Take a Break, Pal (It Won’t Kill Ya)

by Maddie
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I feel like something which shouldn’t come as a revelation to anyone (but weirdly enough has just come to me at the start of this year) is the importance of taking a break. Once in a while, if we take time out to just be fully present in the moment, clear our minds of any stress and stop thinking about the future, it can do bladdy wonders. After time off, you can get back to work feeling so much more productive than before.

Last week, I took a break off from blogging completely. I was having one of those weeks where every little thing is going wrong and the universe feels against you. An example of this is that I managed to break my laptop mid important deadline. So yippee. I also felt hyper emotional last week as it was 2 years since I lost my Dad. Pressure was mounting, and so I took time away from this blog, got my head down and focused on the really important work that just had to be done that week: my university work.

And recently, I also took a little break over the weekend and visited my boyfriend in Bristol, as he’s at university there, and that totally refreshed my mind. It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday stresses and feel as if there really is no way that we can take time out to chill as there’s so much to do, however, our health and wellbeing has to come first, so taking a day out or a weekend off can make all the difference. So I just wanted to come back to blogging with a hello, a how are ya doin’, and a reminder to myself and to you reading that taking a break is something we all must do every week. And there’s plenty of ways to go about takin’ time out to chill. No excuses, pal.

The mini chill 

If you’re at university like me, you’ll understand all too well the guilt and mounting pressure that comes with taking a day or weekend out. Stop to relax, and you’ll feel bad that you’re not working, plus you’re adding pressure to your already hectic schedule when you get back round to getting work done. So, this is where the mini chill comes in. This can be half an hour out of your day; heck, it can even be 10 minutes. Watch an episode of your favourite show on Netflix right before bed. You’ll have a chance to switch off from all things stress before drifting off. Do 10 minutes of meditation in the morning from an app such as Headspace. You’ll start the day with a clear head. Taking that time each day to focus on relaxation means that you’ll carry on throughout the day nice n productively n relatively stress-free.

The ‘conserve ya energy’ chill

Sometimes it’s worth working in high intensity, for short bursts, and taking time out in between, in order to conserve ya energy. There’s only so much working we can do without burning out; breaking your work down into smaller tasks and then taking time out in between will work wonders. This kind of chill is essentially still working, so if you get that relax guilt this is the perfect chill for you.

The digital detox chill

Taking a break from social media is still classed as a chill, pals. When we’re bored, we’re on our phones. When we’re keeping in contact with friends and family, we’re on our phones. We’re always digitally turned on and it can be incredibly difficult to switch off. Taking time away from what others are constantly doing may sound like advice your grandma might give ya, but it is a good thing to bear in mind time to time.

The ‘surround yourself with those that relax you’ chill 

Find that one person that relaxes you- for me, that’s my boyfriend. He has such a laid-back approach to life, which compliments my stress-head quite well. Once I’m with him, I relax like nowt else. I am never as relaxed as I am with him. If you’re a stress-head also, finding those people that balance out your stress-thoughts with some much needed logical reasoning and positivity is 110% the way forward.

The ‘taking yourself out of the moment’ chill

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to refresh your mind and sense of wellbeing. When I popped to beaut Bristol to visit my boyfriend last weekend, and whenever I do go to visit him at his university, I immediately feel better as soon as I arrive. There’s something about the city that has a relaxing vibe: it’s bustling, yet rural and quaint, so you feel like you’re in a big town rather than being met by stressful city life. Not only is it one of my favourite cities that I thrive being in, my brain associates Bristol with downtime because I’m immediately away from all the stress of university and being in Birmingham, and I’m met instead by happiness, relaxation and an exciting new place to explore. Last weekend, we explored some pretty, hidden corners of Bristol, ate some v yummy food at an independent Bristol pizzeria and had the perfect chill. Taking yourself out of stressful moments as and when you can definitely is the key to chillaxin’ a bit more.




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