Why Third Year has Hailed the Grandma

by Maddie
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Hi there- just a tired, stressed and worn out Maddie checkin’ in. Have I told you I’ve recently become a Grandma?

Dese pics comin’ from gay Pareeeee

Best foods in Pareeeeeeeee

And by that I don’t mean the kind that occurs through reproduction (don’t worry Mum, I’m not with child)- but this is the other kind of Grandma, the one that comes a’creeping up on your young soul as soon as deadlines hit in third year. This kind of Grandma avoids all kind of social activities in favour of a quiet night tucked up in bed, and whom reminisces constantly about ‘the good old days’ of first year, when everything was just so ‘simple’.

If you too are a Grandma, it’s okay. There’s hope still for us all. Maybe, just hopefully, through crossing all fingers and praying for the best, once the hells of dissertations, essays and exams are out the way, as soon as freedom is in sight, we may graduate from Grandma-dom. Once the 2:1 is *hopefully* in the bag and we don those graduation cloaks, we may just strip ourselves from our geriatric identities.

Therefore today, I thought I’d keep things light and chat about the different ways we can embrace the Grandma within us, and how it’s totally alright to be a lil, um, mature for our times…

Night in = money saved 

Let’s face it- come third year, we’re still no better at handling our money. Savings accounts, say what? We may have accrued many academic skills as the years have progressed, but we’re still none the wiser when it comes to keeping those pennies in the bank. But arguably the best part of being a Grandma means you can no longer hack the sesh, and nights in become the new nights out. Staying in bed tucked up with a blanket is comfy af, and also means no money is spent, as you haven’t even left the house. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Drinks in a bar means CHAT time 

It’s third year. This is the last year you’ll be together with your best uni pals. Before you shed a tear, remember how amazing spending a night in a bar, instead of on a sticky club floor, is. Round up ya pals, sit down in the quietest area of your favourite bar, and have a good old natter. Make the most of your time together. I did a pub crawl with my pals the other week, and if that doesn’t scream old man, I don’t know what does. And I gotta say, it was the best night out I’ve had in months.

No more hangovers means forever feelin’ fresh 

As much as we can claim that our younger selves loved night out after night out, one thing that our younger selves did not appreciate was the horror of a hangover. You feel shit, nothing can cure the shit, and you just wish you’d gone easier on yourself the night before. No more nights out means no more hangovers and most importantly, you’re forever feelin’ fresh. You may be old at heart, but those young bones are lovin’ it.

Adulting becomes easier the more you embrace it

The more you succumb to your inevitable future, the more you’ll be a-okay with it. Before you know it, you’re vacuuming and dusting on the weekly, you’ve graduated from the house cacti to an ACTUAL garden you’ll contemplate planting a sunflower or two in, and you’re actually cluing yourself up on the ins and outs of renting your very first proper flat. Life happens, extremely quickly, and if you find yourself remarking on how ‘2018 has just flown by’, you’re well on your way to becoming a true member of the elderly. Well done you.

Keep things minimal

It wouldn’t be a Maddie post without a nod to an outfit, or two. Graduating to Granny status means you can officially forget about gettin ya legs out on a night out, and instead you can go with the minimal route. Some slightly loose-fitting white trousers and an even whiter top herald ultimate comfort; you can forget about dressing to impress as much. Dress for the grannies- that’s the way forward.

There’s safety in numbers 

Just take a look ’round ya. You might be in the library, sat in the kitchen with your housemates, or commuting back to uni on a train packed with other students. Look at those faces around you. Are they faces of contentment? Nope. They’re most likely stressed out faces, and they’re most likely wishing for 7pm to come around so it’s socially acceptable to get into bed. Grandparents we are together- and it’s third year, so you’re totally allowed to indulge in it. Go all out, Granny- you deserve it!

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Lizzie Bee 8th December 2018 - 11:21 am

I am such a grandma, and have been since the first year of uni but I have no regrets. I just realised that I much prefer to be in the comfort of my home than waking up throwing up after a mad night out!


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