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Hiyooooo! Long time no see over here on the blog. This is in part due to my lack of free time, as third year at university is draining the very life and soul outta me, but it’s also in part due to the fact I had some technical issues over here last week- but thankfully, das all sorted now. So I’m back, with another post: and this one has a lil cheeky discount code for ya’ll. Read on, read on.

So kindly a couple of months back, Birmingham start-up Buckt, a West Midlands-based activities subscription box, got in touch about a lil collab. And I was down.

Because the thing is, I’ve spent now three years living in wonderful Birmingham as I’ve studied for my degree, and although I’ve had the best intentions to get out and about exploring the city, I’ve often failed on my mission. Work’s got in the way, student loans couldn’t afford it and life basically just happened. But when Buckt got in touch, and asked me to trial the subscription box out, I couldn’t have been more excited to finally have an excuse to get out and about exploring what the West Midlands have to offer.

Whether that be a cheeky game of Laser Tag on a weeknight, to goin’ all out with a fancypants show at Birmingham’s Bierkeller, Buckt have been sending to my door an eclectic selection of all things fun in and around Birmingham, and you could be gettin’ ’em straight to your door, too.

So with that, I thought I’d show you my faves of exactly what I’ve been getting up to thanks to Buckt over the last few weeks!

Ping Pong n Bevs @ Serve Bar, Birmingham 

Now I never knew this gem of a good night out existed in Birmingham city centre, but it does. Just past the faaancy Ivy Restaurant on Temple Row, you’ll find tucked away a good excuse to get active, and bevvin’, all in one night. Serve Bar’s premise is effective, yet simple: turn up, grab a ping pong bat, order a bev and somethin’ to munch on, and get playing. A sports-luxe version of a club, Serve Bar’s late night vibes has you ready to hit the dance floor- with a ping pong ball, that is.

I visited with my boyfriend, my best pal Beth and her boyfriend, Nathan- and we got into a rather competitive game of ping pong- after a cider n a shot, of course. And the best thing about heading to Serve with Buckt is you get a half-hour game completely scot-free, plus a complimentary shot. If that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

Me feelin happy w ping pong: a series

Meeting some animal pals @ The Donkey Sanctuary, Sutton Coldfield

You know, this afternoon out has got to be one of my favourite memories from third year so far. Sam had popped down from Bristol to visit me, and we hopped on a train from New Street to Sutton Coldfield. Easy to reach on the train from Selly too for you Uni of Birmingham students (it’s on the same line) Sutton is such an adorable lil place.

I’d never been- and stepping off the train at Sutton you feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham. There’s a town centre, with all your favourite high street shops, an amazing selection of restaurants (from the fanciest Spoons I’ve ever been in, to the classic Ask Italian) and Sutton Park is an absolute wonder.

On the day we visited, the leaves were just starting to fall off the trees, the ground littered in a patchwork of gold and green, and it really felt like the sunshine-fuelled kinda Autumn was in the air. Sutton Park is mahooosive, with lakes, play areas, cafés and even a Toby Carvery (kinda weird, kinda diggin’ it) this is where we found ourselves to visit The Donkey Sanctuary.

Now, aside from being the most adorable place you can ever visit, saying hello to the donkeys on site is actually the perfect break from uni stress. The Donkey Sanctuary uses their animals as therapy- yes, donkey therapy is very much a thing. Providing donkey-assisted therapy to local schoolchildren with additional needs and also to vulnerable adults, this is therapy that is proven to work. Donkeys have an innate emotional intelligence that compliments the way humans think and feel. And on my visit to The Donkey Sanctuary, I found myself calming to the presence of the animals around me, I watched some donkeys play donkey football (or hoofball, if you will) and I made friends with the stable yard doggo.

Don’t believe the calming nature of a donkey? Here’s Caron Whaley, Director of Donkey-Assisted Therapy, to tell you: “Donkeys have a unique presence, a zen-like grounded quality. We’re using their abilities as sentient facilitators and encouraging them to be an equal partner in the sessions.”

Just check out the adorableness for yaself:

Thank you, Buckt, for making me get out and explore Birmingham and the surrounding areas, before it’s too late, my degree is over and I’m carted away from the city. It’s something that I’ve been dying to do since first year, but life got in the way- something that happens to the best of us. If you want to get out and explore the local area by doin’ some fun things you may not have heard of otherwise, or if you know someone that would love it, I have a cheeky discount code for you. For this week only (and by that I mean today until Monday 29th October) my blogger discount code for Buckt, which is MADELEINEMAE625. This will take 75% off the value of a Buckt Duo Box. This means that if you fancy heading to some sick activities in the Birmingham area with a friend/partner, you can claim your first box for just £6.25- instead of the usual £25. This is an absolute STEAL. 5 activities for 2 people for just £6.25! There are no hidden fees or additional charges- suits our student-friendly budgets 110%!

So if you fancy signing up for some fun this month in Brum, hit up Buckt, purchase a Buckt Duo Box for just £6.25 with my code, MADELEINEMAE625. Enjoy!! xxxx


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