Brum’s Essential Date Night Venue – @pizza

by Maddie

(A wee note: this was kindly a gifted experience thanks to the people over at Liquid PR – thank u v much for the opportunity. #ad #gifted #andallthatjazz)

If there’s one thing me n my boyfriend bond over (amongst many others, ofc) it’s food lol. Which food, exactly? Anything ya wanna put near our gobs, but particularly pizza. Which is why I was insanely excited to try out @pizza the other week, Brum’s newest restaurant addition to Grand Central. And can I for one just tell u, it made for the perfect date ~Β andΒ the perfect pizza.

It’s Saturday 9th March and we’re actually in a mega ol’ rush. Having spent the morn packing, we’ve got a day of travelling ahead via the good ol’ National Express bus down to Bristol for the weekend, where my boyfriend is at university. But first things first: a lil trip to @pizza.

Nestled amongst firm faves such as Holy Moly (the Mac n Cheese restaurant), Ed’s Diner and Nando’s, this new addition to Grand Central certainly had some competition to live up to. Arriving at the restaurant, we’re greeted with a slick, chic decor (v minimalist vibes goin’ on) and the friendliest waiting staff I’ve encountered- they call themselves ‘the pack’. Showing us to our table, the waiter shakes our hands, presents us menus and practically demands we try absolutely everything off the menu.

And the most exciting thing about this place is it takes just 90 seconds to cook yo pizza, thanks to a snazzy hi-tech pizza oven that fires up the dough. It takes longer to peruse the menu than it does to wait for your meal – with over 64,000 combinations of toppings in this place, you can be sure to create your own unique ‘za. Honestly, it’s heavenly. There are options of pre-made pizza combos, or you can literally choose from all manner of toppings to create your own.

[For reference: I chose the Boombastic, which consists of barbecue sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, pineapple (yes I’m one of those don’t judge) grilled red onion, sweetcorn, roast chicken and Gran Moravia cheese. Sam went for some crazy combination of his own, but it basically included all the meats you can have off the menu, and for those of you that are also meat lovers, there’s a lot].

One thing that strikes me about @pizza is that they have some amazing veggie, vegan and gluten free options, which I know is often hard to come by. So as we choose our pizzas, we head up to the counter, where we meet ‘the pack’ in all their glory. Explaining our choices, the pack get to work making our pizzas. All the ingredients are laid out across the counter and everything from the salads to the meat looks the very best quality. Once you watch your pizza being prepped across the counter, it moves towards the snazzy ass oven. Wait 90 seconds, and yo pizza is DONE.

In the *minute* wait, we pick our drinks – which are refillable, btw. I went for Mango & Blood Orange soda: a dream. Before you know it, the pizzas are done. Next, you greet a member of the pack who have yo pizzas all ready, and you get to choose what finishings you’d like on your pizza. And just to give you an idea of all the potential scrummy combinations you can try, here’s the extensive list of JUST the finishing toppings available: wild rocket, fresh basil, Kalamata olives, Pepperoni Lombardi, sun dried tomatoes, garlic oil, chilli oil, caesar dressing, balsamic glaze, barbecue sauce, pesto basilico genovese DOP, Siracha sauce, feta cheese, Clawsons blue stilton, Gran Moravia cheese, oregano, rosemary and FINALLY chilli flakes. And that’s the finishing toppings alone. I chose to go with a bit o’ rosemary, whilst Sam had some balsamic and feta cheese. YAS.

So, we sit down to eat. And the pizzas honestly, genuinely taste incredible. Thanks to the fluffy, thin sourdough base and fresh ingredients, this feels less like an indulgence and more like a decent, healthy meal WHAT. It was just so, so good. The pizzas are hand stretched out to just the right size to leave a lil space for dessert, and this is exactly where me and Sam moved onto next.

So, there’s a mix of dessert pizzas (I hear ur heart goin’ for them) and sundaes to feast upon, and we went for one heck of a dessert pizza to share: The Trunchball. Consisting of sweet ricotta, raspberry coulis, chocolate brownie, crushed hazelnuts, chocolate sauce, icing sugar, mascarpone and topped off with chocolate flakes. It was as dreamy as it sounds, lemme tell ya that. HEAVEN.

@pizza really is a dream and with prices starting at just Β£5.95 for the lunch deal, it’s purse-friendly, too. The restaurant is a firm favourite up in Scotland, in Edinburgh city centre, and now it’s found its way to Birmingham. I know I’ll be back for my pizza fix, very very soon.

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Nati Macchiato 24th March 2019 - 8:35 am

okay soooo this place looks INCREDIBLE ! I’m definitely going to be heading there soon to check it out for myself ! so many gorgeous shots here, too – I adore your tshirt !

have an awesome Sunday, lovely !

Nati x |

Maddie 27th March 2019 - 9:54 am

heheee it was soooo good – yo gotta get yoself down there pal! Thank u thank u xxx


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