Double dates, unconventional nights out n Brum’s new bowling alley

by Maddie
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Hi hi it’s me, over here- today’s post is v exciting so pls focus the eyes on me blog. I got something ya’ll need to be aware of! Last week, I headed back to Brum for a very special date night with Lane 7, the new late night bowling alley Birmingham has been waiting for (also w my boyf, obvs) before it opened to the public!

Dis boyfriend. He Sam. I like.

The evening was absolutely perfect and pulled me out of a lil bad mood I’d found myself in- it was the fun I 110% needed! I had so much damn fun that I just wanted to take today’s post to tell you all about our evening; to let you know that if you like Birmingham and you like bowling (who doesn’t?!?) Lane 7 is the place to be.

Who doesn’t want a wings photo opp helloooo?

The double dateย 

Let’s chat date nights for a bit, shall we? As much as it’s abso frickin’ lovely to spend some one-on-one time with your other half, sometimes it’s abso frickin’ fun to shake things up a bit and double date with some pals. Often it can be a bit tricky, as you and your pal will obvs be getting on like a house on fire, but your other half and her partner might not even be lighting the match, ya know what I mean? I think most of us have been on a double date like that before.

Beth n Nathan the COOTIES

can i smile for shit? nope

Yet when your pal has a partner that just clicks with your other half, double dates are the most FUN. It’s often hard to balance time to see friends and ya love, so when you find an opp to tick off both in an eve- well, that’s just perfecto!

wings, again

some cool ass decor in this place

The not so usual night outย 

Call me Mrs. Grandma, but I’m kind of done with your usual student night out. One too many Pryzms is starting to wear me OWT and I’ll take a night in with pals and wine over trippy strobe lights and sticky club floors any evening.

This be why I like Lane 7

And it’s not just that I like the comfort of my student house pals and cheap wine. It’s just that the same old, same old kinda nights out are really starting to bore me. Too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily the way to go. So when I find somewhere to still get a bit draaank, but have 100x more fun and laughs, I’m all ears, me. I’m not necessarily a conventional gal, so I’m looking for more unconventional nights out.

Lesss get draaaank

Why Lane 7 is the place to be

And Lane 7 is just that: your unconventional night out. When you think of bowling, you don’t necessarily think ‘oh yeah, would make a sick night out’. You might think garish bowling shoes, lighthearted family fun and cheesy decor, but it deffo does not scream ‘come on gal, let’s paint the town red’.

Yet Lane 7 is here to change that. Gone are the screaming kids who need a ramp to bowl with (unless you find yourself at Lane 7 when I’m there, bc in that case, you might just mistake me for a 4-year-old with my mad bowling skills) – gone are the shitty menus with a choice of burger and chips, or burger and chips – and gone is the stilted bowling format of: one game, a lil halfhearted dance in the arcade, and off we pop home after a semi decent Saturday afternoon that we can’t help but feel could have gone a little better.

It’s almost as if this wasn’t candid xoxo

Whereas this was 100% candid x

Here are the retro decor any big time Manchester blogger would want in her 60’s inspired Northern Quarter flat (I’m taking inspo for my own home in the future) – here are cocktails galore, milkshakes some more and a soundtrack with which to tear up the floor – and here is a bladdy eclectic evening out that everyone needs to try out asap.

I just can’t rave about this venue enough. Retro bowling, snazzy af cocktails to make everythin’ just that lil bit more fun, food to stuff ya face with, retro arcade games that trump a go on the air hockey anyday, a freakin’ photobooth that shows you each pic before it takes the next one (SUCH a good idea when you’ve got people like me that somehow still can’t get their face level with the camera lol) and there’s even a karaoke room. Karaoke. I know.

I feel like I’m rambling, and I 100% am, but my eve at Lane 7 last week was just the night out I needed. A game of bowling with my boyfriend and best pals; a couple o’ cocktails to loosen me up; enough games of dance machines and Pacman to make my mouth hurt from smiling and you’ve got my fave night out down to a tee.

‘Nuff said. Here’s some pics to prove to ya just how awesome Lane 7 Birmingham is:

Yes. I missed the ‘get your face in line with the camera’ memo, I know.

HOW snazzy

Is this retro af or is this retro af? Retro af, I know

We got some free dranks – thank u Lane 7, take pitty on the student!


Can’t look at this pic without singing Steps

he so HAPPY

I want a Pacman machine in my house one day. I haven’t made it ’til I have 1

Nathan liked the decor a lil bit too much

My bowling was def in the gutter (sadly)

I’d say a solid photobooth attempt from me (finally)

Now, get ya ass down to Lane 7 when you can – those sticky club floors can wait.

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