Slight catch, I know, but I’m workin’ through it.

To Nivea and Look Magazine: okay, so I’m not a beauty blogger. But I’m a blogger, and I blog about things that epitomise Look Magazine, and imma be constantly dreamin’ of being the journalist I’m aiming for. I’ve interned at Heat Magazine, I’ve written for national publications, I have a loyal readership on this wee blog of mine and I do all of this alongside my v stressful degree.

It’s not all just partaaayin’ at uni

So now the introductions are out the way, I want to spend this post taking some time to discuss each and every (well, maybe not every, as we’d be here a while) reason why I want to go into journalism, and particularly fashion and lifestyle journalism. And in turn, there’s gonna be a few reasons thrown in as to why I would *fingers crossed* be right for this internship.

It’s not a desperate plea, I promise.

Oh okay, it kinda is.

I got my head down as I’m cringin’ at how desperate I’m soundin’

1) Writing has always been, and will always be, the biggest passion of mine 

The fundamentals of journalism are quite literally the written word. The written word has the power to shock, engage and enthral readers. From a wee 9-year-old writing stories about a gal called Crazy Maisy (I genuinely planned out a whole 6 novels in Year 2, oh how I wish I had that creative talent now) to now studying English & Creative Writing at university, with aspirations to become a journalist, I’ve been obsessed with writing since forever. My blog is my relaxed style of writing: I allow my personality to shine through. When I’ve written for national publications, I’ve adapted my written style to what works for the brand. Basically, I love writing and I want to do it for my career, so internships are the way forward for a career-driven 20-something still at good ol’ uni.

2) I have some editorial work experience 

I interned over summer 2017 with Heat Magazine, which was hands down my best experience to date. I fell in love even more so with journalism and the buzz a busy editorial office can give you. I had the lil lightbulb moment when you realise exactly what you want to be doing for the rest of your life – aka lotsa journalistic fun in LDN. Since then, I’ve written for other publications, and have interned throughout the whole of my second year at university in Birmingham.

London, u have my heart 4eva

3) Fashion is, quite literally, my life 

I am the definition of fashion conscious. Gimme a trend, and I’ll buy into it and write all about it on this blog, v enthusiastically. Fashion gives people a way to express themselves, let their personalities shine through and this is something magical that lil ol’ me just can’t get enough of. Student loans might not be for clothes, but mine certainly is.

4) Music is also a big love of mine, and something I have experience in 

I have interviewed musicians such as Sabrina Carpenter (Disney Channel pop princess- that was v excitin’) and Ward Thomas, and have been sent tickets to review gigs by the likes of Lorde and Deaf Havana, for my blog and other publications. I thrive off music just as much as I thrive off fashion- and I couldn’t imagine a world without it.

Backstage access to Sabrina Carpenter’s dressing room (she has a skateboard she uses backstage, HOW COOL)

5) Beauty is something I still love, yet haven’t got round to pursuing on my blog

Being a poor student, I buy the cheapest makeup possible. I have the bare necessities to keep my face looking slightly more alive than it looks without makeup, therefore makeup tutorials and product reviews on my blog wouldn’t be all that fun. Sadly, that is the reason why I don’t blog all things beauty *cries*.

Just to end my desperate plea to get noticed: I do put makeup on my face. I’ve even mastered the cat eye flick, after a solid five or more years of trying. And if that’s not proof of how diligent a worker I am, then I don’t know what is. I might not tick that beauty box for you, but I hope my journalistic passion and flair for all things fashion, lifestyle, music and journalism might just capture your attention.

Thank you for taking ya time to read this x

A BIG THANK YOU from lil ol’ me xxxx


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