Let’s Chat Summer Goals

by Maddie
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I’m writing this bright and early on a Thursday morning, when I’ve got a busy day in Bristol ahead of me. Could have left this post until tomorrow to write, but getting posts out consistently on Tuesdays and Thursdays is one of my summer goals, and I don’t want to fail in June, do I?

Aaaand what a segway into the post (lol). Today I thought I’d do a little round-up of all my summer goals, because I have me quite a few, and it’s good to look back in a few months and see how much I achieved. Now I feel like your instant reaction might be, ‘gal, you’ve had a busy year at uni- why set summer goals for yourself?! Just chillax a little’- and I know that’s the exact reaction my mumma would give me, but summer goals are v important for me.

I usually feel that when the uni year comes to a close, I can find myself feeling a little down and like I don’t know what to do with myself. The whole year has been gogogo, stress stress stress, and then all of a sudden, everything just stops?! It can feel a little anticlimactic and very, very strange.

I’m someone that hates lying in, I hate feeling lazy and I love to be on the go as much as possible, so unless I’m on holiyay with the intent of doing abso nowt, day-to-day I can feel a little bit lost without anything to be working towards. So to save myself from the natural low of uni ending and no prospects for summer, I thought I’d set myself some summer goals for the next few months ahead. And if any of you guys are doing the same, please let me know because we can work towards our goals together! So let’s get a’crackin’ shall we?

Blog blog blog 

As I just mentioned, my plan this summer is to blog consistently, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I’m at uni, piling workloads crop up and it can be incredibly difficult to stick to a schedule blogging-wise, and often I’ll just post once a week when I can manage it. But now I’m free for summer, I’m determined to stick to this schedule. It’s just so much more professional, there’s regular content to chat about on social media, and hopefully some people might want to have a read!

Since I really started putting my blog out there this year, I’ve managed to get a few opportunities for my website, and that’s really exciting! It’s made me realise that you really don’t need to have a massive following in the whole blogging industry malarkey to make a small lil stamp on it! And that’s given me even more drive to get cracking over summer, learn more about this blogging thing and try and work out all the wizadry most bloggers are good at with algorithms, affiliate links and all that jazz. Because at the moment, I don’t monetize my blog, because I absolutely just love doing it, but if I could earn the smallest bit of dolla in third year, that would really help me as a poor wee student!

Here’s a lil pipedream: do some music stuffs 

Right, flashback a few years ago to year 11 and I was hellbent on pursuing a career in music. I was determined to go to university and study music, whilst busking my way to a small role in the industry. However, I lost all that once I decided to instead pursue journalism and head to uni to study English and Creative Writing.

And since uni reared its ugly head, my brain’s been full of stress, essays, deadlines and internships which has meant everything I loved about music went on the backburner. I’ve still written about music on my blog, interviewing musicians, writing gig reviews and working with music PRs, but everything else I loved doing with music has kinda disappeared from me life. Performing, writing music, even making regular Spotify playlists- all have left meh.

Therefore, this summer I really reeeeally want to get back on it with music. I used to be so on top of the new releases, the best bands that should be on everyone’s radar and collecting vinyls and jammin’ to Spotify playlists used to be my thing. I also used to practice at a recording studio with a band, and my dream was to start doing open mics. So, I’m vowing to at least get a head start on getting back into music this summer. I want to sit back at my piano again, force myself to do an open mic and maybe even record some original tracks to put on Soundcloud. Let’s start that thang back up again. I 100% feel like this one goal encompasses about 3: begin piano again, record some stuffs and force myself to perform live, but the more goals the merrier, eh?

Spend some quality time with pals and fam

It makes me real sad that I’ve had to spend more time at uni this year instead of with family back at home. Work loads have been tricky to juggle, so I’ve had to stay in the library instead of popping home for a weekend to see the fam. So this summer I really want to make the most of being at home and being able to see my family, as well as my boyfriend and home pals. I’ve got some quality time with my sister lined up, as we’re heading to British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park to see Bruno Mars together (will be amaze) and I’ve got my mumma’s birthday to look forward to. It’s so important to cherish the time spent with loved ones and this summer I will make sure to make up the time I’ve lost being at uni.

Maaaaybe get some work experience??? 

I’ve got some exciting stuffs *hopefully* in the pipeline for later this month, and also for a bit farther in the future around winter time – she says, fingers crossed. But I’m still in two minds about whether to use my summer wisely and get some work experience in the bank over these next couple of months. I’ve interned all year alongside university, first at British American Media and then at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, so I’m aware I’ve got a good variety of experience to put on my CV and it would be really nice to have a bit of a rest for a change over summer to prepare for a v stressful third year, however I’m someone that always wants to be prepared and busy. So let’s watch this space, and see if an indecisive Maddie plucks up the courage to apply for an internship, shall we?

R E A D 

One thing I am MAJORLY looking forward to over the next few months is being able to READ. I know this sounds ridiculous, but when you do an English degree, you are constantly reading- but you’re reading books you particularly wouldn’t choose to read for leisure. And then when you do have a lil free time, you don’t really want to read because you’ve already done a ton of reading and to be quite frank, you’re fed up of it. So this next week, I’m going to treat myself to some new books, the kinda books that I want to be reading on hol, and then when I pop on holibobs in a week or so, I’m going to read the heck outta them. And I can’t wait. Poolside, book in hand, abso BLISS.

Listen to my lil brain more

My lil brain. It’s had a lotta stress over the last couple years. I still feel incredibly upset after having lost my Dad two years ago, and I know that it’s understandable, but I do want to try and sort my feelings out a little after this grief. It’s been really hard, and I’ve found that I’ve now got to a stage where I can go a few weeks without getting incredibly upset, but then when the wave of sadness does come, it’s stronger than ever before. And I want to learn to control this sadness I feel so it doesn’t explode out of me worse than ever before. I want to acknowledge my feelings, really sit with how I feel and work through the complex emotions I’ve been feeling for the last two years. It’s tricky, and I haven’t been able to sort it whilst my brain’s been occupied with all things university, but now summer’s here and I do have time to relax it’s time to listen to my lil brain and work out how I feel.

How do u feel about a podcast? 

This is probably the lesser of my goals, as this is just an idea and if I don’t accomplish this goal this summer, I won’t mind. Because les be honest, it’s unrealistic to force yourself to achieve every mahoosive thing you pop on your wishlist. And also, I’ll need to purchase some recording equipment first, and I’m a poor wee student, so the funds may not be available! But I’d love to start a podcast. I’ve adored doing radio, volunteering at a local hospital and now at Burn FM, and I’d love a space to link to my blog, a radio space to chat about whatever topics I’m passionate about. And this is definitely something I’m going to look into this summer fo sure!

Prep for 3rd year (ew) 

This is more of a necessity rather than a goal I’m passionate about achieving (lol). But I know that in the long run 21-year-old Maddie will be thanking 20-year-old Maddie for the effort she put in pre-3rd year. My last year of university is going to be hellish, I know that now, and it’s so important that I do everything I can to prepare for it beforehand. So I’m going to read allll of the books I’ll be set, and I’m going to brainstorm for my dissertation waaaaay in advance. Because it’ll save me some soul-crushing stress.

Explooore as much as I can !! 

I LOVE travelling and getting to see new places. And that’s what I plan to do as much as possible over summer. Myself and my boyfriend are jetting off on holibobs in a week, to explore the Canary Islands once again. Next, I’m heading to London with my sister to explore one of my favourite cities again. I’ll spend a week in Wales with my family and then another few days in Cornwall with my boyfriend’s family. And hopefully, if we have enough funds, myself and my boyfriend will be heading potentially to either Paris or Italy in September!! Watch dis spaaaace!!

Aaaaaand relax 

This is my main goal this summer. We don’t do enough of it, people. Peace owt xoxo

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