Fashion’s Good Vibes Only

by Maddie
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Let’s discuss the transformative power of the right outfit. A sartorial chance to up your confidence game, it can shapeshift your persona: be that a sharp blazer girlboss, a sequin-clad festi-ready gal or the strictly chill vibes of a ripped pair of Mom jeans. And the look I’m going for this summer is something that I hope will filter right through to my mood, my behaviour, the memories I’ll make and also touch on my outlook on life: GOOD VIBES ONLY.

Fashion for me is an outward expression of my personality; a chance to show the world who I am when I might be a lil too nervy to personally shout about it. The right clothes have the ability to make you feel good, to show the world who you are and to bring a little more light into our lives.

he brings a lil light in 2 my lyf xxxx

And this summer, I want my clothes to be shouting: good vibes only. Why? Because 1) we all need some more positivity up in here, day to day 2) after a long, hard year at university, summer has some making up to do after all the stresses of the past few months and 3) because what better time of year is there to be expressing yourself as wackily, creatively and colourfully as possible than during the *hopefully* sunny months of summer?

As we’ve got another sunny bank holiday heading towards us this weekend, I thought I’d take some time today to type away about a ‘good vibes only’ outfit I ADORED wearing last bank holiday. The sun was shining, I was taking a weekend off revision in my favourite city, Bristol, and all was perfectly fine and dandy. And you know what elevated my mood even more? This lil wonder of an outfit.

This wrap dress from H&M (an absolute STEAL at £17.99) makes my lil heart v v happy. This sky blue wee number is layered with adorable white flowers, and ties at the waist, skimming over all ze right places and fitting like an absolute DREAM. It’s a bit o’ a v cut so isn’t exactly somethin’ to wear to the office or to pop to a lecture in, but on holiday, a weekend moochin’ around town or dressed up for a summer garden party is where this dress will be your savin’ grace. There’s nothing I adore more than this beauty: creating a silhouette that nips in at my waist and floats out makes me feel me best, the t-shirt dress vibes dress down something that might otherwise veer on the posh kinda side of the wardrobe, and it’s statement, yet can be worn in so many different ways- and for that, I am smitten.

nearly as smitten w this thing as i am w this dress xoxo

I paired the dress of summer dreams with these oh-so Willy Wonka, hey look at me, I’m a bug shades from Primark- which are freakin’ £1 people !! This !! Is !! Amazing !! And they’re practically dupes of those Saint Laurent sunglasses that were doin’ the rounds on all the fashion peeps last summer. Throw on my trusty Topshop sandals which I have had for flippin’ years, plus of course some socks to rock that ugly sock n shoe combo down to a tee, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer get-up that’ll put you in the best of moods when you pop it on. Good vibes only, here, people.

Not only is this get-up a classic example of why I want my summer fashion to be ‘good vibes only’, everywhere from the catwalks to high street faves are jumping on board for a summer of positivity. From Tom Ford to Marc Jacobs, and Gucci to Chanel, we’ve seen summer fashion laden with sequins. And on the high street, we’ve seen sequined tops paired with laidback denim cut-offs to get summer sparkling your way. Pastels have popped onto every fashion insider’s radar, whether that be pastel denim co-ords or mint green suits, and everyone is lovin’ it. There’s bold colours, fringing, smexy sheer and, of course, our good friend ruffles, all back bigger and better than ever. Fashion is having fun and we should be too.

And perhaps the most eccentric of all? Plastics. Seen at Isabel Marant, Topshop, Burberry and Fendi, plastic boots to clear plastic overcoats are hitting stores left right and centre. And this is probs the most positive trend, because we may be hit with a classic British downpour of a summer, but at least we can finally look fashionable whilst braving the storms. Good vibes only, pals.

So as I type, one week away from finally finishing my final exam of my entire education, and my second year of university, summer feels like this dreamy haze which is slooowly coming into focus. And when it gets here, I want to make sure I grab it by both hands this year; living and loving every single moment of a blissful three months off. There will be stresses: preparation to start my dissertation (gross), heading back to my part-time job (I’m lazy, I don’t wanna) and *hopefully* securing an internship for some of summer (absolutely terrifies me but I so so badly want it). However, I’m not going to let these stresses get in the way of makin’ the most of life. I might turn up to an internship terrified, nervy and wanting to vom, but at least my clothes will be havin’ fun, showing the world I mean business. And fashion, I salute you- your good vibes bring the best of us some much needed positivity.

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