Holiyay Outfit Diaries: THE Hunkemöller Dress

by Maddie
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This blog post marks the start of summer, which means not only sunshine, chilled times and many a fruity cider in a beer garden, but it also means hella more time to blog! Yay! Now that uni, exams, stress and internships are mainly out the way, I can dedicate a lot of time to getting this blog back goin’- properly, this time.`

Click the image to head to ze dress n grab ur own!!!!

So before we begin today’s post- let’s chat blogging schedules, shall we? My plan for bloggin’ is to have two posts a week going live, on Tuesdays and Thursdays! I want to carry on with all the usual kinda postings, from fashion and lifestyle, to travel and music – and I want to make sure that my posts are getting better!

I’ve got a couple of events in the pipeline and some collaborations (like today’s eeeee) too, and I want to make sure that this wee blog grows over the summer months into something I’m v v proud of!

As for the life update, I’ve JUST got back from a wonderful 10 days in Lanzarote. There were antics with my lovely boyfriend:

And lots of this:

Along with tons of this:

I managed to get shot a lot of content whilst out in the Canary Islands, so there’ll be a lot of fashion, lifestyle, travel and foodie goodness to come on the blog v v soon!

But without further ado, let’s chat today’s post: the beginning of a mini series on le ol’ blog. Holiyay Outfit Diaries!! Each week, imma share an outfit I wore on hol, chat about why it’s the perf summer getup and then babble on about how said outfit can be reworked for slightly less sunnier climes in the UK. Sound like a plan? Let’s crack on then, Stan.

Today’s outfit features the most beautiful, pair w beachy waves n ur a mermaid sea goddess kinda dress, that’s been kindly gifted to me by Netherlands’ big brand, Hunkemöller. This brand, founded in Amsterdam, has soon become the one stop shop for all things summer fashion, swimwear and smexy lingerie. With free delivery to the UK, clothing lines fronted by international models and currently a big sexy sale (with up to 50% off) it’s calling for a wee browse on the site in an instant.

Now, when I was kindly gifted the Doutzen Lace Tunic, fronted on the campaign by international Dutch model, Doutzen Kroes, I did a little gasp of ‘omg, it’s so beautiful’. Made entirely of lace, this dress fulfils all my boho, carefree, I’ll-see-you-at-Coachella, yes-under-the-palm-trees dreams. It just makes me so darn happy!

At just £40, this is such a versatile little thing, and you’re sure to wear it to death during the summer months. It looks great with a tan; you can wear it as a cute lil coverup on the beach; for a sophisticated evening out for drinks; even dress it down with a pair of white trainers for a summer’s day exploring.

And the attention to detail on the dress makes it worth the price tag even more. The criss-cross tie at the top of the dress adds to the laidback elegance; the sleeves flare out along with the hem of the dress, creating a beautiful floating silhouette. I feel like a beach fairy dancin’ in the sunshine- and who doesn’t want to feel like that?

For an evening of drinks and scrummy food out on holibobs, I paired the dress with my trusty, years old Topshop tan sandals. These babies have been faithful to me for many a year now, have the slight heel but are the COMFIEST shoes ever and accentuate a good ol’ tan. I wore a selection of my favourite rings: two from Pandora (gifts from the boyfriend) and the rest were actually acquired on trips a few years back to Lanzarote. As for my hair, I decided to bun it – and let some strands fall to frame my face, beachy waves in check. This look is perfectly done, yet perfectly undone, and I love everything about it. I just felt my best self.

And the best part about this outfit? A little white dress like this will never go out of fashion. We saw it on a baby-faced boho Vanessa Hudgens straight outta HSM, and she’s still rocking similar outfits to Coachella 10 years on. Every single summer season calls for laidback yet elegant styling like this, and you can count on your LWD to get you through the warmer months.

As for back in the UK? Go all out and rock this dress with sandals and beachy waves. If the weather doesn’t quite call for it, pop on some trusty trainers, a denim jacket, cover up and dress it down!

Thank you SO much to Hunkemöller for sending me this beauty – and thank you for reading. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to kickstart your inner mermaid beach goddess this summer!

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