What I Wore in Paris

by Maddie

Happy Sunday erryoneee! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. This weekend was hugely needed, as uni stress has 110% been getting the better of me over the last week. I had a quiet one this weekend, and this post is going to mirror me laidback vibes. Sitting in the kitchen with my housemates, listening to George Ezra’s chilled, dulcet tones, I’m throwin’ it back on a Sunday. I’m going to hark back to simpler times: when I went to Paris in September. There’s a few purchases I made with some spare euros I had left on my last couple days in France’s capital (because euros don’t count as real money and therefore I can’t be guilty about my excessive shopping, right?) and I wanna share ’em with ya. Here’s a wee photo diary for ya:


This Topshop dress was a find that took me, well, a while to find. I’d seen the jacquard beauty online sometime last year, but it was waaay over my budget. When it found itself in the sale, I was beyond excited to snap it up. However, it quickly found itself out of stock both online and in any local stores, and I was gutted. Flash forward a month or two and I FOUND IT in London’s Oxford Street store. Although it is one of my lesser worn pieces, it is one of my favourite dresses ever. It definitely calls for certain occasions and I definitely can’t pop it on as and when I fancy, but my first night in Paris called for this to be brought out again.


For our second day in Paris, I needed something v comfy and v casual to wear. We explored everywhere from the Louvre to Le Marais, so this fully Topshop get-up was perfect. For evening, after a day that had completely worn me out, another comfy get-up was needed. For a gal that doesn’t often wear black, this was new to me.


I whacked out the primary colours as I regressed and headed to Disneyland for the day. I fully relived my childhood memories and it was amazing. By evenin’, we headed to Hard Rock Café Paris in me spotty shorts and it was a day well done.


For our last day in Paris, I paired my FAVE Zara blouse with the cutest dungarees. These were a steal from Primark a couple years ago. By the time evening came, I’d *accidentally* done a lil haul in Zara on the Champs-Elysees and ended up with the outfit of my dreams. Millennial pink and frayed, wide-leg jeans? Don’t mind if I do.


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Lizzie 18th October 2017 - 1:53 pm

ahhh! omg i love the mustardy jumper with the stripey trousers! i went to disneyland this summer too but 100% not this fashionably.

Lizzie X


Maddie 4th November 2017 - 3:16 pm

Aw lovely I’ve just seen this! Thank you SO much – isn’t Disneyland incred tho?! x

Rio 5th January 2018 - 10:46 am

Some lovely photos here! Paris always looks amazing!

Maddie 11th January 2018 - 10:33 am

Thank you so so much lovely! xxxx


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