Going #OutOut with Dirty Martini Birmingham

by Maddie
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Pals. I’m calling your attention, right now. Please don’t scroll off this page; don’t stare at this on ya laptop whilst you scroll through Insta on your phone; gimme your full attention. I got somethin’ to say.

Dirty Martini has opened in Birmingham.

And they have a Chocolate Martini on the menu.

Yes. You heard that right. Last week was a v exciting week, as I spent my Thursday eve being one of the first people to take a look around the all-new, v swanky bar on Bennett’s Hill. I made my own Peaky Blinders cocktails. And then on Friyay, I headed back to Dirty Martini to go #OutOut for the official launch evening.

And now, on a borin’ ol’ Wednesday, I’m bringing Dirty Martini to you guys. And I’m going to persuade you all to get yo bums to the place, because it’s awesome. And I’m apparently going to type ‘and’ a lot during this blog post.

So, first of all, lemme show ya the bladdy place. The interior is v swanky, v sophisticate n I’m v much lovin’ it. I’m just gon’ stop chatting and let the images do the place justice.

Just LOOK at the place. Equipped with potentially EVERYTHING you need for a night out drankin cocktails: a photo wall where you can quite literally become an angel (but only if u get yo halo dirty lol) private booths where you can secretly bust your most awful dance moves to your heart’s content and neon after neon after neon. Interior goals.

So now it’s time to chat you through the practically VIP treatment I was v kindly treated to last week by the Dirty Martini team. I had a BLAST.


So on Thursday eve, myself and Samuel (my boyf and plus one for the eve) rocked up to a v secretive, ‘private party only’ Dirty Martini. We were greeted by the lovely PR team and the lovely waiters, who gave us a glass of bubbly and let us roam the bar and take pics, sans other people about. There was only one other blogger there, Natasha (who is a babe) and it felt so strange being in a bar without anyone else in there.

Next, it was time to try our hand at some Peaky Blinders-themed cocktails. We were popped behind the bar and followed the instructions of head barman, Fabio, to make two abso alcoholic but abso tasty cocktails: Thomas Shelby and Grace’s Secret. I was v proud of my creations n I drank them v quick bc they were taaasty lol.

After our cocktail masterclass, we were treated to some more bubbly and some Dirty Martini food. The sharing platters, my pals, are quite frankly, AMAZING. There’s lil mini burgers!! I repeat, mini BURGERS. I was in food n bubbly heaven.



Along comes Friyay, and it’s the official launch night for Dirty Martini. Meself, Samuel (again) my pal Beth and her boyf Nathan did a wee double date to the launch, and we were greeted with three free dranks each. Hallefrickinlujah.

The evening was absolutely wonderful and included me finding out that the Chocolate Martini on the menu is the best thing since sliced bread, I now want a neon light for my room at uni and that having a man playing a saxophone in the crowd at a busy bar is a genius idea. Seriously, it is.

Dirty Martini is a fab venue and I v much urge ya’ll to get yo bums down there, asap. Call it a revision break granted by me xoxo

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