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by Maddie
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‘Iya! Here’s lil me- beggin’ for a few mins of your time on this sunny July beauty of a day, to have a read of the ol’ blog. Stop sippin’ that fruity cider, fire up the BBQ just after this- we got something to chat about.

In this beautiful weather us British moaners are generally in a sunnier mood, smilin’ away at the sunshine. Although I can guarantee, there’ll be plenty of us moaning that this unusual sunny spell is just a lil bit too hot for us in the UK- and to that I say can we ever bladdy win?! We’re negative Nancys’ when the weather is awful, and we’re negative Nancys’ when it’s beaut. And in general, humans are just a wee bit negative, aren’t we? We always moan about trivial things- we’ve got a delayed train by 20 mins; our high expectations aren’t givin’ us the goods on Tinder; we all collectively hop on Twitter to start the anger train on the latest love rat on Love Island.

The long and short of it is that humans have a habit of moanin’ bout things, being grumps about day-to-day life and sippin’ that half empty glass. But, imma tellin’ ya now on this sunny afternoon: have a listen to this song to banish all those bad moods.

Introducing: NIXO. The ‘Bad Thoughts’ singer-songwriter from London is on a mission to get us on the positivity hype. On his inspiration behind his RnB-fuelled, inspo-laden new track, he says: “Sometimes it’s difficult not to become absorbed by negative thoughts. We can all become overwhelmed by discouragement, loneliness, and pain from the struggles of daily life. We all have those moments when we crash and life becomes black and white and despair takes over.”

“No escape, the fire is fuelled by destructive and negative thinking and we sink to our lowest self. Like my lyrics say: ‘Down in the depths, heart empty nothing left.'”

“I could only count on myself and my strength to pull through, which is symbolised by my new single “Bad Thoughts.'”

“We all have these daily battles and we all have the strength to come out the other side fighting and stronger than before.”

He speaks the truth, NIXO does. And the song does even more talkin’.

Opening with a pop-laced electronic beat reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s ‘Are You Ready For It?’, ‘Bad Thoughts’ has a similar, ‘get yo act together’ vibe. The RnB/pop hybrid works wonders for this song, complimenting the inspirational message of forgetting the bad, #noregrets and moving on. And as for the man himself, NIXO’s vocals are akin to Years and Years, or good ol’ Craig David- and his range is insane. Just have a listen to see for yoself!

Smooth, straight-talking and catchy catchy catchy, NIXO is someone to watch out for. Now crack open a cold one, char-grill a burger and lap up that sunshine- positivity in check!

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