Seein’ in the Royal Wedding with This Morning Live

by Maddie
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Imma flash back to two weeks ago for today’s post: because 2 weeks ago felt like my freakin’ lucky week. The weather wasn’t too shabby (which ups my mood by approx 1,000) a question came up in my exam that I’d already memorized a whole answer on (I ended up just regurgitating my answer from memory- no effort needed except one achin’ hand after scribbling away for 2 hours) and ya gal managed to bag herself four complimentary tickets to This Morning Live at the NEC in Birmingham. Not bad, eh?

I managed to win a set of two tickets from none other than Kia, the car manufacturer. Then also came my way a lovely package from one of my favourite fashion brands, Neon Rose, filled with clothing goodies and another two tickets to This Morning Live. So not only did I get myself a free day out after my exam ended, I got to watch the Royal Wedding along with hundreds of lovely people, my pals, Gok Wan and Rylan at This Morning Live. And what a day it was.

Lemme discuss the highlights, and in doin’ so, persuade ya’ll to get yo bums to This Morning Live when Schofield and Willoughby are back in Brum next year:

Giggles on the Main Stage 

I’ve got to tell you something: Gok Wan and Rylan are flippin’ hilarious together. I’ve always been a bit of a low-key Gok Wan fangirl, having getting my first proper insight into personal style and how the right outfit can transform you through the likes of his programmes and Trinny and Susannah’s. However, one guy I just didn’t rate whatsoever was Rylan. Being the joke act on a long lost series of The X Factor and soon after getting his paws on a presenting slot with This Morning, I just didn’t think he’d be any good, if I’m honest. Yet I was totally proven wrong. Both Gok and Rylan had me and the rest of the crowd in stitches with their hilarious commentary on everything from summer’s biggest trends, to attempting to work out what guests at the Royal Wedding were really saying. The best part of the day was sitting at the main stage and listening away to the presenters having a good natter; they’d stepped from our TV screens to have a chat with us, and it was rather entertaining.

Shoppin’ away with the likes of Neon Rose, Oasis and Dorothy Perkins

This Morning Live really is like no other experience, because it’s basically just very odd. You’ve got stages dotted around the venue, to go and have a listen to the presenters having chinwags, but then the rest of the exhibition space is filled with the most random of stalls with brands trying to, basically, sell ya stuff. Most of these stalls felt very uninspiring for myself, but I’m fully aware that I’m just a wee 20-year-old, so don’t have the necessary means to buy a new set of garden chairs, or invest in some practical yet baffling kitchen utensils: I feel like This Morning Live mainly caters to mums and at least young professionals with their own homes. However, I did find some golden nuggets whilst wandering around the mahoosive exhibition hall, and it came in the form of fashhun- because why of course wouldn’t it?! You could shop away with the likes of Neon Rose (abso fave) Oasis and Dorothy Perkins, to name a couple. Oasis even had a literal LA-film-style trailer full of their latest fashionable offerings. And this was the saving grace of the day.

Learning about some causes worth supporting 

Another brilliant thing I stumbled across at This Morning Live was the charities who had their own pop-up stands to educate visitors on some very worthwhile causes. I got to pet a little Guide Doggo, find out about all the amazing work the charity does to support blind people and I learnt all about the adoption process and how as little as the money for a cup of coffee can really help to get a doggo trained for his owner.

Checkin’ out what the NEC has to offer 

Now the NEC is amazing. Not only does it have Birmingham International train station next door so ya can pop back on a train to the city centre when you’re done exploring, but the NEC is also home to the Genting Arena, where some of the best musicians perform on the reg, and there’s this shocker of a beautiful place: Resorts World. An outlet shopping centre, where you can buy everything from Levi’s to Vans suuuper cheap, and there’s plenty of faaancy shmancy restaurants to keep you going when you get a lil peckish. And that’s wonderful. We dined at the good ol’ Nando’s – and looked out to a beautiful view of the Resorts World lake.

A good day was had by all me thinks. A big thank you to both Kia and Neon Rose for being able to send myself, my boyfriend and two of my friends on a laaavely little double date- it was a fabulous day trip out!


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