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Happy Friday, ya’ll! A few months back, I did a lil review of Italian-born Nixo’s first single, Bad Thoughts, which you can read here. And I was absolutely delighted when I was put back in touch with him to chat all about his second single, Wild Wild West. But before we crack on with the interview, Nixo’s new single is out TODAY- and Imma take a second to chat about it, because ya’ll need to hear it. It’s a banger.

Wild Wild West is anthemic, feelgood and empowering. It’s a track about self-confident and owning it, needing you and only you to empower yourself and celebrating life in its weirdness! With a vibe reminscent of Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold (that tune we all can’t get out of our heads once it’s there) Nixo is cementing himself as one to watch out for. Unique, with an energy to rival a kid on Smarties, and with vocals to rival Prince, check out Nixo’s new single, Wild Wild West, below:

Now, onto ze interview!

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M: How do you train your voice and did it take a while to work out that falsetto singing is something that suits your voice? Also, what other singers with similar vocal ranges do you look towards?

N: I had singing lessons when I was really young and I immediately fell in love with the wonderful world of resonances and vocal scales! That gave me the chance to explore all of the different shades and colours of my voice, and it didn’t take much time to work out that falsetto singing was something that suited my voice. I love big falsetto vocals like Prince’s ones and Stevie Wonder’s; also Usher and Ne-yo are great singers I’ve always been inspired by. At the moment, I don’t do very much to train my voice, just a little bit of warm-ups and scales before each performance.

“With Wild Wild West, I’m giving you all of the other side of my personality, which is the most positive, craziest and funniest one!”

M: When listening to your track, my housemate remarked that your style sounds a little like Fallout Boy. Is this a comparison you’re down with?

N: Thank you for the comparison- I love Fallout Boy! So yes, I’m definitely down with it, even if, vocally speaking, I’ve always seen the RnB and Soul worlds as the ones I most belong to. I love huge soulful, acrobatic vocals!

M: This track is definitely more feelgood and upbeat than Bad Thoughts, yet both songs feel quintessentially ‘Nixo’. How is this track a step up from your last single and what do you do to make sure that each song cohesively feels like your own?

N: Interesting question! When I released my first single Bad Thoughts I really wanted people to know me for who I really am. I wanted to start with something really personal and autobiographical, thus exposing myself from an internal and intimate perspective. Bad Thoughts was all about finding the strength to move on from the damage caused by corrosive and fake relationships, tacky and bullying gossips and negative feelings that sometimes can take over us. So, this track was a good chance to show the listener the most reflective and vulnerable side of me.

With Wild Wild West, I’m giving all of you the other side of my personality, which is the most positive, craziest and funniest one! I think the common point between Bad Thoughts and Wild Wild West is the fact that they’re both really empowering: the first one is all about realising that we can always choose the positive side of life instead of feeding the darkest one and Wild Wild West reflects instead the empowering that comes from self-confidence and self-esteem.

“We really wanted to create a pop song full of highly-machined rhythms and powerful electronic-oriented sounds”

M: Explain to me what the track is about!

N: Wild Wild West uses the metaphor of the old west to develop the message that we are all the masters of our own lives. The wild west is the place where everyone can be themselves, do what they want to do and show their inner self and pure essence with no shame or embarrassment. I truly believe that there are no rules when it comes to self-expression and I really hope this song can be an anthem of self-liberation and confidence!

M: Where did the inspiration for the song come about?

N: The inspiration came from the idea of the old west as a place where there are no limits, a place where everyone is the rule-maker of their own life. From the perspective of music, me and the producer James Lewis were inspired from 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Young Blood’ and Sam Sparro’s ‘Black and Gold’. We really wanted to create a pop song full of highly heavy-machined rhythms and powerful electronic-oriented sounds.

“I haven’t got the chance to show my blue and gloomy side yet, but the journey has just started and I can’t wait to let you listen to some of my ballads”

M: How do you want your listeners to feel when they listen to the song?

N: I want them to feel like they can lose control and be free and liberated!

M: What’s your go-to genre to listen to? Do you prefer upbeat music that makes you feel good or do you like a contemplative melancholy track?

N: I love pop culture in all its forms and pop music is definitely my go-to genre to listen to. As I said before, I love soulful sounds and RnB beats and when it comes to writing I always try to incorporate all of these elements into a product that can be defined as ‘pop’. I love listening to upbeat music and Wild Wild West is the demonstration of that, but at the end of the day I am a really melancholic and shy person, so I feel I have a particular connection with piano ballads and contemplative tunes, too. I haven’t got the chance to show my blue and gloomy side yet, but the journey has just started and I can’t wait to let you listen to some of my ballads soon.

“Being Italian also influences so much the way I write my own music”

M: Who are your musical inspirations?

N: I have a lot of musical inspirations: Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Jessie J for the huge vocals; Prince and Michael Jackson for the massive contribution they gave to pop culture; Frank Ocean, Laura Mvula and Moses Sumney for the beautiful melodies and interesting lyrics they write and many, many more.

M: What do you try to do with your music that sets you apart from everything else out there?
N: I just try to be 100% myself. Every human being is unique and each voice is different, so I just try to be honest and authentic when it comes to my writing and singing. Being Italian also influences so much the way I write my own music. I’ve always tried to combine the traditional Italian taste for big and anthemic melodies with the nowadays tendency to develop modern and electronic productions that is mostly typical of English and American music.

“Singing live has always been my real dimension”

M: What does the rest of 2018 hold for you?

N: I am currently writing a lot of new songs and I’m starting to think about my third release. I’m exploring different musical possibilities and I’m collaborating with many interesting songwriters and musicians in London. Moreover, I’ll soon announce on all my socials the release date of an intimate, live acoustic video of ‘Wild Wild West’! Singing live has always been my real dimension. That’s where I feel totally able to express myself as a singer and artist and I can’t wait for all of you to watch it and join me in the wild, wild west!


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