Introducing: Buck LDN

Introducing: Buck LDN

Dis be one for the rap fans today, ya’ll! Also, it’s v much one for those that are missing the warmer climes (aka me; SAD is not the one). Type ‘All For You’ by Buck LDN into YouTube and you’ll be met with major Iyaz ‘Replay’ vibes. I caught up with rapper, Buck LDN, after the release of his single, ‘All For You’, and we had a lil quickfire interview situation goin’ on. We chatted everything from dream musical collaborations, to finding release from difficult times through music.

If you’re lookin’ for a lil quick Tuesday read, and you’re interested in finding new music, look no further, people!

Maddie: Why did you decide to collab with Raheem Bakare on your new single, ‘All For You’?

Buck: He is a friend of mine, he has an amazing voice and I just thought he would be perfect for the song.

“Whenever I feel like releasing, I just write or go to the studio”

M: People often stumble across their greatest passions whilst trying to find an escape from their hardest times. How did you get into rapping, did you use it as a therapeutic method to get through difficult times and is this something you still utilise today?

B: Yeah of course! It’s my passion, so whenever I feel like releasing, I just write or go to the studio. I think it will always be like that for me, as well as being a job.

M: Give me your top 5 musical inspirations!

B: Lil Wayne, because of his hard work and versatility. Jay-Z, because I think he’s the best rapper ever. Drake, because he’s all hits and no misses! Future, because I had a period where he was the only artist I was listening to, and I think he’s a very hard worker. And for number five, I don’t have one!

Buck on his music videos: it’s all his direction, “down to even the editing and grading”

M: Give me the inspiration behind ‘All For You’.

B: It was just the vibe of the beat I went off! I create music using my imagination.

M: What do you want your listeners to feel when they listen to your music?

B: It does depend on the song and the mood it it! I just want them to always enjoy it.

Buck on who his dream collab would be with: “Jay-Z!!!!”

M: How much creative control do you get on your music videos- particularly the video for ‘All For You’?

B: All of it was literally our own ideas and direction for the video, down to even the editing and grading.

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It is what it should be 💯

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M: What’s the most important part of a track for you? Is it the lyrics, the beat, or something else?

B: The structure of the song is important to me.

Buck wrote his first song at the age of 10!

M: If you could collab with one artist, living or dead, who would it be?

B: Jay-Z!!!!

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Going wherever we like 👑

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M: When did you write your first ever song?

B: I can’t really remember, really. I think it was maybe when I was about 10-11 years old!

Buck’s dreams for 2019: “I want to be known more musically, internationally”

M: Where do you see yourself in 2019?

B: I’d hope for a larger fan base, I want to be known more musically- not just in the UK, but more internationally, too!

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If ya fancy, check out Buck and make his new year’s wish a reality!


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