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by Maddie
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So now that the absolutely hideous snow of last weekend is *fingers crossed* behind us, I thought it was time to start chatting about one of my fave seasons: spring!! Flowers are appearin’, the snow is melting and the sun is desperately attempting to shine, and I am v optimistic about what the new seasons will bring. Winter is by far the worst season for me. I really don’t feel myself when the sun isn’t shining. So to look forward to spring today, I thought I’d do a lil collab with Accessorize, everyone’s fave one stop for all things accessories.

Last Weds, I headed down to the Accessorize store in the Bullring, Birmingham, along with a few other absolutely lovely Brum bloggers, and we had a night of new season fashion. And it was wonderful.

It may have been absolutely frickin’ hypothermia temperatures outside, and every single train arriving at Birmingham New Street station was 1000% delayed, but to calm our typical ‘bad weather and we’re Brits and we can’t cope’ nerves, the lovely Accessorize girls served us all up a Parma Violets gin. It was incredible.

So after the usual *kinda cringe* blogging malarkey of ‘I can’t drink this yet I need to take ALL the boomerangs’ (I’m so guilty of this) we got crackin’ on all things spring fashion with Accessorize.

To liven up our freezing evenings even more and inject some energy into a wintry night, us bloggers were set challenges throughout the evening by the Accessorize team. And the first was to do spring our way with Accessorize.

We had ten minutes to rush around the store, picking out our key spring items and we had to style them up in our own way. Now, I don’t think the Accessorize team quite understood how much I frickin’ LOVED this challenge. Lil ol’ me has always had a bit of a fashion stylist dream goin’ on- and styling up Accessorize items for spring, I couldn’t have been more in my element.

I kept it simple (but bright) with these two key pieces: an uhmaazing fuschia pink bag (that I definitely purchased at the end of the night) and this beaut teal beret. With the monochromatic outfit that I was wearing that night, this look was colour clashin’ n fab- the kind of trend I want to be wearing this spring.

Our final challenge was to pick out some pieces that we’d buy our mum for Mother’s Day. Now, I’ve got to admit that I struggled here, as no offence to u mumma, but you are more ‘practical’ than ‘fashhuuuun’. But everything fell into place when I spotted this v minimalist, Scandi vibes bag. It’s just beautiful. Practical and beautiful.

This formed the basis of my picks and I ended up choosing this dainty rose gold-plated necklace and again, a minimalist yet v fashhuun, chunky scarf.

almost too pretty to drink (almost)

HI free food

And the evening ended with a spot o’ networking (eased by the gin) and a cheeky purchase of the fuschia bag. It was a wonderful evening and I’m v lucky to have been invited. Now let’s just hope it doesn’t snow again and we can actually begin spring pls thx xoxo

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