‘Hey, Boo’: What the feck is that about?

by Maddie

‘Hey, Boo’ is probably the section that needs most explaining. But it’s also the one I’m most passionate about.

I lost my wonderful Dad in January 2016. It’s coming up to four whole years, but it feels like yesterday still. I can still conjure his voice in my head and I still get hit with the same pain I felt in January 2016 when I found out he was terminally unwell. It all happened so quick when I lost my Dad – we found out he had cancer four days before he passed away. I was 18. And maybe it was a combination of the sudden nature of his death and my age, or maybe everything you hear in the media about grief and how you’re supposed to ‘get over it’ in a year or so is just utter bullshit (probably the latter) but I’m still not over it – and I don’t think I ever will be.

Time may have flown, but those we love that we’ve lost are still very close to our hearts.

My Dad had been poorly for a lot of his life – and especially my entire life. He was diagnosed with kidney failure aged 21, and still lived his life to the full until he passed away aged 57. I think it’s a combination of the kind of stuff I’ve had to go through over the last four years, and also in huge part due to his determined, strong, kind nature that I’ve grown up with a need and urge to want to write and talk about the kind of topics we deem as ‘taboo’ in society.

Whether that’s grief, actually accurately portraying the debilitating reality of mental health, university and how it really often isn’t the ‘time of your life’… I want to be able to write something that speaks the truth and challenges taboo notions society imposes upon us. Writing can be a real tool for change and that’s ultimately why I find writing so cathartic.

So in ‘Hey, Boo’, you can expect my thoughts on a whole range of ‘taboo’ topics, in a supportive, encouraging, open and realistic way. All of these thoughts are ultimately just my own experience, which I understand is a limited view as I can only speak about how I feel personally, but it often takes individuals opening up about difficult topics to create an open conversation for change.

So here’s to my Dad, and here’s to the next chapter of this blog, and here’s to finally writing about something I’m bloody passionate about, now that University is over and I have a clearer mind to start again. X

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Chloe 9th December 2019 - 9:58 am

This is so insanely strong and amazing of you and I am so, so proud, and I know your dad would be too x

Maddie 15th December 2019 - 7:30 pm

Chloe, that means the world to me. Thank you so much. I hope this kind of thing becomes my niche because I really want to help break down stupid barriers that are in society. love you lots xx

Katrina 17th December 2019 - 12:29 pm

Thank you for being so real and writing about these important things!
I lost my Dad to cancer and it isn’t something you can ‘get over’ at all. Grief comes in waves!
Thank you for breaking these barriers down x


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