Hi, I do still exist – let’s chat blog aims

by Maddie

I’m sat in the library frantically typing this post out as I stare at my to-do list which has some rather important seminar prep I probs shouldn’t be procrastinating from. But as much as this blog could be seen as procrastination in the world of academia, it. Keeps. Me. Sane. During. Third. Year.

I’ve disappeared for a couple a’ weeks, or possibly longer. I’m not sure how much longer. Because frankly, when I’m at university,┬áevery single day of my life rolls into one. I begin to measure days in deadlines and lectures, and weekends in ‘shit, let’s catch up on that work I didn’t have a chance to do during the week’. Either that, or when I actually do take a break on a weekend, my vibe will very much be not so relaxed, more ‘I can’t relax because I feel extreme guilt that I’m not working on the million and one things I have to do right now.’ Any other third year relate? Lol- God help us thru to May, pls.

I’m not one for a whole catch-up post, because frankly, I’m a v boring hermit with practically no life thanks to the University of Birmingham, so I am under no illusion that anyone would find a catch-up with Maddie a riveting read. However, I feel like I’ve got to just set some parameters for how this lil blog is gon’ work around here for the foreseeable.

And I’m not going to lie- this is mainly because I want to set a lil page for myself to look back on, to motivate my ass in gear during these next terrifying few months at university, and beyond into the black hole that seems life after graduation. The fear of the unknown is not the nicest feelin’, and I know I’m gon’ need something to cling onto during the next few stressful months. Of course, I know leaving university and entering the world is also one of the most exciting and fortunate opportunities I am lucky to have, but there is a legitimate fear in there, too. And I’m sure every single one of us third years be feelin’ it.

So, this post is basically a huuuge reminder to myself on how I want this blogging stuffs to pan out over the next few months – and it’s also a chance for anyone (all two of u, I’m sure- Mum and boyf, I see u, thx for support lol) who might be interested in following my blog as it develops into something that I’m hopefully mega proud of come summer. It’s all change around here – just like the rest of my life!

No wonder I feel a lil unstable. Lol.

On wit ze post!

Let’s chat the tail-end of January┬á

I mean, we’ve not really got that long to go, have we? January ALWAYS feels like the bleakest, longest, dullest month for me, every single year. However, this year it’s kinda flown by. Probs to do with the mad scramble I had last week to get two assignments entirely written ready for deadline day- but it’s mad how quickly this year is going already. *gulp*

I’ve decided, from a’today, that I’ll be posting on this lil blog just once a week, until I graduate. And potentially, when the going gets tough near final deadlines, I might stop blogging all together, temporarily. Imma hopin’ like mad that that doesn’t have to happen, but as much as I don’t want to admit it, my education needs to be the focus of and most important thing in my life right now. Sad times. However, today beckoned blogging day- and I sat down and planned the next few months, and when and what I might post. The aim as of today is this: every Wednesday, I’ll help our poor souls get through hump day by providing some necessary procrastination you can read. How’s that sound?


At the beginning of February, I have an exciting trip planned with my boyfriend to Dublin !! Which I am very much looking forward to. Therefore, expect some blog and Insta stuffs alllll about the trip. Dublin is a city I’ve never actually been to before, but I’ve always, always wanted to visit. Gimme alllll the Guinness and allll the bangin’ Irish tunes, pls.

Alongside that lil break, the pressure at uni will ramp up even more during Feb- with some nasty lil deadlines comin’ to bite me bottom. Therefore, I will still try to endeavour to post once a week to liven hump day up a lil, but it may mean I have to miss a week or so along the way. Noooot good.


Here come’s March, and here beckons the END of my final semester at university. Cue sobbing tears from me on my last day – even though I’ve spent three years desperately wanting to leave. I am a contradiction in terms, I know. Nice one, Mads.

However, the work doesn’t end in March. I will have meeeega deadlines and my DISSERTATION *help* to finish ready for final hand in. But March is peppered with some real lovely things, such as various gigs, some reviews and interviews with musicians and a lil break to Bristol somewhere along the way. Buzzin for dat. Expect some blog posts related to all this fun stuffs, and probs at least one post where I’m ranting about how much I hate the stress universities put upon students. Enjoy at ur leisure.


I am absolutely freakin’ terrified (albeit excited) for April. I can now announce after months of keeping a lid on it in case I jinx myself and don’t end up doing it, that I will be interning during April at Hearst Magazines in London, working across titles such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Red magazine! My! Literal! Dream! Job! I! Am! Very! Scared! To! Start! But! Also! Very! Happy! Therefore, April will be a manic one, and I’ll be attempting to navigate scary ol’ London by myself again, and I cannot wait.

Alongside the internship, deadlines will be hitting strong, with my 10,000 word dissertation to finish and also an added bonus of 8,000 words of assignments to get a’cracking on. So although April is shaping up to be one of the most exciting months I have ever had, it’s also going to be one of the most stressful. I do apologise if postin’ over here gets a lil lax during this month. But but but – the end is in sight.


HELLO NEIGHBOUR – May, I have dreamt of seeing ur beaut lil face for many a year. Literally. On 2nd May 2019, I will officially finish my DEGREE. I’m sorry – what is this sorcery?!

I hand my final assignments and my leeeengthy ass dissertation in – and I will taste the wonderful, beautiful waters of freedom. Come AT me.

I’ll probs take a bit of time (a week to a month, depending on how destroyed I am after deadline hell lol) off blogging, just to recuperate and celebrate my last few weeks living in Birmingham with my best pals. I’ll probs cry again, on the daily. But THEN: and this is a big one – I want to come back with a BRAND NEW BLOG.

U heard right. During my time off blogging, I want to revamp this lil baby (it is quite literally a child to me – I gotta let it grow now ya’know) and work out the direction I want to take Madeleine Mae in for the future. I’ll be leaving university, and it’s time for me to become a fully fledged adult. And I 100% want Madeleine Mae to be a part of this transition.

There have been topics, ideas, new sections and various other aesthetic opportunities I’ve wanted to undertake with the blog over recent months, but purely because of my university commitments, I’ve not been able to. SOOOO, sometime in May, you can expect a brand-new stage with Madeleine Mae – a blog that I’ll put my all into and will hopefully become v v proud of. No more rushed, last minute posts – this gal got time to work on dis thaaang!

June – September┬á

I know a lotta people may want to choose to jump straight into a career/first job after leaving university, but I want to give myself the summer to recuperate. My very last, lovely long summer. Obviously I do not know what job I will hopefully secure and timings might work out differently at the time, but my plan thus far is to get myself into a job in September, leaving me with my summer.

However, this doesn’t mean I won’t be working. I’m someone that just neeeds things to do to keep me sane, so I’ll undertake some part-time or full-time casual work over the summer period, such as retail or somethin’ like dat. Dream job would be working at Topshop for alllll ze fash inspiration 24/7, but we’ll have to see. Also, from June to September, these are the months of BLOGGING for moi! I’m going to work towards the blog every single day, trial out new ideas, see how the audience can develop with constant attention and decide where I want to take this blog once I have myself a proper ol’ job.

I’m *fingers crossed* lucky enough to go on potentially two holidays over the summer, and I’m gon’ try make the most of my time off to explore different UK cities and do exciting new things! So hopefully it’ll provide me with some gooood content for Madeleine Mae – but I guess we’ll just have to seeeee.

Oh also – forgot to add – just the lil event that’s my GRADUATION in JULY. This be some crazy stuffs, man.

And beyooooond 

So as September arrives, I will turn 22. WHAT? I will most likely post the classic Taylor Swift lyric on my birthday to some form of Instagram post. And then, I’ll probs get me ass in gear (if I haven’t done so already) and get me a job. Obviously, I have no idea what opportunity I will be lucky enough to get, so I can’t say now what I’ll be doing, or where I’ll be doing it. But here’s hoping – and this is my ultimate aim- that I can move to a new city, earn me some dollar and continue developing this blog on the side. Here’s hopin’!

I hope you all have a tolerable hump day (I mean, I also wish you have a lovely hump day, but when is hump day ever lovely?!). Enjoy the rest of the week and have a beautiful weekend. We’ll speak soon x

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Leah 24th January 2019 - 12:42 pm

Good luck!

Maddie 30th January 2019 - 4:46 pm

Thanks so much girl xxx


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