Let’s Chat Sustainability, Fashion and Bein’ Mindful

by Maddie
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[Jus’ saying: this post includes #gifted clothing from Fab Fill A Bag. But as always, opinions are 100% truthful and the gifted promotion has no bearing on what imma write.] 

How areeee you doing, pals? I hope you feelin’ wonderful. I’m rather quite stressed, thx uni, but what’s new, eh? I’m in the middle of writing the end of my dissertation *finally*, I’ve got two disgusting essays ahead of me and a two week internship in London – I move down on Saturday. THIS Saturday. How is 2019 going so damn flippin’ quick?!

Life’s very busy, slightly terrifying but also very exciting at the moment – and as much as I moan about not being able to relax, I’m not really that kinda gal anyway. I just like being busy. But being busy means your life becomes internalised, you’re constantly thinking about what you should be doing next or the various deadlines you have coming up, so much so that you often forget to look at the world around you. I think we all can admit to that, sometimes. And one thing that I am not proud to admit is that often all things sustainable often goes on the backburner when I feel like my personal life is one heap o’ stress.

I went w my bloggin’ pal, Nati !

I find myself wandering the Bullring for a fashion fix to cure my stress, I sale shop in Topshop like there’s no tomorrow, I find myself hunting out bargains because students are poor and ain’t nobody got any MONEY. And don’t get me started on fast fashion – Nasty Gal needs to stop telling me there’s 50% off every two days on the site, because you’ll bet I spend the half an hour I have off before bed contemplating buying a new dress to cheer me stressed lil brain up.

I’m aware these are bad habits. I’m aware the environment suffers due to the impact of fast fashion. I want to become more thrifty, more mindful and more conscious when I make purchases. This is one of my goals that I want to work on as soon as I finish my degree in May. I also know no one’s perfect, and it’s okay for some of us to slip sometimes, but we all do need to make more of a conscious effort when it comes to reversing or halting the effects of climate change. As much as we can.

Fashion has always been my passion, for as long as I can remember. I used to love playing dress up as a diddy toddler, and I remember getting beyond excited for summer holidays abroad – not because of the holiday, but because it was a chance for little Mads to style up some exotic new outfits. Fashion is an extension of our personalities, and the clothes we wear help us express who we are. And that’s totally fine. There’s nothing to be ashamed of for liking clothes, for wanting to buy ’em, for enjoying styling up many different combos of outfits. However, being mindful about where your clothes have come from and how they’re impacting the environment is the smart thing to do.

Which is why I was so, so grateful to be invited down to join in with thrifty organisation, Fab Fill A Bag, over at Fargo Village in Coventry the other weekend. Fab Fill A Bag are doing everything they can to make fashion more sustainable, with a literal mahoosive vintage sale that travels up and down the country. The concept is incredibly simple – you get given a bag and you get unleashed on many a beautiful rail stuffed full o’ beautiful vintage clothes. Fill up your bag as much as you like – as long as you can fit it in the bag, you can have it.

There’s a mix of high street and designer – I bagged an incredible River Island fur coat, which usually would have cost in the region of £80-£120. I personally also feel it’s the perfect place to get some trend-based pieces. I picked up a vintage purple flannel, and as we all know, purple is the colour of S/S19. I’ve been reluctant to invest in anything of the purple variety until this event, because I’m mindful that trends come and go, and I don’t want to be buying something that only looks good for one season, because chances are I won’t want to wear it much after that – and that is not a sustainable way to feed your wardrobe, or your bank balance. There were literally rails and rails of vintage goodness, from biker leather jackets, to checked flannels, to designer steals, to sequins GALORE, to cheeky lil finds like the beeeeautiful rose-print maxi dress I picked up.

And as another side note, the event is just pure FUN! It’s excitement like no other shopping experience, as it’s the excitement of the unknown. You have no idea what gems you might encounter the day you pop down to the event. The team at Fab Fill A Bag literally restock the rails every frickin’ five minutes, constantly replenishing the stock as the thrifty customers snap up the best finds. Each time you do a loop o’ the place, you come back to the same rail you started with and there’s even more vintage goodness on there. Now, you don’t get that in Zara, do ya?

Fab Fill A Bag costs just £1 entry (get your change at the ready) and then you pay just £10 for your filled w goodness bag. That’s just a tenner. You’d be lucky if you find ANYTHING for a tenner in Topshop these days.

The event was such a success, and there were so many happy shoppers I bumped into that day. Fargo Village in Coventry is such a lil gem area of the city and I will be heading back next time Fab Fill A Bag is in the area. The event really opened my eyes to being mindful, having a conscious when it comes to fashion and the beauty of vintage finds. It’s something we all need to be thinking about more – and Fab Fill A Bag is the perfect place to start.

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Nati Macchiato 10th April 2019 - 5:32 am

YAY you beauty queen / fashionista superstar! it was so lovely to spend the morning together, from breakfast to the sale itself! hope you’re having the best ever time in London and I’m so excited to see you when you’re back in Brum!

Nati x | http://www.natimacchiato.com


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