Holiyay Outfit Diaries: The Midi Dress of Dreams

by Maddie
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‘Iya. So yes, I am well and truly back home in dull ol’ England after a beaut getaway to the Canary Islands, and I’m well and truly feelin’ the holiday blues. If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m completely in my element in summer; it’s my favourite season. Let that sun shine and my spirits will be lifted quicker than you can say ‘yaaas’. And since flying the nest and moving to a big city for uni, now I find myself home again there honestly doesn’t seem all that much to do. The most excitement we get in our village is when a tractor drives past the front of our house.

So weirdly enough, I kinda feel like I’ve lost my mojo a lil bit over the last week or so, but I’m hoping that I can keep providing some decent content over on this blog. I’m extremely lucky to be able to say that I’ve got a few more travels to look forward to over the summer period, so those getaways r gettin’ me thru.

I thought I’d start a lil fashion series here on the blog, as fashion is something I absolutely love, as I mentioned in Monday’s post, and I haven’t really devoted much time on my site to raving about clothes. And, I mean, I buy enough of ’em, so I should put my money to good use somehow, shouldn’t I?! Over the next couple weeks or so, I’ll be talkin’ you through my favourite holiyay outfits, and sharing some snaps of my getaway to the Canary Islands.

What better place to start today, then, than with the first evening we arrived in paradise. This Topshop midi dress of dreams has served me well in both rainy England and warmer climes, thanks to its length and canny ability to look fabulous with a white t-shirt underneath an’ all.

I am a huge believer of fashion’s power to transform the way you feel about yourself, and to help give you the extra boost of confidence we all need. I’m not usually one to go for a more straight up, straight down dress; I prefer flowing materials rather than a figure-hugging outfit. To me, something floaty just feels a lot more comfortable and it means I don’t have to spend the evening sucking my stomach in and panicking every 20-something seconds about whether my food baby is hitting the 9-month kinda mark or not. However, this dress from Topshop nips you in at the waist with this adorable belt tie-detailing and helps create a really nice silhouette, leaving the rest of the fabric to skim over all the right places, leaving you feeling fab.

Now, we all talk about florals for spring, but what about for summer? I’m hugely inspired by everything bohemian and for as long as I can humanely remember, Vanessa Hudgens in summer has forever been my style icon. The floral print is something that I am obsessed with. However, it’s the unique patchwork detailing to this dress that really caught my eye. Both floral prints, one dainty and white, coupled with the larger pink blossoms, is a combo which on paper really shouldn’t work, but comes together to create the most beautiful attention to detail. In my eyes, Topshop is the only shop that always nails it with their dresses and occasion wear, and I am just in love with this dress. I just feel very ‘me’ every time I wear it.

The strappy detailing around the chest and the cheeky lil leg slit make the dress a little more playful, whilst staying perfectly classy and feminine. It’s also perf for covering sunburn, worn with a t-shirt underneath, as I sadly had to find out during my holiday. Multi-purpose an’ all that.

After having just got to our apartment after the 4 hour flight, chucking on this dress and quickly makin’ my hair and face a lil more presentable before dinner made me feel a whole lot better about myself post-travelling. That evening, we headed for dinner at an adorable Italian a stone’s throw from our apartment, and then we spent the evening watching the sun set over the beach. Can u see why I’ve lost my mojo and am a lil sad to be back in England? I’ll get over it in a few weeks, I promise. Maybs.

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