Premiering: Alex Michael’s Another Love

by Maddie
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If Dermot O’Leary shouts out ya track on BBC Radio 2, people listen. And so they should. So listen up. Today imma be introducin’ ya to Mr. Alex Michael, king of a catchy af, simple chorus n a moooody singin’ voice.

Alex Michael has filled the perfect spot I didn’t realise was missing in pop music. And that spot is a lil sweet spot halfway between Passenger and James Bay. Now, Mr. Passenger is a TALENT – there’s no doubting that. However, I’ve always found his soft vocals and slow, romantic tracks the musical equivalent of a soppy rom-com: there’s 110% of a guarantee I’ll be crying by the end of it. And sometimes you don’t want a sob fest 24/7. What we find on the other end of the soft, moody vocals is Mr. James Bay: usually found rockin’ us with Hold Back the River or some other type of beat-filled jam. But sometimes you don’t wanna be swept along with a pacing beat; sometimes you want half-way between sob fest, half-way to rockin’ out. And Mr. Alex Michael is just that.

With a soft voice akin to Passenger, but with more, for want of a better word, gumph, and with a catchy beat like Bay’s yet with still a melancholic tone to the track, you can decide when listening whether to take in the emotional lyrics and have the sob fest of your dreams, or whether to let the catchy beat take over and get buzzed by a banger of a song. See what I mean by the sweet spot now?

Dermot O’Leary knows his shit when it comes to pop music- as we all know, he’s a celebrated radio DJ and long-time host of the X Factor. And Dermot O’Leary has called Alex Michael “an exceptional talent”. The man never lies. So go on, herald Friyay with this TUNE- Another Love by Alex Michael:

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