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by Maddie
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Right, pals. We’re in that time of year where manic revision cramming and internship hunting is underway, and I’m a little bit (a lot) stressed. That’s why ya might have noticed I’ve been cutting down blog posts to once a week *cry*. So 1) I apologise for the delay in this post and 2) I wish we could rewind to 2 weeks ago, when my biggest stress was: ‘how exactly do I want my hair did?’. Oh, simpler times, pls come back to me.

So today, I’m going to be reminiscing about the time I got my hair did with Bad Apple Hair in Topshop, Bullring Birmingham 2 weeks ago – and I just NEED to tell you about this salon. If you’re thinking of switching up your hair, be sure to make Bad Apple your first port of call, people.

I’d been toying with the idea of doin’ something to switch up my hair for a while, but if I’m honest, I’d been a lil wuss about it. The history of my experimentation with my hair goes a little like this: I had a fringe and bob when I was a bub; then grew my hair loooong and got a middle parting (not a good look); then decided to get back to my safety zone of a fringe; got a pal to dip dye the ends when that was all the rage circa year 11; then decided to get it dyed a semi-perm purplish-brown at a friend’s mum’s circa year 12 (biggest mistake to date- no offence to the hairdresser, the colour was lovely, it just didn’t suit me); and then once that grew out we went to the comfortability of a fringe and lob again. So, as you can see, I’ve not exactly been your most extravagant hair-doer.

I admire (and envy) those gals that can pull off bright marshmallow pink hair, or those that can rock the sleekness of a grey ‘do, but I’m just too much of an indecisive human to ever take that much of a risk with my locks. So when I was offered the chance by Bad Apple to pop in and review the salon, I jumped at it.

Seeing as summer is coming up, I wanted to refresh my borin’ ol’ hair and inject some colour into me life. I’ve been dying to dye my hair a darker, chocolate brown, and I’ve always been jel of gals that naturally have darker brown hair, because I’d been sporting a mousey brown mop for my whole life. However, as a (sadly) poor student with little funds, and due to my indecisive, scaredy cat nature, I didn’t want to go too far from my comfort zone, and I wanted a new ‘do that required as little upkeep as possible. And that’s where the balayage came in.


The classy version of my awful dip dye from back in the day, balayage is allll the rage right now. Perfect for summery days, weaving a blonder, ashy shade throughout me hair and toning my roots to make them a wee bit darker did just the trick. Choppin’ my hair back to the lob and sortin’ out my messy af fringe sorted me right out. And I definitely feel like I’ve been given a new lease of life with this new haircut.

This blog post isn’t all about me me me and my new hair, though, because I wanted to take some time to introduce ya’ll to Bad Apple. The award-winning salon group has branches across the West Midlands, in Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Birmingham city centre, Lichfield and a new one has recently arrived on the top floor of Topshop in the Bullring. It absolutely baffles me when I told pals where I’d got my hair done and they had no scooby clues as to the fact that there’s a hairdressers in Topshop in the Bullring, but maybe seeing as I spend my life wasting my student loan in the shop, I might have had more of a clue than my pals. But, my friends, I’m done w people not knowing about this salon- and it’s time ya’ll knew about it.

I cannot rave enough about my experience at Bad Apple, just as I can’t rave enough about my new hair- so I thought I’d take some time to chat you through exactly why you should be transforming ya hair at Bad Apple asap:

10/10 for convenience 

Being based in Topshop in the Bullring, Bad Apple is the perfect location. You can really treat yourself on your trip to the hairdressers. A quick 10 minute train ride from my uni digs, I popped into Topshop, had a wee shop round before my appointment, and then popped on the escalator up to the top floor to be greeted by the Bad Apple team. An opportunity to transform your hair and your style in one swift afternoon? I am down for this kinda thing, thank you.

It’s not just a hair cut, it’s an experience 

I feel like not much typing needs to be done by me at this point – I’d rather let the pictures do the talking, just so you can see for yourself the kinda experience you’ll be greeted with when you step inside Bad Apple. There’s a suave coffee machine and drinks cooler on hand if you fancy a boost of energy- or a bev. The staff will gladly supply you with as many dranks as you fancy whilst you wait for the hair magic to do its thang. Equally on hand are complimentary magazines to leaf through, including the latest editions of Vogue, Elle and Tatler, which means you can leisurely relax in an afternoon of pampering.

The staff are the FRIENDLIEST, and hella talented 

I got my hair did by the mega talented and equally as lovely (by the bucket-load) John Macklin, Senior Stylist at Bad Apple. Prior to visiting Bad Apple, my experience of hair salons was via my local snips in the village, and the staff there I’ve known practically since I popped out the womb. My idea of any form of extensive time in a salon made me want to cringe in fear at the thought of trying to make forced small talk with a stylist who’s practically a stranger to me. However, my worries were put at ease as soon as I met John, and we chatted away for 4 hours (!!) about all thangs uni, blogging, fashion, music and, ofc, hair, and I just felt like I was having a chin wag with a friend. As I’ve just mentioned, the process of getting my hair completely top notch took 4 hours, but it definitely didn’t feel like that when I was at Bad Apple. The time flew by and I was absolutely amazed by John’s knowledge of all things hair, and his approachable personality.


DURING (chic look, no?)

It’s the perfect place to swot up on all things hair (if you know abso nowt, like I did) 

Another thing that worried me prior to setting foot in Bad Apple was my lack of knowledge about what would work well for my hair. I knew the kind of styles and colours I adore on others, but whether that would work for my own locks was another story. The perfect thing about the experience at Bad Apple was that I could talk through my ideas with John, admit I was absolutely hopeless as heck at even knowing remotely anything about hair (including how to get my bladdy parting straight) and John advised me on exactly what we could do to get my hair lookin’ perf, and didn’t judge my incompetency one lil bit. The rest of the staff I encountered at Bad Apple were so lovely, and they’re always doing their best to make every customer feel enveloped in a big Bad Apple, comforting hug.

me all smiley smiley after gettin’ ma hair did

The salon has got the nicest vibe – ever 

Take a look at the decor of this place: it’s effortlessly cool and stylish. Considering the space available for a salon in Topshop isn’t exactly the roomiest, Bad Apple has made sure this space is as inviting and chic as possible. The pink flamingo neon has my name written all over it, and the whole emerald green vibe (from the neon floor strip and the big screen that displays promotional vids to the comfy af sofas to lounge away on) is perfection. After I got my hair did, John snapped some professional pics of me using a v swanky ring light, which they do for every customer, to be in with a chance of being featured on Bad Apple’s social media. Bad Apple has professional, yet chilled vibes down to a freakin’ tee. And I love it.

So there we have it, pals. I hope you’ve loved having a lil insight into Bad Apple and everything they offer, and I’ll leave you with this: if you’re thinking of getting your hair did soon, however out there it seems or however indecisive you may be, head to Bad Apple and just take the plunge! You will not regret it.

imma one happy gally (thx Bad Apple)

And if you still need persuading? Look at this before and after of my hair. Seriously. Thank God I got it done.



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