Why I Hate Change… And Why I’m Changing

by Maddie
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A lot of changes have occurred right now in my life, some of which I’m not exactly all that happeh about, some of which I’m lovin’. Up until a couple years ago, I was sure that I could always deal with change, 110%. I prided myself in being adaptable to every situation. However, ever since the one day my boyfriend pointed out that I can’t actually deal very well with all things change, I realised this was very true and I needed to change my inability to deal with it. That’s a whole lot of change in a few sentences, but I hope you’re followin’ me drift.


The first thing I want to change in my immediate future, is my inability to cope with all things change. The summer-autumn transition? I spend September-December mourning the fact that summer is over, until Christmas rolls around and I’m happy for a couple days because it’s a chance to stuff yo face n be given gifts. My boyfriend and myself having headed back to uni in different cities? I spend every other message I send him telling him I miss him. My moving in to my new uni house? Ask me my sleeping pattern in a new bed in a new house for the first few days and it’s not exactly lookin’ all that great. I’m a wee creature of habit and if you take me out of my comfort zone, let’s just say I take a wee while to adjust.

So, lo and behold, I thought I’d spend this post talking about some thangs in me life that I’m planning on changing. And there’s no better time than a new year at uni to improve yoself and your wellbeing. I promise this ain’t all negative, because as these pics are demonstrating, I recently invested in this beaut pair of Zara jeans (19 euros in Paris, say WHAT?!) and as a gal who’s not really a jean fan, I’ve now totally done a 360 on my opinion. I lav ’em.


I NEED to up me confidence

This year, I’m a Life&Style editor at my uni newspaper, and I’m absolutely BUZZING to start my job. Through the paper I’ve met some incred people, all who share similar visions to myself and have become some of my closest friends. And on Friday, I attended a welcome meeting for the paper, to recruit new writers and my confidence literally hit rock bottom. An editor from each of the sections had to stand up at the front, in front of a solid 100 people, and sell their section to the freshers. I bailed from this and instead begged my co-editor, the lovely Antonia, to turn her hand to public speaking. Watching each of these editors up at the front, chatting with ease and absolute confidence to this room full of people made me feel so much worse about my own abilities. The thought of standing up in front of that crowd literally made me feel ill. Looking back, a couple years ago I used to absolutely love standing in front of a crowd and singing- now, I brick it. And this needs to change. Part of the issue is a lack of confidence. I’m too terrified to crack a joke in case my humour’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. But the other part of the issue is that I care waaay too much about what people think of me. I’m scared to appear confident and sure of myself in case others think I’m cocky. And that is ridiculous. Own your confidence, because yo deserve it. I’m fine at giving advice; I just need to start takin’ my own words on board. Lol.

I want to become the definition of organisation 101

Life demands a lot from us. My uni course is full on (like seriously, I work for it on WEEKENDS), I work for the uni newspaper and radio station, and I want this baby, my blog, to keep ownnn goin’, whilst also searching for internships and work experience. That kinda shizz don’t get done without serious organisation. During first year I slacked a lil on the whole organisational front, but I’m 110% sure slacking is not allowed in second year. Gulp.

It’s time to get stingy

In case it’s not obvious already by now, I LOVE clothes. And I buy a lot of them. Which is not what my student loan is intended for. ‘Nuff said.

Quit moanin’- I should just get fit

My boyfriend has probably had enough of me moaning about how I’m not entirely 100% happy with my figure (it’s annoyin’ feeling bloated 24/7) and I’m very aware that I should probably just quit moaning and do something about it, but this kinda thing is easier said than done. However, I’ve made it my mission this semester to only buy healthy food in, no snacks allowed, and therefore if I don’t have it in my house then I can’t eat it. Voila.

Chill n don’t be too hard on myself

Practice makes perfect. If there’s certain goals you want to set yourself, don’t expect to become a pro after a week. Lifestyle changes take time to master and even though there are things we always want to change and improve about ourselves, we are wonderful just the way we are currently. Remember to be proud for who you are instead of just always wishing for things you want to change.

And celebrate your changes! Buy a pair of Zara jeans and rock them errryday, because you’ll feel 100% happier the moment you do. If you’re heading back to uni/starting this week, I wish you the best of luck. It’ll be v hard work, but we’ll get through it together xoxo







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