Every Thought I Had Whilst Watching Lorde Live

by Maddie
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Guys. On Sunday evening, I went to see Lorde live. I managed to get to the front (thank you O2 Priority) and I had an absolute ball. You know when a live gig just instantly picks you up, revitalises you and gets you ready for the week ahead? That was me on Sunday. Flash forward to Thursday eve, and I’m a lil more worse for wear, but I thought I’d round up a lil post of 80 thoughts I had whilst watching Lorde live, in order to help me get through the slog of the end of the week. I hope you find this vaguely amusing. Enjoy!

[Also, please forgive this awful quality photography. I’ve realised gig photography is not exactly my field of expertise. Apologies.]

Wearing perhaps the most black you’ll ever see me in for the gig

1. I’m on a coach back from Bristol, having finally seen my boyfriend at his uni.

2. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to Bristol. I already want to move there.

3. I’m sad to be leaving him, but yaaaas for Lorde tonight. This weekend is a good weekend. Feelin’ pretty darn cheerful.

4. That makes a change.

5. Oh. The coach is slowing down. We’re nowhere near the next stop yet. Why would that be?

6. Ah, of course. Nose to tail traffic on the M5. Perfect.

7. It’s 2pm. I was supposed to arrive back in Brum an hour ago. I’m leaving for Lorde at 4pm.

8. Now I’m not a genius at Maths, but I’m pretty sure that means I’ve got a rush on.

Let’s just say gig photography is not my forte -#blurry

9. I currently have greasy hair and am wearing my comfies- AKA the clothes I wouldn’t usually be seen dead in. Heading straight to the gig is def not an option.

10. Even though I’ll be stood in the dark all evening and no one would see me anyway. But that’s not the point. A gal gotta look fancy for whatevs the occasion, right?

11. Ah YES, I can see New Street in sight. Overpriced John Lewis, I’ve never been more happy to see you.

12. Train! Next train home… not for HALF AN HOUR?!

13. Sundays are the worst days to travel. Never travel on a Sunday.

14. Now, let’s mentally attempt to style a half decent outfit for the gig tonight. What clothes do I own?

15. I literally have no clothes. Everything I own is actually disgusting. I need more clothes.

16. Ooh, Topshop has 20% discount FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. I have half an hour to wait for a train.

Again, blurry. But I kinda like it

17. The natural conclusion is to therefore go to Topshop and buy something.

18. I think I might have a slight clothing obsession. I’ve taken a solid 7 items of clothing into the changing room, love them all and have no money to spend on them without compromising my weekly food budget.

19. Option 1- don’t buy anything, use the clothes I have at home and eat comfortably next week. Option 2? BUY CLOTHES (and struggle to feed myself).

20. Who even needs food anyway?

21. You know what, I think I’ve got space in my wardrobe for a PVC skirt.

22. The checkout woman in Topshop complimented my choice of skirt. I’ve bought said skirt. Leavin’ Topshop to head back to the station on a hiiiigh.

23. Today might actually end up a v nice day after all.

24. Oh shit. Missed the train. Let’s wait for the next one, eh?

25. Spirits are on a high. Not even the prospect of having only an hour to eat and get ready for Lorde will deter me today.

26. Home. I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE STRESSED IN MY LIFE. Why did I only give myself an hour to get ready? Why is my bank account hugely dented now?!

27. Ah, finito. I am ready. Let’s get back on the train in the direction I had just come from an hour ago, and head back to the city for LOOOORDE!

28. Not gonna lie, all this deliberation whilst shopping, travel stress and getting ready stress has physically and mentally worn me out.

29. Ah, I see the O2 Academy in sight! It’s 4:30pm, I’m sure we have a decent chance to get a solid space at the front of the line.

30. Feckin fabulous. We can’t actually get anywhere near the venue due to another bladdy queue, this time of the human variety.

31. Too many queues today. Can’t deal.

32. Too much standing. Tired. Want bed. Cba to talk to my friends. Need sleep.

SASSY Melodrama sign

33. Should have brought one of the books from the mountainous pile I need to get through for next week’s lectures.

34. My feet hurt in my shoes already. I think I hate fashion now.

35. I make bad life decisions.

36. I bet Lorde is comfy, sat in her dressing room.

37. Some men are walking down the queue selling knock-off merch. I’m so against them doing that. The music industry is struggling enough without people like them trying to flog fake merchandise!

38. Ooh, but that top’s pretty!! It’s got all the tour dates on it, cute.

39. The guy has just said they’re usually £30 inside the venue. And he’s selling them for £10…

40. No, Maddie. Stop it. You’ll only end up wearing it as a PJ top because it’s too cringe to make it work with a proper outfit.

41. Some gals are approaching us. Oh, they’re from O2.

42. THERE’S AN O2 PRIORITY QUEUE?! Oh my God. Yes. We can move closer to the front!

43. I knew my ridiculously overpriced phone contract would deliver one day.

44. We. So. CLOSE!! You know what, I reckon we’ll potentially get front row.

45. I think I might cry with happiness.

46. Standing still in one place for hours is booooring.

47. Ah! Some movement by security. I think we’re going in!!!!

48. Oh no. We’re not. My bad.

49. I’m bored again.

50. Come on, now. It’s 7pm. Doors should be opened. They’re not.

51. Some people’s time management is purely awful. Ahem.

52. Omg, okay, doors!!!! We’re going in! Let’s goooooo

53. Bag check. Pat down. Ticket check. We’re in!!!!

54. Omg omg we’re at the front. I’m gonna cry. Legit will cry.

55. Oh for God’s sake. I need the flippin’ loo.

56. This is a legitimate mission. Gals, hold my space, with widespread feet. Make sure no one enters my zone.

57. Rush to loo. Rush back. Okay, my space is still available. Good.

58. More waiting. The lead up to gigs is actually very boring.

59. AHHHH, the awful playlist before the first act has stopped. TIME FOR KHALID

60. He was INSANE. His voice was proper dreamy n all, but let’s hurry onto Lorde now. Come on.

61. Another 45 MINUTE wait, whilst everything’s set up for Lorde.

62. No but seriously, though- how much faffing does one backstage crew need to do?!

63. Omg. Music’s stopped. Crowd’s started screaming. I think I’m hyperventilating.


65. Ah, she’s started with the Disclosure song. The only song the non-true fans in the audience will know the words too.

66. She literally sounds just like the track. Yo vocals are on poooint, gal.

67. Ooh, I looove her outfit. Would buy it for myself if it didn’t cost a few thousand.

68. Right, this is serious, now. I think Lorde is my spirit animal. She dances like a freak and doesn’t even care.

69. She literally dances like she’s exorcising something from her.

70. And doesn’t care.

71. Oh my goodness. She’s just stopped to give us all a speech on how amazing we all are, and how we shouldn’t care what anyone thinks of us.

72. I honestly feel a changed woman.

73. 10/10 for motivational speakin’, gal. You got me sorted.


75. Literally just lost myself dancin then. This crowd is insane.

76. I just stepped on someone’s foot whilst jumping, by accident, and it didn’t even deter me from jumping. I’m having a BALL

77. But wait? She’s just played Green Light. That’s got to mean she’s near the end of her set… It’s 10:30pm?! I think I’m gonna cry.

78. It’s over. I’m leaving the venue covered in star-shaped confetti. I miss this already.

79. I want to bottle up Lorde’s speeches and replay them when I’m feeling demotivated.

80. You know what, I might pursue a career as a musican; an actress, maybe. Heck, I could even be Prime Minister, I’m feeling that motivated right now. Lorde tells me I can do anything, so many things I will do.

Ya looking @ outfit goals, right there.



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