Introducing: Chloë Rona

Okay, here’s a blog post you need to read today. It’s been a week or so since I posted on here – and it’s because I managed to get the worst timed flu possible, and I’ve been poorly during the whole of my last week at uni before semester 3. It’s nooot been good, but I’m going to make up for it today!

Chloë Rona is a name you should know. Darkly seductive electro-pop is musician Chloë’s gift, and her intense lyrical imagery and catchy, mystical beats on new track, Cruel Intentions, is something you guys need to know about.

Chloë’s captured the attention of those high up in the music scenes in both London and L.A., she’s just finished working with writers from London’s Tileyard Studios, and she kindly took the time out of her busy songwriting schedule to chat to me. But before you read on, have a listen to her latest musical offering. Cruel Intentions has been described as ‘an emotional tug-of-war between heart and head’; an ode to failed relationships.

So from electro-pop to incredible advice for young musicians wanting to start out, I spoke to the musician about what exactly makes Chloë Rona.


Quite often, music is something that people know they want to do from a very young age, but it can often feel like a pipe dream. Not a ‘real job’ to a lot of people, those that want to pursue music can be left feeling like it’s an impossibility. Have you always known you wanted to pursue music and what’s your journey been to making this dream job a reality? 

C: You’re right. Music is one of those things that is deeply rooted and if you find it when you’re young, it is next to impossible to shake. I remember being in primary school and just wanting to sing and dance all the time.

It is still a work in progress- I don’t think I will ever believe it is a reality, no matter where it goes. I am just so blessed to find a passion in my life.

Musicians are often known for trying to make an important change in the world, through the medium of music. What key messages are you trying to spread with your songs? 

C: I just don’t want people to ever feel like they’re alone or someone doesn’t understand what they’re going through. The world is becoming more integrated through social media, yet it’s actually doing the opposite a lot of the time: making some people more isolated and less actively and emotionally social. Everyone is going through tough stuff. Sometimes it is completely hidden to people around them and in my opinion, music is the only universal language everyone can connect to when alone with their thoughts or out partying with their friends.


If you could sell Chloë Rona, your brand, to my readers, how would you define your music and everything that you stand for in a sentence? 

C: Dark urban sound, with a lot of attitude, that speaks as closely to the truth- and I hope a lot of people will connect with it.

Cruel Intentions has just been released! What does this song mean to you and how do you want people to feel when they listen to it? 

C: It’s about a manipulative, toxic relationship and coming to the realisation of it. It’s surprising how many people can relate to it- yet you think you’re the one in the wrong and on your own. To anyone going through it, you’re not alone; put yourself first!

What’s your favourite part of being a musician – the song writing, the performing, or is it something else? 

C: The creative process definitely! Lyrics are my favourite part, but it’s not just the song writing. That comes first, of course, but I always visualise how I want it to look as well. The video, artwork, campaign: the message of it as a 360 piece of art.


Where do you find the most inspiration for your songs? What’s the song writing process like for you? 

C: I know when I need to write. I usually write when I am feeling something strong, or when something has hit me hard. I tend to write lyrics like poetry first with an idea of melody, then I get into a writing session with a producer and write the melody properly whilst working on the production with them. Then I piece the lyrics into it. But that isn’t always the way- sometimes I end up writing something completely different in a session because it just feels right.

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

C: This is going to sound so random, but I would say from Michael Jackson to all early 2000’s RnB to BANKS to Evanescence- maybe with a bit of Bring Me the Horizon thrown in there and quite a few more. I’ve always had such a widespread taste in music.

If you had to collaborate with any musician/bad, alive or dead, on a track, who would you choose? 

C: It’s a cliche- probably Michael Jackson, but I honestly think I would just freeze up! So, I’m going to say Eminem- I remember listening to him when I was a kid. His passion for music and the struggle getting there really inspired me. That, and he is one hell of a lyricist.


What is your biggest advice to anyone wanting to make it in the music industry? 

C: Be real, be kind and KEEP GOING. One of my mentors once said to me, ‘Be kind to people on the way up; be real. If you’re not, don’t expect them to be there for you on the way down or when you need their help, which is inevitable at some point.’

Myself and Chloë ended our chat discussing what’s next for her in 2018 and beyond. And she seems like a busy woman. ‘I have a few tracks lined up and ready to go, and I’m writing more every day.’ She smiles. ‘Who knows what else- everything else I take as it comes. You never know what this industry will send your way.’ My verdict? Only the brightest things are coming Chloë Rona’s way.





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