YAS to Festival Season: The Shakers’ ‘Banana Tsunami’ Single Review

by Maddie
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Before I begin, a lil apology comes from me, especially to you. Right now, lil old mads is in the thick of revision, last minute assignments and exams. Therefore, I’ve kinda been slackin’ on the ol’ blog front. It makes me a tad sad, because I love posting every week- I’m really passionate about this blog and it gives me a bit of a break from the mundane, disgusting reality of university essays. However, these exams are important and I probably should be devoting all my time to getting a good grade at the moment. So, I’m not sure how frequent my posts will be for the next month or so, but I will post when I can.

Two exciting things, though:

  1. As of 2nd June, I will be finished for one long, glorious summer. I’ve got some v exciting trips away planned, so I can FINALLY create the travel content I’ve been dying to, plus I’ll be able to spend the time really focusing on growing this blog, getting the best content out, more than once a week. YAS!
  2. Today’s post is worth the wait, I can assure you. You may remember a few weeks back I did a lil interview with guitarist, George, from indie funk-rock┬áband, The Shakers. It was a crackin’ interview. They’re a crackin’ band, with some crackin’ songs. Today’s post is a sneaky lil review of their first single from their NEW EP. Double YAS!

Let’s get down to it!

Forget revision and exams; cast your mind forwards, to more carefree days. You’re stood in a packed field, surrounded by your best mates, swaying along to the kind of indie music that has become eponymous with festivals, summer and happy, happy times. You’ve had yourself a few ciders, you’re wearing more crochet than a nan could knit in a solid few months, heck, you’ve even become best pals with the people in front of you that were just a few hours back┬ácomplete strangers. Life is fine and dandy.

*dances to the music*

Sadly, that definitely isn’t the reality right now for many of us poor sods. Why can’t I afford Coachella, WHY? *cries*

However, the final push is in sight and soon summer will be not on the horizon, but glaring down at us from 20 degree sunshine. And today, I want to propose something to you: if you need a reminder of good things to come, something to get you through the exam slog, then the new track from The Shakers will do just that.


Banana Tsunami brings a tidal wave of festival memories back to me. Still retaining that 60’s rock ‘n’ roll nostalgia that encapsulates that Shakers vibe, Banana Tsunami’s funk, punchy┬ábass and keys┬ástep up The Shakers’ game, transporting them straight to the festival stage.

An albeit rather ambiguous title, Banana Tsunami actually has a pretty important message. The band explained that the song is something they’ve been wanting to write about for a long time. “The song explores the idea that in modern society sexual attitudes sell no matter what they endorse, and how that idea has undeniably filtered down into culture and into the way that the world acts and presents itself.”

So, not only a sunshine saturated, feel-good track, The Shakers have explored a topic that is hugely prevalent in society, yet actually not really discussed by other musicians.

Next time you’re sat holed up in your uni room, contemplating literally giving up, pop on Banana Tsunami and remember the whale of a time you’ll be free to have in just a few weeks.

For more things Shakers, you can find me lil interview here – and make sure to follow the guys over on social media now:


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