Holiyay Outfit Diaries: Maddie in an LBD?!

by Maddie
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Evenin’. Today imma discuss two fashion fears of mine: wearing black, and dressing for occasions. Scary stuffs, I know.

She’s in black?! Wot

Lemme explain. When I dress, I’m usually v much a girl’s girl: when I was a lil bean, I remember enviously gawping at Vanessa Hudgens’ fresh outta HSM, boho looks. Summer is my favourite season to style up outfits for, just because it makes me hella happy. Floating fabrics, dainty dresses and undone curls are where it’s at for me, and if I could dress like that all year round, I’d be one happy lil sunflower.

So I’ve got my comfort zone. Two things that are out of that comfort zone: wearing black, and dressing for occasions. Colour makes me happy; black makes me feel not meself. I’ll happily dress up with a floatin’ maxi and some colour block heels, but throw me into a ‘let’s go out out’ situation/cocktail dress for a fancypants evening out, and I’m ready to run a mile in the other direction. Pronto.

And this is purely why today’s portion of the Holiyay Outfit Diaries series may come as quite a shocker to you guys reading, and more of a shocker to myself. I’ve gone and purchased an LBD. It’s black, and it’s faaaancy. Fears faced: head on.

The verdict? I abso freakin’ love it! Why the heck have I been avoiding LBD’s for the first 20 years of my existence?!

This lil £25 (!!) baby hails from our no. 1: Asos, and my goodness me, isn’t it a flattering lil thing?!? The best part about this beautiful dress is that it treads the line between form skimming, and becoming a skintight bodycon- it’s just perfect for every shape n size.

Personally, I avoid bodycon dresses like they’re the plague, but I’ve found with this beauty that stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while does wonders for that ol’ confidence. I feel slim, classy, elegant and all those good adjectives we wanna feel when we’re thrust into the world of networking, chatting and partying (with people u barely know) at a special occasion.

Made a friend x

Friend didn’t wanna be my friend x

For an evening at a beeeautiful restaurant that was v much out of mine and Sam’s student-budget league, I wore the LBD of my dreams with my (fake from a Lanzarote market but no 1 needs 2 know dat) Prada bag and trusty ol’ Topshop tan sandals. I fully could have gone all out and whacked out some killer heels and a few jewels to take the dress from fancy scale 1 to fancy scale 1,000, but lil old Mad stuck to her comfort zone and dressed it down just a little. When I style this up again in the UK, I’m definitely going to make more of an effort with my hair- maybe a wavy up ‘do to offset the elegant vibes of the dress perfectly- but ya know, I was on hol, I couldn’t be bothered and all that jazz.

Hi, friend, I see u x

One thing I’ve found in recent years is that I am definitely a v statement kinda fashion gal. I get drawn in by trends, statement pieces and jazzy patterns, but that means I’m often left with one-off pieces that I can’t exactly rework for many outfits. I avoid plain clothing like it is, again, the plague. Which means that purchasing this dress was, again, totally out of my comfort zone. But looking back at the pics now, my head is already buzzing with new ways I can wear this dress- and that’s why plainer staples are a must-have for any wardrobe.

The tortoiseshell buttons throughout the dress compliment a tan perfectly, dressing down the linen and adding a vintage touch. The dress skims the body in all the right places and lands just above the knee. Me, being a short lil thing, would definitely prefer the dress to be a wee bit shorter, but I’ve found that actually the cut makes what is quite a booby dress for moi look classier for a fancy evening. Maybe if you’re not a short arse like myself, you’ll find the length is perfectimundo.

And my only criticism of this outfit: watch ya boobs. The sweetheart neckline is stunning, showing off ya décolletage and the sleeves can be worn bardot-style or on the shoulders to create an 80’s shoulder-pad twist, but just for goodness sake, get someone on button duty during the evening. If you’re graced with the gift of smaller boobs, u don’t have to worry, but for those of us that are a wee bit bustier, get someone to watch the button doesn’t gape open. You’ll thank urself later on in the eve. Petition for clothing brands to create different sized tops/dresses to cater for ze boob area. Who’s up for signing?

Pop the sleeves up and u can call this look ’80’s businesswoman on a mission’ – ur welcome x

My £1 Primark glasses broke *cries* – pls ignore the breakage thank u x

Later that evening, in between getting my boyfriend to check if the dress had puckered open or not (kill me now), we sat at a beautiful restaurant, watched the sun set over the sea, and giggled every time the fancypants waiters came over to pour the fancypants bottle of wine that we really shouldn’t have bought with our dwindling euros. Asos, thank u for makin’ me feel classy, elegant, sassy n (this a big one) confident for a beautiful evening on my holibobs. If you’re on the lookout for a new dress this summer, let this b your investment!

Pls click here to head to the dress !!


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