You may have noticed; you may have not. However, in the last couple of weeks, I took some time away from blogging. It wasn’t a decision I actively wanted to make- it wasn’t your average Millennial/Gen Z ‘omg everythin is just gettin waaaay too much I need a digital detox’ slightly pathetic cry for help. Life has decided to throw a couple of tricky things my way at the moment, things that I won’t go into for personal reasons, but it meant that I had to take a forced hiatus from the blog.

Although I don’t want to go into personal details on the blog because some things should be kept private, it did feel wrong to come back and not address the fact that I kinda disappeared into the ether for a few weeks. And let’s be frank, the blogging world is saturated with ‘omg look at this perfect outfit and this perfect location I’m in and this perfect PR package I just got sent and omg isn’t life just so perfect?!?’ – and I really don’t want to be about that shit.

So the long and short of it is: I’m back, I’m blogging and life is far from perfect, it’s actually quite bladdy difficult, but that’s okay. I want to spend some time today spurting out my reasons why I don’t want to be yet another ‘everything is fine and dandy’ blogger, because life’s too short to be embarrassingly fake.

Everything is just not fine and dandy 24/7

Let’s come back down to earth, shall we? Yes, it might be with a massive thud, and it might hurt a lil, but we’ll get over it, won’t we? Why people are so obsessed with showcasing perfection I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s actually quite refreshing and freeing to admit that not everything is perfectimundo 24/7. Start opening up, start admitting that things aren’t perfect to your pals and stop putting a perfection barrier on everything you say and do. This isn’t to say you should get all negative Nancy on the everyday, but admitting that not everything is A-okay really does work some wonders. Unload that weight from your shoulders, stop feeling the need to big up your day and you’ll actually find that you have a better life for having done so.

Blogging is supposed to be about that down-to-earth, girl next door

I started reading blogs years back because I saw real-life girls, writing honestly about the everyday issues we all face, and that was an escape from glossy, traditional media. These average-sized, with average lives girls next door started popping up on our Instagram feeds, and we bladdy well welcomed the change, because finally we could see people like us enjoying success! Whether they be chatting about their own experiences with mental health, the career ladder climb or the everyday mini challenges we all face, or harping on about Topshop’s new must-have we should all invest in, these girls were relatable, down to earth and made us feel like we had another pal to add to our friendship groups.

Now, I’m finding that some of those bloggers I adored a few years back have started transitioning to mini celebrity status, investing in designer items left right and centre, swanning around in their boujee Notting Hill apartments and complaining about the fact that they have waaaay too many trainers to decide what to wear on a daily basis. A little out of touch with reality? I think so too.

Blogging has gone from raw, flawed and honest to glossy, high profile and off in the clouds. I never want to be like that, so this is why imma bladdy blog about how poop life can be sometimes, and why it’s just NORMAL to be struggling. Deal wit it.

The bloggers I admire say it like it is

You know, two bloggers who have got the written game down to a tee are Chloe Plumstead and Sophie Milner. These are two blogging girls I should definitely follow more religiously- I really don’t keep up with their blogs enough. But when I do, I find they’re not afraid to discuss life’s pitfalls, they’re candid, heartbreakingly funny and bloody good at mixing professional, high quality photography and content with a fresh injection of reality. Instead of ‘OMG here’s a review of the new Prada Bag I was kindly gifted so will obviously say is amazing’ or ‘OMG I was invited to the Maldives by some skincare brand so here are some images of how much better my life is than yours’, they chat about the EVERYDAY. And all I can say is, thank goooodness for bloggers like you gals.

Social media = unattainable perfection, and I don’t want to add to that

Yes, I’m prone to a filter on VSCOcam. But I don’t Facetune, airbrush, Photoshop and smooth away so-called ‘imperfections’ like the majority of the blogging world seems to do. Social media is unattainable perfection at our fingertips, and it scares me that young girls are growing up in a world like this. I’m still young at the ripe ol’ age of 20, but I finally feel like I’m past allowing someone else’s airbrushed picture to have a bearing on my own self-confidence. I can look at an airbrushed pic and laugh away at how obviously airbrushed it looks. Whereas there’s young preteens growing up with an Instagram feed that makes their impressionable minds feel inadequate. And that’s wrong. It’s time we started being more honest about the curated image we put out of ourselves online.

Why are we so damn scared of struggling anyway?!

Honestly, the amount of times I see a blogger, nay even just some normal pals, harp on about how everything is absolutely perfect in their lives, I think I’d be lucky to find someone that refreshingly talks candidly about how life isn’t all that. It’s like we’re scared to admit that we’re struggling, we’re going through something, we’re having a hard time or we’re not exactly loving everything that’s going on right now. But why are we so damn scared of admitting the blatant truth?! Please, do one thing for me today if you’re still reading. Do something in the online sphere to halt the barrage of fake perfection. Write a #relatable tweet about the fact that you’ve actually had a bad day but that’s okay; Instagram a beaut photo but laugh about how much it was filtered in the caption; comment on someone’s Facebook post if they’re struggling, just to show them your support.

Life is too short to live a lie- let’s start shouting the truth: not everything is fine and dandy 24/7, and that’s bladdy well okay.


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