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Long time no blog, I know. After a week or so off – due to university deadlines that were 110% trying to kill me off – I’m back with another post. I thought this post could be a wee explanation on my part. Even though there’s been no action over here on the blog, this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doin’ all things blogging. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite.

I’ve been a busy bee over the last few weeks- and so without further ado, here’s a lil catch-up explaining exactly where I’ve been.

There’s been press events galore 

It seems (fingers crossed) that this little blog of mine is getting a liiiittle bit noticed by PR companies, and I’ve been picked for a few events as of late, which is actually bladdy ridiculous and I am absolutely lovin’ it.

I was lucky enough to be asked to Topshop in the Bullring, Birmingham, a few weeks back, for a personal styling session I wrote all about here, but also for a wee tour around the all new hairdressers just opened in Topshop, Bad Apple Hair. The salon is v slick n v cool, and I am toying with the idea of going to get my hair dyed there v soon. Watch this space, ey?

I also visited the press night for The Handmade Fair, Kirstie Allsop’s highly successful creative travelling fair, that’s put on yearly in London and now at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. We had a v creative evening creating decorative hearts and making our own necklaces (all of which was v lovely but v embarrassing for lil old me because I am not arty in the bladdy slightest) and I got v excited for the launch of the fair on 11th May. If you head down to Ragley Hall between 11th-13th May, you can witness live ‘craft-offs’ from the companies on show at the fair, there’ll be Q&As and demonstrations from expert craft makers, as well as a space where visitors can learn new skills and share tips and tricks with like-minded creatives. Ya can also purchase some beaut handmade products to get all crafty yourself, and indulge in some delish artisan food.

Aaaaand tomorrow eve, I’ll be heading to Accessorize in the Bullring, Birmingham, to find out allll about next season’s key pieces. It should be an evening of fashion fun, so make sure to check out my Instagram stories tomorrow evenin’!

I’m workin’ on a few upcoming collabs (YAY)

I have just been gifted my first piece of clothing ever to be featured on the blog, and this is a big YAAAAAS in my eyes, as fashion journalism and fashion blogging is my game. I’m working with a photographer this Friyay to get all the images shot for the dress, so ya should look out for a new blog post v v soon in collaboration with the beaut clothing brand, Cari’s Closet!

Another big love of mine is music- and due to 2nd year stress taking its toll, the music section on my blog has been neglected as of late. However, not all is lost, because I have two v exciting interviews in the midst, and a gig review, all up and coming this next month. YAY!

There’s a couple exciting things also in the pipeline for the next month, and I cannot wait to get cracking on them. This blog is my wee bubba, and although it’s been neglected recently, university has to take priority at the moment, but I know this blog will always be waiting for me.

I’ve been interning my ass off 

I’m currently undertaking a paid PR & Marketing internship with Birmingham Museums Trust, and this takes two full days out of my week at university. I absolutely love working in a press office: no two working days are the same, there are exciting new exhibitions to promote and I adore the thriving office environment.

A selection of OOTDs from Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery xoxo

Last week, I also spent a day at Capital FM’s headquarters in Birmingham, learning all about working for the UK’s number one radio station, and I got the radio bug. That kinda working environment is just so fast-paced, exciting and ever changing. And I’m a fan.

University is takin’ its toll 

This semester at uni has literally been deadline aaafter deadline, which is v v stressful, but we good. It just means that sometimes university has to take priority over ze blog. Fast forward to June though, and we done with uni for a loooong summer, so there’s plenty of time to get back on it with the blogging.

Smilin’ thru the stress xoxo

I’m also learning to live a lil more 

Having realised recently that I’m over halfway through my degree (screams) I’ve decided to make the most of my time in good ol’ Birmingham. I’ve been making the most of all the mems I’m gon’ make with my pals! Getting the balance between uni, work experience and pals is v important.

partaaaay @ The Handmade Fair press launch

I’ll be back either at the end of this week, or next week, with another postin’. And heck, it doesn’t matter that my blogging schedule is a lil haywire at the moment, because we don’t always have to be rushing at 10000mph allll the time. I’ll see ya’ll v soon xoxo


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