Battle of the Jumpers: Keepin’ Cosy this Winter

by Maddie

It takes a lot for a jumper to please me. Frankly, jumpers usually just annoy me. You know when you walk out the house into the biting cold and you’re ever so thankful you put on that winter jumper, but then you get inside again and you’re sweltering? Or when you buy a jumper in the hope that it’ll be super soft to wear, and then you sadly find out after the first wear that it actually just really bladdy itches? Or when a baggy jumper makes you look 15 sizes bigger than you actually are? It frustrates me no end. Not exactly the end of the world, I know, but I thought I’d compile together a few of me favourite jumpers I’ve picked up over the years, with some ideas on how to style them for this Winter’s trends. Not interested in the post? Just look at the hilarious pictures of me attempting to pose. It’ll give you a lil chuckle.

The Jumper-Dungarees Combo

Jumper: Primark ~ Dungarees: Topshop ~ Boots: River Island

This look is perfectly on trend with the leopard-print jumper and adds a bit of an edge to an otherwise cutesy outfit with the dungarees. I bet most of you already own some of these Topshop dungarees anyway, what with last Autumn they being a mahoosive trend in their own right, with everyone popping into their local Topshop to grab this festive corduroy number. Dress it down with flats or go for a more finished look with these heeled boots from River Island. Laaavely.

When u coordinate ur outfit to the plant pots



Just foolin’ around ya know


I just can’t take a decent photo


I’m done.

The Classic Jumper Dress


Jumper: Topshop ~ Boots: River Island

I love the versatility with this trend, because if you invest in a jumper that’s dress-length, you can also pair it with jeans for a chilled-out look. For someone as tiny as me, I team the jumper with the heeled boots, in order to give me some height, because of that I am lacking. Terribly.


Nat even uses a low angle shot when she photographs me, just so that I don’t look 5″ lol



Here’s my hands for you


I look like I’m freezing. That’s because I am freezing. Be sure to actually wear a coat guys.

You also got the CHEAPER jumper dress (hurrah)


Jumper: Primark ~ Boots: River Island

This is brill this one. I picked this beauty up from Primark for around the £10 mark – a lot more bank balance-friendly than the £50 Topshop version. This is a lot cosier to wear as well, and you know by now that I ain’t no fan of those itchy jumpers.


This is all v serious for someone who’s found a cheaper jumper – I should look happier than this


Rings: Pandora ~ also, don’t mind me in the kitchen lol ~ truth be told, it got v cold outside and I wanted to be all toasty in the warm so got lazy and stayed inside, pls forgive

The Novelty Jumper

Jumper & Belt: H&M ~ Jeans: Topshop ~ Shoes (pictured later): Topshop

Who doesn’t love a good pineapple, eh? This jumper brightens up my mood on freezing cold days in Winter. Substitute this jumper for any kind of novelty- with Christmas approaching, whack out the most garish festive jumper as possible. Team it with some cosy MOM jeans and you’re good to go.


Just me with me pal


I’m not sure what exactly my right hand is doing



Ze Turtleneck


Jumper & Shorts: H&M ~ Boots: River Island

I feel like there’s something v festive about this look- and it’s not just because I’m standing next to a Chrimbo tree. These shorts are just something you couldn’t get away with wearing in Summer due to their Autumnal colours and flower print and teamed with this cute little turtleneck you’ve got your perfect Winter’s outfit.


No idea what I’m looking at





The Pastels Option


Jumper: H&M ~ Trousers: River Island ~ cropped out me face because it did noooot look good

The whole pastel trend is key right now and I love it because it adds something a little more girly to your otherwise basic jumper and jeans combo. This would work perfectly when the weather gets slightly warmer as well, so this piece is transitional through the seasons, which is great when ya on a budget. On a side note, I am OBSESSED with these trousers from River Island, utterly obsessed. I met Tanya Burr a couple of months back, she said she loved the trousers and then proceeded to go and purchase a pair for herself. That is my claim to fame. So if these are good enough for Tanya, they’re bladdy good enough for us.

Nat’s doggy is frigging ADORABLE, like srsly


Don’t mind me, imma j’cin’

I hope this has given you a few lil ideas on how to style ya jumpers for this season, because let’s be honest, you can’t get by in the UK without a few staple jumpers in your wardrobe, or you will ultimately be at risk of pneumonia during these bladdy freezing months. Stay safe kids, wear a jumper.

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