Holiyay Outfit Diaries: Introducin’ Neon Rose

by Maddie
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Time to break the mould w classic dressin’ in today’s blog post. Gone is the LBD, because imma chattin’ about the LWD. And that, my pals, is the little white dress. Also breaking the mould is the brand I chose on my holibobs to wear- it wasn’t my usual Topshop or Zara, it was the wonderful Neon Rose Fashion. Hold onto your seats- this post is a shocker.

For months I’d been eyeing up Neon Rose’s selection of beaut garments on the Asos website, but being a skint student, I was waiting for the right moment to purchase something- aka, the moment when I had more than Β£2 in my bank account again. For months I lusted over their beautiful, boho dresses and floaty clothing I’d not seen in ma usual shopping haunts- and some luck came my way in May.

I was kindly gifted this LWD from Neon Rose after winning a competition to head to This Morning Live courtesy of the Neon Rose team- more of which you can read in this post here.

And I tell ya somethin’, this dress has filled the void in my wardrobe I didn’t even know existed.

It’s beautiful.

Everyone needs a LWD for summer. Perfect for accentuating a tan and emitting boho vibes left, right and centre, a little white dress is the simplest, coolest piece to chuck on in the hot weather- no effort involved- and still look as chic as a French gal.

I absolutely adore this dress. The cut out detailing around the decolletage area, across the arms and towards the band of the dress add a unique, boho twist to the LWD that I’ve struggled to find elsewhere. The floating, almost fluted sleeves add some romance to a dress whose shape could otherwise be a lil lifeless. And the cut of the dress drapes down at the back, creating a really flattering cut that protects yo modesty. If I was in a Jane Austen-type romance novel, I’d wear this dress because, my pals, it exudes romance.

For a lil date night on holiday (the absolute best one of the lot, as we ended up accidentally at a fancypants restaurant, ordered a bottle of rosΓ© and had the waiters on hand to pour it for us all night lol) I accessorised with my favourite EVER shoes on the planet, my Topshop flatforms, and popped a lil exotic Topshop headband on my head. Couldn’t keep this gal sophisticated for long could we; I need my fun, quirky elements in an outfit, too.

This dress really does make me feel fab. It’s just a very me dress. I don’t like bodycon, I don’t like to feel constricted when I’m wearing something, and I most definitely want to feel like a lil boho fairy when I’m wearing somethin’. Neon Rose gave me everything I needed in summer’s must-have, the LWD, and imma be wearing this baby for as long as I can milk the summer out of our British seasons.


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