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by Maddie
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It’s Sunday evening. I’ve been at work all day, serving the Sunday roasts that I’d rather have been scoffing to many a slightly irritating customer. I’m shattered, and I’ve just planned the week ahead- Monday: write a 2,000 word essay; Tuesday: write a 1,000 word essay; rest of the week: revise. Now I’m hastily writing this blog post, so I’ve got some content to go out on Tuesday. It’s safe to say I’m not exactly feeling those Sunday Fun-day vibes.

So please forgive me that this post is a tad haphazardly put together- sadly, this wee blog has slid down my list of priorities at the moment whilst I battle end of second year stress. But sometimes, those spur of the moment, don’t-think-too-much-about-it decisions end up being the best kind of decisions. And I’m hoping this post will be a lil fun one.

pls forgive this face xoxo

Whilst I’m thrown into the depths of revision hell, I literally spend my days living in some manner of joggers/ripped jeans and the first t-shirt I drag out of my wardrobe, hair up and fringe scraped away from my fivehead kinda combo, which means ultra-comfort to get on with work, but it doesn’t exactly do wonders for my confidence. Slouching around day in day out, stuck at my laptop and not moving from the same spot for about six hours straight drives me just a little bit (a lot) barmy.

And there are two things that make me feel my best self again: getting outside for some fresh air, and FINALLY making some effort with my appearance. At this time of year, I love nothing more than- when we eventually get a bladdy dry day- getting outside, heading out on a walk and soaking up the spring sunshine. Even if it’s just to escape from revision for half an hour, it does wonders to my mood. Similarly, taking the time out, now and again, to pop on some makeup and style up a very ‘me’ kinda outfit (even if I have absolutely nowhere to go) ups my positivity in a heartbeat. And that’s what we need to get through the revision slog.

Minimal effort; big fashion statement 

These dungarees came into my life, along with this v tropical, summer vibes headband after I decided to have a big ol’ splurge in Topshop and via some Arctic Monkeys tickets the other day. I don’t quite know what I was thinking splurging quite that much in one flippin’ day, but sometimes ya just have to treat yoself.

I’ve been on the lookout for some dungarees for what feels like an eternity, but I’d been put off because of the price- ironic, when you look at what I ended up spending in ONE DAY. I’d scoured the high street and Asos, trying to find the cheapest pair going, but they all seemed to range on the £40-£50 mark. These Topshop beauties are £49, on the pricier end of the spectrum, but I just couldn’t find a nicer pair anywhere else.

They are the COMFIEST things I have potentially ever worn, and they’re such a good staple piece to have in your wardrobe. I know I will get so many outfits out of these beauties, and so far I’ve just paired them with my little crochet top, also from Topshop, but in stock last summer. Throw on the headband as well, and I just feel so  ready for a sunshine-saturated spring and summer.

Topshop | Dungarees: £49 | Headband: £8.50 | click for ze product

The bag to spice up yo life 

I recently bought this bag at a blogging event at Accessorize in Birmingham (which I wrote all about here) and my goodness me, this little thang adds the perfect pink punch to every outfit. Here, I’d teamed it with an old H&M slip dress, a trusty Primark turtleneck and a River Island denim jacket for a day shopping in Birmingham.

I absolutely adore this little bag. It was a v spur of the moment purchase- I needed a new day bag but hadn’t really been on the lookout until I found it- and I am SO glad I decided to get it. The colour is beautiful and albeit a little bit bold, but I have been shocked at how many of my outfits the colour actually works with! Strong purchase, I gotta say.

Accessorize | Norton Circle Bag: £20 | click for ze product

The t-shirt to cure my Parisian heartbreak 

This t-shirt encompasses two of my favourite things. The first is my obsession with a red and pink colour combo, and the second is my love of all things Parisian, and in turn French. Slogan t-shirts have been quite the trend for some time now, but I’ve never been one to buy into it, until I saw this Mango beauty.

Ever since I visited Paris for the first time in September, and even before I’d even set foot in the place, I knew the home of the Eiffel Tower would be my favourite city on the planet. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few countries, and whenever I’m on holiday I fall just a wee bit in love with my surroundings, but I have never visited another country and immediately felt like I wanted it to be my home. Ever since I left Paris after four wonderful days there, I have been itching to go back. And if I could bladdy afford it, I would move to Paris in a heartbeat.

So Paris love letter over, anything with a classic French slogan on it will have me wearing it. And the fact that it’s pink n red, too? It’s LOVE, Mango, it’s love.

Mango | T-shirt: £9.99 | click for ze product

The trousers that I’ve gone DOTTY for 

Oh my goodness me. These Topshop trousers are a DREAM. I might look like the inverse of a Dalmatian, and they’re not exactly subtle or wearable with every outfit, but they are AMAZING. I feel so very me, so very- for want of a better word, sassy- when I’m wearing these, and they’re incredibly leg lengthening. There’s nowt more to say about these, except that I’m madly in love with them.

Sadly these babies are outta stock 🙁 click for some similar beauties

It appears I’ve gone dotty for more dots (and more Topshop) 

Another Topshop dotty fave is this slip dress- which looks amazing layered with a turtleneck or t-shirt, and equally amazing and even sassier on its own. I wore this recently for a uni awards evening, when I also happened to have caught the flu, and although I felt like death, at least I looked slightly more alive. The spaghetti straps r adorable and I kinda get mini mouse vibes from the whole getup. It’s wonderful.

Topshop | Mini slip dress: £29 | click for ze link

Hi, Floachella 

I’m proud of that abbreviation- because dayummm I wanna be wearing this floaty beauty at Coachella right now. If only. Sigh. I really should get some better pics that do this top justice, because when I wore it down in Bristol a few weeks back, it was bladdy freezin’ and I had to wear a bladdy vest underneath- but worn on its own in sunnier climes, this top looks incred. And I feel like I should be floating around a field with this beauty on. Can a top make you happy? Bc this one does.

Topshop | Floral jacquard wrap top: £34 | click for ze link

And there ya have it, some of my fashion FAVES that I have somehow seemed to accumulate recently (sorry bank). I hope it’s given you some inspo and maybe somethin’ you’d like to purchase yoself- and I have just realised pretty much all of this was Topshop so pls, my fave brand, if ur listening- give ur biggest fan a spon ye?


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