About Moi

by Maddie

Hiya, pals.

Hi it meeeee

I’ve been bloggin’ away on-and-off since November 2016. At the start, of 2020, I had a big ol’ redesign to encompass who I am at this stage of my life. So, hello there! I’m Maddie, I’m a full-time Marketing Assistant, freelance writer and sub-editor and my all-time dream is to become a full-time writer and journalist – so primarily, this blog was started as a space to freely get writing away more. I’ve recently moved to my favourite place in the world, Bristol, and I adore this city. I love writing about taboo-esque topics, to break down society’s bullsh*t, I adore style and the power of expressing your personality through how you dress and I like throwing in the odd travel or music post in here and there!

So, this is where we’re at. You’ll find just four sections to the blog:

  • ‘Life’. All things lifestyle, travel, life updates and more.
  • ‘Style’. This is not to be confused with fashion, fast fashion, or the ‘wear-this-once-and-then-bin-it’ culture. I want this blog to promote re-wearing, revitalising your wardrobe by wearing what you already own in a new way, and being a little better on the shopping front for our environment. I’m by no means the best at this, but I’m trying to be better, hence why ‘Style’ feels like the right kinda vibe for me.
  • ‘Music’. I love my music, as you may already know. I’ve interviewed the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Nina Nesbitt, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Deaf Havana. You can find all these oldie but goldies still in my ‘Music’ section, but I’m hoping to get cracking on some new stuffs soon!
  • ‘Hey, Boo’. The reason why I adore writing is because it can evoke change and challenge people’s thoughts. I’m passionate about writing about topics people may class as ‘taboo’: such as grief and *honest* chats about mental health. I want this blog to be a space that challenges preconceived notions in society, in an inclusive, supportive way. That’s why imma sayin’ ‘Hey, Boo’ to u !

As always has been, you can follow me across the socials of social media. My Instagram and Twitter handles are both @maddiemae_xo – which is convenient for remembering them, yet shows my lack of originality to think of a better name. Ur welcome. xo

As I’ve touched on, I’ve JUST moved to Bristol with my boyfriend (crazy, I know) and am having a ‘year off’ or a semi-‘break’ to work as a Marketing Assistant, before perhaps trying to achieve my all-time dream of working in journalism one day. I also write in my spare time for some odd freelance projects. Other noteworthy things to know about me? I also want to be a sausage dog mama. So if anyone fancies buying/stealing me a lil sausage doggo, there’s a great home for it here in Brizzle. 😛

You can usually expect blog posts on here twice a week: on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Thank you so much for those of you that read me lil blog on the reg – I really do appreciate it as creating and maintaining this wee website is a big ol’ passion of mine!